Nima Denzongpa 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima plans Krish’s party

Nima Denzongpa 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mona says Virat and Nima forgot you. Nima comes in and says never. We can never forget Krish. She says we are taking him for a long drive. Get ready. Krish hugs her. Nima says have some shame, he’s a child. You provoke a child? Mona says mind your own business. Nima says I won’t tolerate it. I know you gave me bhaang in the party. I am not scared of you. I am warning you stay away from Krish. Nima leaves. Krish gets Nima and Krish ice cream. he says who eats vanilla. She says I like it pure. He says be simple. Sia calls.. Nima picks she says but.. Virat asks what happened? Nima says she was angry she said she doesn’t ever want to talk to me. Krish says maa no cry. Nima says you said a new word. He says no crying okay. Virat hugs him. Virat says we both won’t let you cry, ever. You wanna talk to Sia right? I will make that happen.

Scene 2
Maniya comes in and says Paras did you know what I saw coming back from sonography… Paras says you went alone? Suman says is the child okay? Paras says I don’t like you going alone. She says this isn’t the main point. I saw Mahindra.. with kids. They called him papa. Everyone is shocked. Pushpa and Rani laugh. Babita laughs too. Maniya says what happened? Why are you laughing? Mahindra comes and says thank God I came here for tea. You’re accusing me? Rani says you’re too nice anyone would have gotten mad. Babita you’re too lucky.

Scene 3
Sia’s boss tells her it’s a big account. They want to meet you. Sia comes to the room. It’s Virat and Nima. She’s shocked to see them. Nima says Sia.. She says wow aai married a rich man and now wanna open an account? Virat says don’t say that. Nima says I just want to talk to you. Don’t distance yourself from me. Sia says you did that. I don’t have time, I’ve a lot of work. You told us work is above everything. Please leave. Nima says don’t talk like that to Virat. Virat says I understand. She leaves in anger. Nima says sorry. He says it’s okay. The way your family talks to me this is much better. Give her time, she will understand. Nima says thank you for all this.

Maniya says I saw that child calling him papa. I saw and heard it. I don’t know how he got here so fast. Rani says stop it Maniya. Maiya says it was him. He says why didn’t you say anything then? Why do you do this? I know you don’t like me. I feel like this isn’t the right family for me. You’re all accusing me for no reason. Pushpa says Maniya apologize right now. Maniya says if I am right would you all apologize? She says Mahindra was always hiding something from me. Rani also said on call he’s hiding something. Rani says it was his surprise, he purchased a shop for Babita. Babita cries. Maniya says but.. Suman says enough Maniya. Mahindra says I am not that young but I’ve my values. I like Babita but I love my self respect. Sorry but this relation is over. He leaves.

Scene 4
Virat and Nima come home. virat stops Krish. Mona says to the planner who are you? Do what I say. He says I can’t do this. Mona gives him money. He says we got the orders, Mona gives more money. Nima takes the money instead. She says why do you think you can buy people with money? They will only listen to Virat and me. Don’t plan to ruin this party. She asks them to start decorations. Nima says Virat ji must have told you to get ready. Priyal says call him Sir. Nima says he asked me to call him Virat ji. Get ready. Priyal says I am so angry, I am leaving. Mona stops her.

The party starts. Everyone wears masks. Nima comes too. Virat smiles looking at her. He gives her mask. He says so cute. Mona is angry. She says my sister left in anger and they’re doing this here? nima says I will bring Krish in a bit.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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