Nima Denzongpa 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima and Virat celebrate Krish’s birthday

Nima Denzongpa 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima calls Maniya. Maniya asks did you speak to Sia? She’s not even talking to me. Maniya says she’s not talking to me either. Nima says how do I make her understand. Maniya says I feel so bad you are alone. You have to go through so much alone. Nima says you’re with me. I am so lucky you always understand me. You don’t have to worry about anything. Life is too tangled, your child is my hope. I am so happy for you. Take care of yourself. Maniya says I am okay. I came for sonography. Nima says should I come? Maniya says no on Paras is with me. Nima says he never leaves you alone. He’s so good. Maniya is alone at the hospital. She gets teary.

Everyone comes for breakfast. Krish comes. Alok says Krish come sit with us. Let’s eat. Dadi says I am thinking going back to dehli. I was so happy to call Priyal my DIL. Everything is ruined because of this kid. everything would be perfect if he wasn’t there. Alok says don’t do this mummy ji. Nima comes in singing happy birthday to you. Virat comes with the Krish. Krish opens the card. Nima made it for him. He laughs. Virat says it’s not funny. He hugs Krish. Nima says happy birthday Krish. He loves her card. Virat says you stole my designs. She says I made it first. Alok says happy birthday Krish. Nima gives him a frame with his pictures with Virat. Mona says Krish happy birthday. Minal wishes him too. Krish goes to Gulshan. Nima says Krish go to your room, I will get you your breakfast. Nima says to Gulshan if you wish him once he will really like it. He loves you a lot. Gulshan says mind your own business. Neither you, nor Krish are part of my family. Virat says what is this maa? She says why do you remind me of this day? This day my son left his house for that cursed woman. Virat says that’s not Krish’s fault. They married against your will. Why punish Krish for it? He didn’t leave the house because of bhabhi, he left the house because of you. That’s the tuth. Virat leaves. Gulshan cries.

Scene 2
Sunita calls Maniya. She says everything is fine. Baby is good. Maniya sees Mahindra there with a woman and his children. She says what? He is already married with kids? Is that what Rani was hiding? She follows him.

Nima brings tea for Virat. She says it will make you feel better. He says how is Krish? Nima says he’s very storng like you. I told him Gulshan doesn’t mean all this. Virat says I try so hard to keep everyone happy. I fall short, especially with mom. She never forgave bhabhi and she punishes Krish for it. He’s the last thing of her son. She doesn’t realize how precious he is. I will always keep him close. Nima says some people come to the world to take care of others. You’re like them. you’re very strong. He says you are strong. You take care and support Krish and me so much. He says you support me like a friend. I can’t share all this with anyone. Thank you. Nima says don’t say that sir. He says stop calling me Sir. Call me Virat. She says no. He says say it. Nima says Virat ji. He says I am not that old. Call me Virat. She says Virat ji. He says whatever better than Sir. She says let’s prepare for the party. Would your family agree? He says I will do it anyway.

Virat arranges the party. Priyal says stop them di. Gulshan says there will be no party. Virat says I will celebrate Krish’s birthday. I would like it if you come. Gulshan says no one values me here. She leaves. Priyal says Virat isn’t even listening to his mom now. Mona says kids love parties. Priyal and I will handle the food. Nima says it’s a small party. We will manage. It’s okay. Virat says yes. Priyal says nothing is working out. Mona says I’ve a perfect plan. She says keep telling Krish Nima and Virat don’t love him. He will be left alone. Nima and Virat leave to get things. Nima says let’s take Krish too. He says we can’t ruin his surprise. Nima says we can’t leave him.

Priyal asks Krish what do you want for birthday? I will ask Nima. Mona says she left with Virat to enjoy. Priyal says left Krish alone again? What’s wrong with Virat. He’s having fun with Nima on Krish’s birthday? Mona says I feel so bad for you. Virat and Nima forgot you. Nima comes in and says we can never forget Krish. They’re shocked.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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