Nima Denzongpa 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima comes to meet Virat

Nima Denzongpa 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima says I can’t stay here. Maniya says where will you? Nima says if I could stay on roads with 3 daughters, I can live alone too. Sunita says stop. You won’t go anywhere. This is your house. You deserve to be here more than anyone. You won’t go anywhere. We’re a family. Nima hugs her. Nima says thank you aai but I’ve to go. I will come back. Maniya says where? Nima says I have to get Virat out. He’s innocent. Maniya says you still? Nima says you do what you think is right and I will also do the same. I won’t let injustice happen to anyone. Sia says I told you he’s all she cares about.

Nima comes to meet Virat. He says it’s not the time. Virat says nima don’t do this. Inspector asks Nima to leaves. Nima is worried about Krish. She calls him. Dadi picks Nima says hello.. Dadi says how dare you call here. Nima says let me talk to Krish once. Dadi says he’s find don’t ever call again. Krish cries thinking about everything. He blackens Nima’s face in all photos. Nima can’t sleep at night. Virat keeps thinking about Nima as well. Nima says I’ve to do something. How is Virat living there.

Scene 2
The next morning, Nima comes to meet Virat. Virat says thank you. NIma says I was so worried. Virat says I saw. He says no one came from my house. Nima says eat food please. He eats and says it’s so good. Mona says nothing is proved on Virat. They will look for proves. nima says we don’t have time. We know that video is fake. There’s something wrong. We need to find the proofs. He says there must be other building’s cctv footages too. Mona says we have to find all nearby footages and edit them. Virat says who will do all this? Nima says I will get all the footages. You’re not alone in this. Mona says I won’t let you get trapped in this case. Nima says I will find the person who did it. Virat asks how is Krish? nima says in heart I can’t tell him I am kicked out of the house. Nima says don’t worry about Krish.

Dadi and Alok come there. Dadi says she must be complaining about us. Dadi says now you’re speaking against us? Wasn’t sending him to jail enough? Virat says she didn’t say anything about you. Nima leaves. Dadi says I need to talk to you. But i won’t speak in front of her. Virat says can’t you see all she’s doing for me? Say everything in front of her. DAdi says the lawyer said there can’t be any bail we can do out of court settlement. Nima says my daughter only wants justice and Virat hasn’t done anything. Virat says her family deserves to know the truth.

Scene 3
Nima is outside Krish’s window and says I can’t come in. Please come out and meet me. Virat sent a message for you. Krish comes. Nima hugs him. She says how are you? I missed you so much. I know you’re mad at me. You’ve many questions right? I will get Virat out of jail. Do you trust me? Priyal and Mona leave to change the footages. Nima says like movies Virat is sent to jail without any crime. Virat is really worried for you. You are the most important thing for both of us. Keep ganpati bappa with you. He will protect you. Krish says bappa. Priyal says who is Krish talking to? They come to the garden.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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