Nima Denzongpa 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Maniya adopts Khushi

Nima Denzongpa 2nd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima says all that can’t sleep.. eat.. love happens in movies only. I fell in love at a very young age and I made many mistakes in that love. As a consequence, I spent all my life in taking care of my daughters. And that age of love is gone. Virat says there’s no age of love. Don’t bind yourself. Give yourself another chance. She says wow you believe in love a lot. You should give your love another chance too.

Priyal says to Mona our plan was something else. She recalls she planned it all with Mona that they will fight with each other to win Nima’s trust. Priyal says I am so mad at that Nima. Mona says our plan worked. Priyal says what a plan. They planned her falling from the building too. Mona says to maintain your good nature and kick Nima out of Virat’s life but first win her trust. Virat says I don’t know if I ever loved Priyal or not. Everyone said it’s a good match so I went ahead with it. He says but now I don’t think I love her. She says yes your trust is broken. He says love isn’t only about trust.. it’s based on these feelings. Like I feel for.. Priyal comes in.

Scene 2
Sunita gives prasad to Varun. Varun says it’s so good. How good would be the food? Sunita says you should’ve come with us. Sia says there was nothing special. Good that you focused on your studies. Chinkey calls him. He goes out.

Priyal says sorry I thought you were alone. Nima says Krish’s AC wasn’t working so I made him sleep here. Priyal says Nima please don’t call me madam. Call me Priyal. Nima says okay. She leaves. Priyal says Virat.. I know you can’t trust me. You can take your time. Can we be friends till then? Virat says okay but don’t break trust this time. She says never. She says in her heart this time Nima will break your trust.

Varun comes to meet Chinkey. She says why are you in auto? You have expensive cars. He says papa would ask where am I going. I came here because you asked. WHy did you call me at this hour? She says my mom is also very strict. My friends left. I didn’t have money for taxi so I thought you would help me. He says okay let’s go. Chinkey says you are a good person. He says you aren’t bad either. Let’s go. They both sit in auto.

Scene 3
Maniya calls Nima and tells her they’re bringing Khushi home. Nima says I am so happy. I can’t wait to meet her. Nima dances around. Virat looks at her and smiles. Nima says why didn’t you tell me you’re here. She says Maniya and Paras are adopting a girl named Khushi. Virat says I am so happy for them. Let’s throw her welcome party here. Nima says you’re so nice. you think for everyone. He says our relationship is special. Call Maniya, please. Priyal hears it.

Varun is asleep. Sunita looks at him. Sunita says where did you go late at night? He says I went for a group study. She says why? He says exams are close? Sunita says then go to school? Sia says to Sunita I’ve to go out of the city for bank work. Sunita says but wait.. She says I’ve to go. Sia leaves. Everyone sits for dinner. Virat asks Nima to sit. He asks where is Krish? Nima says he’s sleeping. Virat says I never have to worry about Krish. He’s getting so better. Gulshan says then Nima will leave this house too. I can’t wait for that day. Virat is about to stop her. Nima stops him. Virat says Maniya has adopted a child. I’ve decided to throw a party here. Gulshan says what do we have to do with it? Virat says she’s suffered because of her. We can do this for her. Alok says we will all welcome her.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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