Naagin Season 6 12th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha saves Reem using her power


Naagin 6 12th March 2022 Written TellyUpdate

The show starts with Rishabh dreaming of Pratha and then she kills Pratha. The house is in flames as Rishabh’s fiancee comes to him and drags the man away. Rishabh states that I have a crush on Reem and I’m not sure who she is and what happened to my dad. I will not leave Pratha should anything happen to Reem. Rishabh becomes angry and runs away. Pratha notices a few cuts on her waist. Mehek arrives and places medication on them . Mehek requests her to not allow Rishabh contact her. Pratha states that she would have handled Ritesh quickly, however Rishabh is clever and tells me”I love him.” I do not know if I’d be able to fulfill the responsibilities of an shesh Naagin.

Mehek admits that I am aware that you don’t want to accept this responsibility , but Shiv Ji has selected you to take on this responsibility. Mehek advises you to be careful around Rishabh and do not let yourself go out before Rishabh. Mehek and Pratha are able to see Rishabh appear, but he does not look at Mehek. Rishabh is seen near Pratha and puts her hand on her shoulder. She then sees medications. Pratha declares that she has been injured. Rishabh asks how you can be injured, since you came here from the beginning, I’m also suffering as I love you. you’re in pain My friends have told me that my father was taken into the jungle to be killed, and I was upset, but I’m going to leave it at that. Rishabh claims I’m returning after having a trip to the bathroom. Rishabh in the bathroom thinks I’m not sure what this girl Pratha has done, she was able to trap my brother for so long that I was forced to play this act and discover the truth. I have quit my brother’s love in my heart. Tellyupdates

Pratha recalls the time when Mehek explained to Mehek about Nidra vish, also known as the sleep poison that Sheshnagin is a victim of. Then, she spills it in the milk, and she’s deskinned and is in pain and then is unable to move. This is where Rishab arrives, but she isn’t able to see her true self since she’s already been deskined. Pratha sets the skin aside to allow Rishabh to hide the difference. Rishabh arrives at Pratha and tells her I have fought with my brother for the right to get married and then abandoned the woman I was in love with to marry you because I love you so much. Pratha is convinced that I love him, but is he really loves me or wants to seduce me. Pratha offers his milk Rishabh and he tells him that I do not like it. Pratha declares that it’s an act of ritual. Rishabh is ready to drink, but he decides to stop and demands Pratha to drink before drinking in order to convince him she didn’t add any other ingredients to it. If you don’t, I’ll believe you spiked it, and it could harm me. Pratha is thinking about what Mehek stated that if SheshNaagin consumes the poison, it could affect her also.

Rishabh is the one who drinks and she has hallucinations of several Rishabh. She also makes Rishabh take a drink as well. Rishabh laughs and tells her that does not want to get married. Pratha comforts him, telling him that all will be fine, then they dance together and then fall to sleep. The next day Pratha awakes with him in arms. Her choker is attached with his shirt. He is trying to get it out. Pratha notices Mehek is there in snake form, and stops him from seeing him. Rishabh takes off her choker. Pratha keeps her snake’s skin in a cabinet along with her jewelry. Anya arrives and informs her that she was there to get her ready in time for her next ceremony.

Seema is worried about Lalith. Rishabh informs her that he has contacted an inspectors since his Dad has disappeared from the night before. Anya introduces Pratha into her muhdikayi. Reem is threatening to kill herself saying she’ll never live in a world without Rishabh. Pratha remembers Mehek words to make people into statues for a time. She makes use of that power to removes the bullets from the gun prior to Reem shot herself. Family members assist her lost in confusion as to why the bullets aren’t coming out. Rishabh arrives to meet with Inspector Vijay. Seema gets scared, thinking they could reach for a consignment. Mehek advises Pratha of the fact that Lalith disappears. Pratha attempts to leave to find him. However, Dadi is with her to the Rasoi ceremony. Tellyupdates

Rishabh meets inspector Vijay. Vijay is curious about what happened to Lalith is. Rishabh’s uncle explains to him that he went lost from the temple. Vijay informs them that they need to look for him in the jungle. Pratha and Mehek are listening to their conversation and go into the jungle. Pratha is asking how he could escape their trap. Mehek says she doesn’t have time to discuss and they head in different directions to locate him. Vijay is enlisted by the help of the police dog to locate Lalith.

Pratha is praying to Shivji to locate Lalith’s whereabouts. She discovers that Lalith is hiding under leaves. She takes them out and realizes that he’s alive. The dog is there, however Pratha is able to scare the dog away and takes it away. Then she throws Lalith into the swamp. The dog takes officers close to the swamp. Vijay says they aren’t able to take action until a new team arrives. Rishabh remembers the way Pratha was able to save them. He leaps into the swamp, and then pulls out Lalith. Pratha is watching.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rishabh attempts to make it close to Pratha. Urvashi is bitten by a snake. In the future, she’ll be vengeful to Pratha for sabotaging the life of her child. Lalith informs someone that Pratha isn’t human.

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