Nima Denzongpa 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat gets 7 years in prison

Nima Denzongpa 15th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyal says who is Krish talking to? They come to the garden. No one is there? Mona says who were you talking to? He says no. Mona says there is no one. Let’s go. Mona says what are they upto? Was one of them? Or was it stolen?
Suman and family are leaving. Suman says I don’t feel like going but we have to. Paras says I am there for Maniya don’t worry. You all can go. Maniya touch pushpa’s photo. she says you’re my daughter. She hugs her. Maniya hugs Babita. Mona gives money to watchman and says give me footage. He says but a madam came before you she took the footage. Mona says who? Priya says was it her? He says yes. Mona and Priya are worried. Mona says what will happen now?

Nima shows the footage to Virat. Constable says hurry up. Virat says now it’s clear some woman was driving face isn’t visible. Mona says priyal mona or chinkey? He says I don’t think they can do that. Nima says it might have been stolen but this is enough to prove you’re innocent. He says thank you. Bring it to the court tomorrow. NIma says take care. She says you’re a very good human. i feel so bad you are stuck here. He says you are a good human too. Nima says I can’t see you behind the bars. I will find the person who did this to my Maniya.

Scene 2
Nima prays for both Maniya and Virat. she says I hope truth wins today. Sia says now there’s pooja for that criminal. Her bag falls. Sia says what’s in this drive? Nima says Virat’s innocence proof. Sia says wow now she’s trying to save him at all costs. I will make sure he gets punished.

The hearing starts. Virat comes with the police. Sunita says where is Nima? Nima is in a rickshaw. She says what was are you taking me from, it’s getting late. The hearing starts. Sunita asks Maniya to call nima. Virat says can we wait for a bit? Judge says no time has started. Nima arrives outside. Judge says it’s your car and you were in the footage as well. The verdict will be based on those proofs. Nima says stop.. I have the proof. Priyal is scared. Maniya says if he’s innocent we will know. nima gives the drive. Nima says yes, this is truth. Judge says are you sure? Nima says yes. Virat isn’t in that video. Judge shows her the video. It has video of snacks. Nima is shocked. Nima says how did it get replaced? Dadi says what is she doing.. Judge says this is contempt of court. We have nothing to question. Virat is responsible for this accident. For hitting Maniya, I sentence him for 7 years in prison. Everyone is shocked. Nima sats I had a footage, a woman was driving in it. Judge says where is that video then?

Nima recalls she collided with a man. Nima says please.. No someone is doing this to save themselves. Police take Virat. Dadi says my son is innocent. Nima says I had the proofs. Thisn’t isn’t fair. nima says to Maniya Virat didn’t do anything. Sia says aren’t you happy Maniya got justice? Nima says Virat is innocent and I will prove that.

Scene 3
Mona asks Priyal to calm down. She says Virat is jailed what will I do now? Mona says if he didn’t you would have gone to the jail. Nima hears it. She says that means Priyal did all this.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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