Naagin Season 6 10th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha’s Father Is The Traitor Mastermind

Naagin Season 6 10th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratha laughs and says she was just acting; when she can marry her brother for money, why can’t she marry him; if he thinks she loves him. She turns her back and cries, then turns back and says she cannot love him at all. He asks why don’t she go away then. She says it’s not easy to get rid of her. He says he doesn’t know what she is. She says its not easy to understand her, she doesn’t care if she is married to him or his brother until she gets money, she just thinks about herself. He asks why she is standing here then. She says if he divorces her, he has to pay her huge alimony, so he should decide whether to continue their marriage and enjoy with his girlfriend simultaneously or divorce her and then enjoy with his girlfriend. He walks away. She stands crying. Rishabh returns home and thinks why he feels bad with Pratha’s words. He gets a call from his boss who wants to meet him. Mahak walks to Pratha and asks why did he she break Rishabh’s heart. Pratha says she cannot hold Rishabh for her mission, she knows Rishabh loves Reem, so she wants to free him.

Rishabh’s boss meets him and informs about a patriot killing 4 traitors and talks about an unknown 5th traitor who is very dangerous, they need to catch this mastermind and find his team via him. Pratha hears their conversation as a naagin. Pratha returns to her room and hears Rehan’s boss/mastermind’s conversation. Mahak walks to her and asks what is she doing. She says she is trying to find a clue of mastermind. Afer sometime, she joins youngsters for lunch. Rehan boasts how he fought with a higher. Pratha says they were on the other side, so its possible that Rehan was hunting a tiger. She then chats with Yash and says he should do something tonight as he will go in 2 days. Rishabh gets jealous seeing Pratha’s attention towards Yash and calls Reem to make her jealous. Rehan gets his boss’ call who invites him for a diamond exhibition party. Pratha hears his conversation and thinks she should attend the party at any cost. Rehan asks Samaira to accompany him for the party. Samaira invites Yash who agrees. Pratha decides to accompany Yash for the party.

Pratha with Yash, Rehan, Samair, and Mahak attends diamond exhibition party and is surprised to see diamond which resembles nagmani. She tells Mahak that she is sure the mastermind must be somewhere around. Rishabh also attends party. Vijay meets him and informs him about the precious diamond and mastermind being around to steal the diamond at 12 midnight. Rishabh thinks he is on the army mission. Pratha clashes with Rishabh and apologizes him, they notice each other. Rishabh asks what is she doing here. Pratha says she came with Yash. Reem walks in. She taunts if he came here with Reem to romance her as he cannot romance her at home. Party host Karan Mehra walks in. Everyone pay attention to him. Pratha tells Mahak that she heard Rehan’s boss ordering him to steal the diamond, he will act as keeping the diamond in government exhibition and when its stolen, he will claim bodh diamond

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