Nima Denzongpa 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sia gets mad at Nima

Nima Denzongpa 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sia says I can’t pretend everything is okay. Maniya says aai give her some time. She will calm down. Nima says you should go home, there will be so much going on there because of me. Virat calls Priyal and says we will find out who broke the lock. He says Nima.. She says you called me Nima? He says no she’s standing on the bus stop. I will call you back. He hangs up. Virat says Nima I sent a car with you. She says that’s your car. He says please sit in the car before police comes. Nima sits with him.

Paras says dadi.. Rani says she fooled them like Maniya fooled you. Pushpa says how did this happen? THey’re so close. Maniya says like Babita got engaged and no one told us. Suman says what is this maniya? She says sorry mom, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. Aai didn’t fool anyone. She was in circumstances to do this marriage. Pushpa says look at her tantrums. See Paras. Rani says she won’t let Babita get married. Suman says this isn’t right Paras. They way she spoke to everyone.

Scene 2
Priyal says to Mona this Virat is always after Nima. He hung my call. Mona says see the chance. She tells her the plan. Virat says give your family time Nima. Everything will be fine. Nima says we married for Krish only. We have to focus on his treatment and then you can marry Priyal and we will part ways. She buys balloons for Krish on the way. Priyal says Krish let me call Virat. He’s our for work. Priyal video calls Virat and says talk to Krish. Virat tries to cheer up Krish. Nima comes in with the balloons. Nima says Krish.. Priyal says di they’re enjoying there and left Krish alone. They’re having fun. Krish hangs up.

Paras says what way was to talk to everyone? Maniya says they can say all that about my mom? He says everyeone had questions. And how didn’t you know? Maniya says you are questioning me? You think I am hiding and lying? You don’t know me at all or your love is less for me now? He says all of this is weird. I understand there must be cirucmstances. There will be questions. Maniya says same doesn’t go for your family? Different rules for every family. Your family behaves different for me. I stand by my mom and will always do.

Scene 3
Nima comes home with balloons. Krish ignores her. Nima says see what I got you. He asks her to leave. Nima says what happened? She plays with balloons and makes him laugh. She gives him balloons.. He says no, he shoves them. Virat says what was this Krish? Nima says something is wrong. He feels alone. Virat says he likes staying with you. Nima says we can arrange a surprise party for him. Virat says good idea.

Varun sees Chinkey’s photos on social media. He sends her a friend request. he makes a fake profile. Sunita says Sia isn’t back hpome. Please check. Sia comes home. sunita asks where were you? Nima was calling too. I don’t know how to talk to her. Talk to her. Sia says I don’t wanna talk to her. Sunita says let me get food. She says I am not hungry. Nima calls agian, Sia cuts the call. Sunita says call her once. She’s alone there. Sia says she has her new family. Sunita says you’re angry but that won’t solve anything. I am also shocked. But she’s decided and we’ve to stand with her. Sia says I can’t. I can’t forgive her mistake. She forgot her own kids for a stranger? I don’t care about her if she doesn’t care about us?

Virat scares Nima. She says you scared me sir. he says you keep your clothes here? She says I’ve no problem. He says you will keep your clothes in my closet. mona is angry.

Episode ends

Precap: Nima and Virat wish Krish a very happy birthday.
Mona says Virat and Nima that she will manage food they both can manage decoration. Nima says no worries, she and Virat can manage everything and leave.
Mona says to Krish, Nima is not home. Priyal adds to it, says whats wrong with Nima, how can she leave Krish alone on his birthday. Mona says poor Krish whoever he likes they leave him. Nima walks in .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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