Nima Denzongpa 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima gets Virat out of jail

Nima Denzongpa 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima says how is that possible? Do you remember it? Maniya says I remember the number and model clearly. Sia says you don’t trust Maniya now because it’s on your husband now? Nima says it’s not that. He was with me when the accident happened. Sia says now you are with him every moment. Sunita says shut up. You’re mad at her but your mom would never prioritize anyone over her daughters. Nima says Maniya it’s can’t be Virat. He was with me all day because of the birthday. Maniya says but I saw it. Nima says yes but someone else could be driving the car. Sia says you trust the stranger man over your daughter now? Paras says if it happened from Virat’s hand why would he speak to commissioner himself for investigation. Maniya says Paras is right. Sia says you are all blinded by Virat Sethi especially aai. I can’t be a part of it. He leaves.

Scene 2
Rani calls Mahindra and says I told you to be careful. You won’t find a girl like Babita and you were roaming around with your kids. He says I told you not to lie. Rani says who would marry a girl whose one engagement got called of. You are my relative and I was doing a favor on them. After marriage everything would be okay. Maniya ruined everything by seeing you with the kids. Paras says you ruined everything not Maniya. Rani is shocked. Paras tells everyone. He says I heard her saying all this. Maniya was right about it. I came to pick the files and heard her. Suman says that means Maniya was right. Mahindra is married with kids. Paras says she kept saying Mahindra is wrong. Rani blinded us, even me. Rani says what wrong did I do? He is a lot more rich. What’s the problem if he’s married already. He has daughters only, he wants a son now. For that he was doing second marriage. Everyone does that. Your Babita also has a stain on her. Her engagement got called off. Who would marry her? I did a favor on her.

Pushpa says enough. she’s about to slap her. Pushpa says you have fooled us enough. I wasn’t even thinking for my family. I didn’t trust my honest and honest Maniya and trusted you. You brought a married guy for Babita? Have some shame. Maniya kept telling us something is wrong. She didn’t trust us. Rani says you were part of it. You’re responsible for Maniya’s condition as well. You were also a part of it. Suman says enough. I have never shouted in front of elders but you don’t deserve any respect. Because of you my family suffered so much. Get out of here. Rani is about to slap her. Pushpa and Paras stand in front of her. Pushpa says don’t you dare. Rnai leaves. Pushpa hugs Babita.

Scene 3
Mona calls Alok and says update me whatever happens in the police station. Dadi says to Krish you snake, you’re responsible for all this. You got Virat married to that maid. She trapped him in all this. Because of you my son is behind the bars. It all happened because of you. Why didn’t you die in your mother’s wound. You will kill my Virat. Get lost from here.

Alok meets Virat. He gets his bail done. Virat says but courts are closed who did the bail? He says you can go out and ask. Nima is there. Virat says what are you doing here? You should be in hospital. She says you didn’t even tell me. He says I didn’t want to bother you. She says you being in the jail is more bothersome. She says something is wrong. You were with me all day but Maniya keeps saying your car’s name. He says but how did bail happen? Nima says Maniya took the FIR back on my trust that you were with me all day but we’ve to find out who did this. Virat says don’t worry.

Scene 4
Pushpa comes to meet Maniya and says forgive us please. You only wanted us to accept and love you. I am very sorry. You can punish me. Maniya gets up. She says don’t say that dadi. You’re my elder. Every mother thinks about her family, you did the same. I am very happy Babita’s life is saved. Babita is my sister. I can’t ever let anything wrong happen to her. Suman says we are very lucky to have a DIL like you. We don’t deserve you. Please forgive us. Maniya says don’t say that. I need your support.

Nima and Virat leave with Alok. Nima says she kept saying your car’s number. Virat says but I wasn’t driving. They check the car. The number plate it broken. Nima says that means this car hit someone. You were not in the car, then someone else was. Nima and Virat come back to file the complaint again. He says you just took your complaint back. She says I am filing it against the car not Virat. He was with me all day. Someone else was driving the car. You’ve to investigate. He says leave the car here. Alok comes in too. Virat says you’re free to keep the car and investigate. Nima gets a call from hospital.

Scene 5
Maniya is being discharged. she sees a mother with a child. Maniya gets teary. Nima says be strong. People with kids are lucky but you know the luckier are people who adopt kids and give him a hope. THis time is difficult for all of us. Think about yourself and Paras. God must have planned something good for you. They do arti. Nima says give your best smile. Virat says to Sia your mom is very brave. She handles everything so well. Sia says you would say that. She took the complaint back. Nima says you can’t talk to him like that. Virat says it’s okay. Sia says now you will scold me for this man? I now think it was a plan to marry him not circumstances. Nima says don’t use words like that. I never taught you this. If you don’t wanna understand don’t. Sia says you got his bail done to save your marriage against your daughter’s statement? Nima says I know my truth. I trust Maniya and that’s why I got the complaint registered again using the same car. Nima says Virat was with me. Someone else was driving the same car. VIrat says we will find out whoever did this with you. I promise.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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