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Mehak attacks Rishab. Ritesh demands Pratha to eat and tries to feed him. Mayank arrives, telling Pratha that you’re getting Romantic in your brand new love. Ritesh is trying to discipline Mayank. Pratha requests Ritesh to keep away from her affairs. Mayank and Ritesh argue, until Pratha puts them down. Mayank is asking Pratha what you will are getting for a one-night date. You go on your own or you have your father tell her to take it on. Ritesh hits him and asks for forgiveness and directing security to expel him.

Riya appears and confronts Pratha saying she’s looking at her potential husband. Ritesh calls her out. Ritesh is trying to explain his reasoning, but Riya accuses her. Urvashi questions Ritesh what he does to justify his loving to him! Ritesh is trying to explain them to them. Riya demands Pratha she’s willing to be anything she wants for money, and even pushes her. Ritesh criticizes Riya telling her you need apologize to her for causing problems. Riya is again asking if she could do anything to earn money. Ritesh insists that she stop. Riya hits him and says she can get married and have a sleep with her. Ritesh is furious and tries to hit Riya but Seema is able to stop her and says you shouldn’t hit my little girl Riya. Ritesh declares that I shouldn’t marry Riya because she doubts my character and I won’t marry her. He holds Pratha and said I’d marry her as she is my choice. Since Riya would be the one you choose, who is arrogant. Seema hits him with a slap, citing her childhood. Ritesh says we all go about our lives however, you are the only one who enjoys life, because everyone else does what you say But no this is not true. I won’t be getting married to Riya.

Seema is asking you to be in love with a girl who’s just a pawn in the game of money. Also, I’m warning you that if you do marry Pratha you won’t be able to come back to my home. Ritesh asks Riya would you like to marry me in case you forget Pratha. Riya accepts, but and she vows not to use her name in the future. Ritesh shouts, saying now you know who’s behind in money, and is he snatching Pratha out.Pratha is crying, saying I am blessed with my family and my father, whom I love the most. I have to work to help my father. Ritesh tells me that I love you very much and I will share your struggles.

Rishab is there, and they pratha and ritesh, and then dress his wounds. Mehak is there, and Mehak informs him that it is his last breath, I’ll be sure to kill him. Rishab recalls his experience with Pratha. When he is dressing wounds of Rishab, Mehak sees that there no til in his palm, and that suggests Rishab isn’t asur.

On the other hand the villains gather to sign deals. It turns out that he is Lalit. He is reunited with his all-villainous companions. He recalls signing an agreement with all foreigners. He believes that the 20 of us have been chosen to destroy India and nobody is able to stop us from doing it.

Rishab is curious about what is the location Ritesh as well as Pratha are currently? Ritesh declares that she will not enter I won’t marry Riya however, I’ll get married to Pratha. Rishab drags pratha in and asks her why she’s doing this? What is her plan. Pratha declares that she came to the city to get the opportunity. Rishab writes a check asking to tell Ritesh that she is not going to get married to him. Pratha affirms that I’m not this kind of girl. She says no check can buy me my self-respect.
Pratha gets a phone call from her father and he informs her that for not paying rent, we’re being sent to the post office. Pratha promises him to make a change, and to look at the money.

Riya tears. Urvashi is asking Seema to do something. Rishab demands Riya to be sure I will solve everything. Urvashi questions Mehak about his husband’s suspicions whether you are having an affair. Mehak declares that she is here with security and I am asking your husband about your husband.

Pratha arrives in, rishab drags her inside asking him whether she’d like to get married to my brother. Pratha refuses and I’m looking to leave. Ritesh introduces Pratha’s dad and informs him that Ritesh has paid all rents. Ritesh states that I’ve was listening to all your conversations. Riya shouts, but you’ve have wasted money, and she isn’t interested in marrying you. Ritesh says that someone has come home and she has the option of choosing to not marry or not. Rishab believes that pratha isn’t innocent, she’s doing it all in order to earn money.
Seema gets to meet Lalit and tells her that there won’t be a marriage because Ritesh isn’t interested in marrying her. Lalit grips her neck with fury.

Mehak is taken to Shiv Temple, stating that I was going to commit wrong and was planning to murder innocent Rishab. Today, I will lose my power However, prior to that, I must to kill the Til asur.

Lalit has Seema higher and says I’ll accept the ruling as you represent my toys. I’m telling you to put on an ugly face in front of me and remain innocent. He asks me to show an angry face in front of the public and act as if I am innocent. Seema wants to know how I can complete this task. Lalit states that he will just tweak words and using the Shiv Pravati’s story. I will make my deal with my father and son’s in the army. He breaks glass and causes injury. Seema by saying that he will that he will hurt them and then have them married. I’ll strike a the deal with those who would like to destabilize the country.

Pratha wants her father to tell her to let her go from here. Urvashi interrupts her, saying Seema will teach you an important lesson. You appear innocent and secluded Ritesh and you are now refusing the marriage. Rishab and Ritesh want her to leave them alone. However, Urvashi insists that they wait until Seema shows her the lesson of the hurting of my daughter and for betrayal. It seems to be arriving asking the girls to stop. Urvashi says that your little son has ruined my daughter’s life. Seema wants to know if Ritesh whether you’ve did not leave Riya. Ritesh responds yes. Seema hits Urvashi. Lalit questions her about why you hit her friend who is your best friend. Seema is begging him to keep away. She accused my son of being a blo*dy and it was because of it. She also says that what my son did was prior to marrying Riya and you’ve been married for over 30 years and but your husband is in a relationship.
Seema says that your husband ran off with the security charge. Urvashi states that she’s here for a specific reason.

Seema’s MIL requests Seema to be quiet as they are guests. Lalit is requesting her to relax as he is Mantri who guards the nation. Seema states that the job is carried out by the army as well as others. Seema claims that the Security officer is present, and so is your husband. He escaped from the wedding of his daughter with a different woman. Urvashi asks her to not ruin Mantri’s image in front the daughters. Riya is adamant to Seema why she’s ruining everything. Rishab wants Ritesh to get married to Riya. Ritesh denies. Seema claims Urvashi should break up your marriage, I will not speak to you, but I will not be able to hear anything about my son. Rishab states that I will not be breaking my vows. Seema affirms that I don’t deny that I have always given my sons space, and right now Ritesh has decided to marry the person whom he is in love with, and so Pratha along with Ritesh will marry.

Precap: Pratha proclaims that she is a Naagin, and will kill any Villian against my country.

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