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Today’s Naagin 6 of 20th February 2022 episode begins by the Minister pointing his fingers towards Rishabh before he takes a breath of his last.

Naagin 6 Latest Episode Written Updates
Naagin 6 Latest Episode Written Updates

Naagin Season 6 Episode Tellyupdates

The Shesh Naagin has five different faces within the eyes of the minister who is dying One of the faces is believed to be Rishabh.

Yet, Shesh Naagin has to confirm this. If Rishabh has an area of black near his wrist, then that he is an Asura II. Asura.

On the other side, Seema and Urvashi, are waiting for the minister’s arrival.

Seema says to Anya to contact the minister from his bedroom. But, Anya has no idea that the minister has died.

As Anya stumbles just from the outside, Shesh Naagin hides the minister’s body in the mattress.

As of now, Pratha is on her route to deliver her the Haldi Bowl over to Seema so that the opulent Haldi ceremony can commence.

However, Shesh Naagin has plans for the future.

In her stunning and powerful appearance, the Shesh Naagin hangs the deceased of the minister’s remains on the chandelier, due to which his blood flows straight in the Haldi bowl that is held by Pratha.

The blood droplets flow out of out of nowhere, Pratha screams, dropping the Haldi bowl onto the floor.

Seema is adamant Pratha and asks her to leave immediately if Pratha talks about seeing blood drops in Haldi.

But, Rishabh stops his mother and starts helping Pratha to clean off the mess.

Rishabh is still puzzled by Pratha’s lack of awareness and begins to connect Pratha somehow with the person who aired half the information regarding The Pandemic and the country of war.

On the other hand, when professors are working at their laptop He begins to observe faces of the initial Asura appear on the drawing from The Samudra Manthan.

This confirms to Professor Naagin that Naagin actually defeated the very first Asura.

Then, Rishabh enters Pratha’s room and examines her bag.

He also discovers the other piece of the letter that Rishabh also has.

The report states that Bharat’s powerful and well-known people are involved in collaboration with Chingistan to cause harm to its citizens through the Pandemic.

In the end, Pratha is rebuked by Mayank in the kitchenette.

The former informs Pratha that she doesn’t need to be employed as he can handle the financial pressures after they are married.

If Pratha isn’t willing to comply with Mayank and he holds her waist tight and then screams at her.

However, Rishabh now chooses to be on the lookout for Pratha and is often looking at her attentively.

Reem Rishabh’s fiancé is aware of it and asks why he is staring at Pratha so long.

When Mayank leaves and comes across Naagin concealing the body of the deceased minister.

Stumbling and struggling, Mayank runs back to Gujral Residence and tells everyone about the latest news.

Pratha is shocked , as everyone other. It’s almost like magic, and the Minister is back to host the ceremony at the Haldi Ceremony, proving Mayank’s claim to be wrong.

It is Naagin disguised as the Minister. Therefore, no one doubts that he is to the ground dead.

Jasmin phoned the head coach. She walks into the storeroom along with the peon. Tejo sprays her face. She is able to catch Jasmin and drags her. Jasmin shouts. Tejo as well as the woman secure her. Tejo locks her. She claims Fateh could have reached her. Tejo brings drinks to the group. Fateh is encouraging them.

Gurpreet says I’ve created this for you because I didn’t think of you as a bridesmaids. Mahi says you look so cute. Simran smiles. Gurpreet promises you to appear more beautiful. Simran thank her. Gurpreet affirms that Fateh also understands the importance of love. I would like my family to be to be content. Simran advises her to not be worried. Fateh states that we’ll alter our strategy. We will only attack and no cross-passing. Jasmin is trying to free herself. Jasmin shouts. Fateh tells you you’ll have 45 minutes. No one will steal it Give your best shot to the time, it is yoursto make it a goals for yourself, your school and your parents, as well as at the both at the national and state levels. He wishes the athletes the best. Tejo requests him to join the players. He claims it will not be good. She tells you to leave, it’s imp, I’ve sent Jasmin and coach to the airport and wish them All the best. He says thank you and we’ll be successful in the event that you join me.

Satti praises Tejo. Everyone watches Tejo on television. Fateh is cheering at the kids. Jasmin shouts for assistance. Fateh demands that the students play with respect. The principal inquires about what Fateh doing in this situation, and I had already expelled him. Tejo claims that the team has a need for him. I’ll inform you more later.

Everyone is aware of Fateh and wonders if they will see him after the game. The team scores. Tejo asks for miracles. Mahi says that students at college will realize that a coach who is good will ensure they win. Simran and Mahi hope that the team will win. Nimmo believes that if Tejo’s team wins, my mannat would be fulfilled. Jasmin attempts to get away. Fateh requests that the team score the goal. The team scores another goal. Rupy becomes angry with Fateh. Satti insists that he accept the truth. Rupy declares that I don’t like Fateh which means that I don’t love him. I’m his father I am sure he’s not the best for him. Lovely claims that Tejo lives in the home. Rupy declares that’s my terrible fate, I was forced to leave her to save humanity. Don’t think I’m happy. after Jasmin’s situation is over then I’ll contact Tejo back. Jasmin demands assistance. Coach attempts to open the door. Jasmin hears his voice. She yells for help. She opens the door.

Urvashi takes the Minister’s hand before he starts to leave in a new.

Naagin says that the minister must be present at certain meetings since it’s a big deal. Urvashi is a bit agitated and then let the minister take care of it on his own.

Seema the mother of Rishabh is adamant Pratha to stay away from her since her presence has proven to be an issue for the entire Gujral Family.

Rishabh’s mind recalls Pratha’s screaming after seeing bloody drops within the Haldi and Mayank’s claims of witnessing the death of Minister.

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All this leads him to suspicious of Pratha further and believes that she’s connected to Chingistan to cause an incredibly harmful act to Bharat’s citizens.

In the news on television the reporter announces that the government has announced an overnight curfew for 15 days to limit the severity in the Pandemic from expanding further.

This is a source of irritation for Seema and she vows that she wants to have the wedding ceremony on the same day.

But, Rishabh does not agree with his mom and schoolmates. He thinks they are telling all over the world about how small and petty they are as the entire country is in chaos.

When he returns to his room Rishabh discovers Pratha close to the point of falling, but he stops her from falling on the floor.

Seema is aware of it and she lets Pratha know she is not happy with being so close to her sons.

Rishabh receives a phone message from his elders and is required to report to them.

But Rishabh’s Bebe advises him to not leave. Rishabh talks sweetly to his mother-in-law and lets her know about the necessity of being present at the gathering.

Shesh Naagin can hear all this from the background.

Then, Rishabh’s younger sister is spotted by Shesh Naagin who is Security Head. She catches her eyes that are blue and glowing on her camera.

Prior to Rishabh goes away, Reem requests Security Head (Shesh Naagin) to look after Rishabh.

Rishabh is annoyed and decides to leave to go home. While driving his car, Rishabh encounters a woman who is walking towards his vehicle.

If he honks and the woman doesn’t go away, but disappears for an hour.

In her serpent-like model, Shesh Naagin makes Rishabh’s vehicle catch fire. However, Rishabh’s car is able to escape without injury.

In a state of shock at the outcome in her conduct, Shesh Naagin grabs Rishabh by her tail and begins to take him down by girdling her hold over him.

When Rishabh dies, Shesh Naagin is left content.

Naagin 6 on the 20th of February 2022. The story concludes with Shesh Naagin telling herself , revealing that second Asura is dead as well.

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