Naagin Season 6 3rd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahak Recalls How Pratha Became Seshnaagin

Naagin Season 6 3rd April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratha walks on the terrace. Shalaka walks to her and requests her to reveal why she is lying that she is pregnant and if she really fell in Rishabh’s love. She further asks why she doesn’t want to visit the mountain behind Neelgiri mountain and get the herb/jadi boti and clear the black poisonous patches from her skin what had happened on Uttarayan’s full moon night. Pratha asks her to shut up. Mahak walks in and says she knows what had happened on Uttarayan’s full moon night as today is also the same night. She recalls their mother informing her and baby Pratha that their grandmother was a seshnagin and according to their family rules, the granddaughter carries the lineage of becoming seshnaagin. She informs that Mahak will have to pray Shivji till Uttarayan’s full moon night and when the moonlight falls on the milk bowl, she needs to consume that milk and become seshnaagin. Pratha says let Mahak become seshnaagin, she will lead a normal life like maa and marry a human. She jokes on Mahak that her stomach will be bulging with nagmani. Mahak says it will be smaller than a grain and nobody will notice it. Out of flashback, Pratha stops Mahak from continuing the story and denies to visit the palace. Mahak thinks she knows how to call Pratha to the palace.

Pratha returns to Rishabh’s house and performs pooja with him. She hears Mahak calling her for help from the palace. She reaches the palace and searches Mahak. Mahak comes in front of her normal. Pratha asks why she called her here. Shalaka brings herbal paste and says they called her here to apply it on her wounds. Pratha goes into flashback where she performs Shiv pooja with Mahak. They both grow up. On the Uttaraan night of fullmoon, their mother keeps a milk bowl on which moonlight falls and performs rituals on Mahak to make her seshnaagin. Two evil men enter palace with evil intentions and get tempted seeing Mahak and Pratha. Mother and father warn them to leave, but they try to molest mahak. Mother, father, and younger brother fail to stop evil men and get severely injured. Light falls on milk bowl. Mahak picks it to consume, but it falls. Pratha holds it. Mother asks her to drink it this special moment will stay for only a few seconds. Pratha consumes milk and turns into Seshnaagin. She warns evil boys to

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