Naagin Season 6 27th Feb 2022 Written Episode: Lalit Already Knows Reality Of Mehak In Advance


Naagin 6 27th Feb 2022 Written Update

The episode begins with Seema saying that I’ll be getting Ritesh wed to Pratha. After learning about the truth behind Ritesh’s story, Urvashi wants to break Rim and Rishab’s marriage. I’m not averse to it. Urvashi informs Riya that we’ll allow Rim and Rishab wed and I will find you a suitable husband. Lalit is elated Seema for her performance. I put the key in the form of a toy. Urvashi apologizes that he hurt Seema and Ritesh and asks to allow them to remain friends and then get Rim as well as Rishab married.

Seema is awed by Pratha and declares her sweet disposition. Everyone gets shocked seeing Seema turn. Seema requests Pratha’s father to let Ritesh and Pratha wedding. Lalit claims that the wedding today will be a certainty. Pratha’s father asks Pratha to marry Ritesh even though her engagement has been broken. I’m also heart-patient I would like to marry him. Rishab informs Ritesh that she’s getting married to make money, but only for the sake of it. Pratha is willing to marry. Seema dresses her and asks her to dress for the evening. Dadi declares that today is Shivratri and that if you and your kids will be getting married on this great day, make sure to receive Shiv blessings. Everyone is in agreement and begins to dress.

Mehak is aware that her powers are fading and she asks Shiv to give me the strength she needs and declares that today is Shivratri’s night of red and we Naag-Naagins cannot take the moon’s red light and I will transform into my real self and leave here, so that nobody can see me as I change my skin. Mehak is feeling too during the week. She falls at the moment the red moonlight falls upon her. She eventually transforms into Naagin. Mehak experiences pain while making her new skin. Mehak declares that I will kill the Asur at midnight, and I need to locate Shesh-Naagin quickly. She is praying to Lord Shiv I ask you to assist me in taking revenge on Shesh-Naaginand save our country. We need to find Shesh-Naagin who is in the Nilgiri mountains, and who prays for that you.

As she gets ready, Rim is thinking about her and Rishab’s childhood years. Rishab arrives and informs her that Ritesh will be marrying Pratha. Rim tells her that I am unable to marry you even if Riya isn’t getting married. Rishab claims that you mean much to me and that I would like to get married.

Mehak is at Shiv temple to pray that I be blessed with a lot of power to be able to eliminate the Asur. Mehak requests that you come and assist me. Mehak is ill, and then the multitude of NaagNaag Naagin arrive to give her with power. Mehak receives her power back.In Shiv temple, Aghori, Naagin, Naag, humans, and Rishab as well as Ritesh family gather to pray in the Shiv temple. Dadi says that the Shiv temple is over 300 years old and every time a couples pray here, they will are married for seven lives.
Seema, Urvashi, Pratha and Rim arrive. Ritesh is trying to find his bride however, Dadi refuses to look at the bride’s visage until the wedding.

While going near Shivji for prayer, Pratha dupatta catches fires. Rishab helps her by pouring some water over her. Dadi demands that they go and change. Mehak arrives and says I have to track down Asur is about to be killed. Lalit believes that I will soon sign the agreement to end this nation. Lalit insists that she has done a great job. Everyone prays one after the other but then Rim’s hands begins to shake, she’s loosed the puja thali, however Pratha keeps it. Dadi praises her. Lalit is called, and then goes. Ritesh tells Pratha that I am shocked that we’re getting married. Mehak considers ways to locate that asur. She comes up with the idea of giving an aarti to all to locate the asur. Mehak offers aarti to all and realizes that Lalit is that asur who is an armed terrorist. In the end the Shivratri day, I found Lalit, and now I will carry out my duties.

Lalit decides to take the call. Mehak follows him . Lalit senses there is someone following him. However, they then he turns around and finds Mantri. Both of them agree that we must go to sign the agreement at the temple with all the precautions. The Mantri is not a different person than Mehak. Family members from the rest go. Rim inquires of Urvashi concerning Riya. Urvashi promises that Riya can find a great groom. Seema says her that Riya is going to find a suitable groom and I do not wish for my daughter to weep. Pratha called Seema as ma’am and said that he’ll be there along with me and my dad. Seema is asking pratha to call her mother. Someone should take Pratha.

Lalit thinks about where the consignment is. However, Mantri changes into Naagin.
Mayan Informs Pratha that she have seen Naagin and she is going to kill your father-in law-to-be, and you will not be married.
Mehak transforms into naagin But Lalit laughsand tells me that you’ll be in trouble. He says that Manyak had already told him that Mehak is not a naagin. Mayank requested money, but he did not give it. Mayank informs pratha that no one will save him. Pratha promises to help him.
Lalit claims that I have given money to saperas. Now who can help you. Today, I won’t die , but you will. Mehak says the audience that Shiv Ji will not let their Naag-Naagin go to waste. Lalit insists that we should just sit and wait.

A group of Seperas are playing their flutes. Lalit declares that today you will not be saved. You are surrounded by these seperas and snakes. Nobody will be able to save you, neither the shiv Ji or she. Pratha is in search of Lalit. Megan attempts to take on Lalit as well, however they they don’t stand a the chance, and find it difficult. Mayank inform Rishab by saying that your father and you will surely die. I’ve even mentioned this to Pratha. Rishab is tying his collar and asks what happened to his father. Mayank raises his finger and wants him to save him as much as he can.

Mehak begins to dance on the Flute tunes, with the track Main Teri Dushman. Main Naagin, to separate. Pratha is in search of Lalit. After dancing Mehak is ill, they take Mehak in a Net. Pratha arrives to ask Lalit to check if he’s fine. Rishab goes into the forest and begins looking for Lalit. Pratha is able to get rid of Mehak however, Lalit tells her she’s Naagin. Pratha walks up to her and keeps looking at her. Then, Pratha shouts at her high pitch that she’s Naagin Sarvasheth Naagin. The temples are all shown by Shivji along with Naageshwarye music and Pratha transforms into the real version of Naagin.

Precap: Pratha and Rishab are standing with garlands. Pratha declares that she will get married into the terrorist clan to save my country while Rishab warns pratha that she’ll be stuck within your game.

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