Nima Denzongpa 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Priyal goes to meet Virat instead of Nima

Nima Denzongpa 3rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat this about Nima and smiles. He gets momos for her. He calls Nima and says come to this place and wear white. She says but Krish.. He says we decided to make him independent. Mona says to Priyal Virat and Nima are coming close. He’s asked her to come to the restaurant wearing white. Nima dresses up. Priyal comes to her room. She locks Nima’s door. Nima is in the restroom. Nima tries to open the door. She says is there anyone outside? Priyal says Nima are you inside? Priyal says the door is open. Nima says please call Virat and tell him I am stuck. I am coming. Priyal picks the white dress and says Virat is only mine. Nima is stuck inside.

Maniya calls Sia. She says how can you not come to Khushi’s welcome party. Sia says I am busy somewhere. Mayank comes and meet Sia. She hugs him. He says I can’t lose you. Virat waits for Nima. The car comes. Priyal comes out of it. Virat is shocked. Virat says Nima didn’t come? Priyal says she was busy so she asked me to come. He says let’s go home. She says why did you call Nima here? He says she liked momos. He gets it packed and says let’s go. Alok comes near Nima’s room. Mona says mummy ji is calling you go there. She distracts Krish too. She says when will Priyal come back. Mona opens the door. Nima says Mona ma’am what are you doing here? She says why can’t I come here? It’s my house. Nima says it’s your house. I am asking about you here. You locked my door? Mona says don’t accuse me. Nima says I am not scared of your threats, move now.

Scene 2
Maniya and Paras get things reaady for Khushi. Maniya says I want everything perfect for Khushi. He says you will be a perfect mom. Maniya says I am so happy. I can’t wait for the morning He says you can’t sleep tonight. You are so excited.
Nima plays with Krish. She calls Virat but he doesn’t pick up. Krish does his homework. Nima says well done. She hugs him. Virat comes. Nima says you came? He says no I am waiting there. He says you got busy again? Priyal came, you sent her. Nima says what? He says I thought I will get you to the best momos shop.

Nima comes to Priyal and says why are you wearing my dress? And why did you tell Virat I sent you? I shouldn’t have trusted you. Priyal says for my past I’ve to keep giving justifications. I just saw your dress and Virat wasn’t picking. I was worried for him so I went. Nima says wearing my clothes is weird. Priyal says we love each other. I was worried for him. I got to spend time with him. I miss my bond with him. I love him a lot. Imagine how do I feel seeing the one I love with another woman. Nima recalls Tullika and Suresh. Nima says I know how you feel. But the tighter you hold love, the more you slip. If you keep doing good your relationship would fix. We’re just friends. If you told me I would understand. Priyal hugs her and says thank you.

Nima talks to Sunita Sia works, she had to go to work. It’s okay. Nima sees a box. She opens it. It has momos. Nima gets excited. She eats them. Gulshan looks at her. She says what is this? Nima says these are momos. Gulshan throws them in the bin.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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