Pandya Store 12th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Raavi learns Shiva’s truth

Pandya Store 12th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev thinking of Rishita and Raavi’s argument. He gets angry and says I understand you left the house for the baby’s sake, how can you insult Shiva, Suman, Dhara and Raavi felt bad, you crossed all limits. Rishita says you changed today, it was imp to make Shiva realize his mistake, if you are feeling bad, then you can go back, I lost my job. Raavi says Shiva isn’t answering, no one said anything for Shiva, last time Rishita did too wrong in her job. Dhara asks her not to lose heart. Raavi says you would be knowing why he left studies, why you didn’t stop her. Dhara recalls Shiva’s words. She cries. Raavi says I know he was good in studies, I met his friend, she also told so, why did you not stop him. Dhara says we wanted him to get educated, he got stubborn that he won’t study, Gautam and I stopped him somehow, I asked him 100 times why he doesn’t want to study, he used to say he doesn’t like to study, I lost in front of his stubbornness, I feel he never told me the truth, there is some other reason, he was very intelligent in studies, don’t know why he refused to me when he always obeys me, the reason is too big, you ask him, maybe he tells you.

Dev gets down the car. Rishita asks him to say. He says you can’t scold Shiva like this. She says if I say anything in anger, then I m wrong, if Shiva breaks someone’s head in anger then he is right, why, go and explain Dhara. He says our relations will get spoiled. She takes the keys and says its my room, I will decide about it, if Dhara worried for relations, then she would have convinced me, she is happy, so stop taking her side.

Raavi says Shiva didn’t say anything and left, I have understood his pain, when Rishita counted his flaws, I felt how bad he would feel. She cries. Dhara asks her not to worry, Shiva is strong, he will come. Gautam calls Dhara. He gets the sweets. He sees Suman and asks where is everyone, are they in my room. Suman says stop, there is no one, Rishita left and Dev also left. She shows the door locked. Gautam says door locked. She says its a partition, she didn’t come to stay here but to insult Shiva. She tells everything.

She cries. Gautam gets sad. Dhara comes. They console Suman. Gautam thinks to do something before things go out of hands. Gautam leaves. Dhara asks where are you going. Gautam says to fix whatever got spoiled. She says no, let me go there and apologize, I can’t tolerate your insult. He says fine, I will talk to Dev when he comes to the store, you go home. Raavi says Shiva’s phone is off. Dhara says we will find him. They all look for Shiva.

Kaka says Shiva didn’t come to the shop. Gautam and Dhara ask Raavi to go home, they will go to the police station. Raavi sees some crowd and goes to see. Inspector asks how old is your brother. Gautam says 26 years. Inspector jokes on him. Dhara asks him to do his duty and register their complaint. He asks when did he go missing. She says today morning. He says we will take action after 24 hours, you leave now. Gautam asks Dhara not to worry, they will find Shiva.

Raavi sees someone else. She goes back home. She says I couldn’t find Shiva anywhere. Suman says call his friends. Shiva walks on the road. Suman says where will we find him. Gautam and Dhara come. He says police said they will write report after 24 hours. Raavi says I m going to Pandya store, I know Shiva will be around the shop. She leaves. Suman says Rishita did everything, if anything happens to Shiva, then I won’t leave him. Shiva is resting in the godown. Raavi comes to the store. She says your phone isn’t connecting. She looks for him. She shouts Shiva. Shiva wakes up. He sees his old marksheet and school bag. Mujhe yuhin karke…. Plays… He recalls Gautam and Dhara’s words. He says I had buried these memories in childhood, I got helpless to get these memories out. Raavi comes there and looks at him. Shiva recalls the childhood. He shouts how could I study, seeing my elder brother work as servant in the store, how could I see big dreams then, I m happy to stay uneducated if I could share Gautam’s sorrow. Raavi hears this and cries. He cries and throws the marksheet.

Gautam comes to Janardhan’s house. He asks Dev and Rishita to come home. Janardhan says they will stay here. Gautam says you don’t know the entire truth. Janardhan says I don’t want to know the entire truth, you don’t know a dad’s pain because you can never become a father. Gautam and Dev look at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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