My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)

howdy buddies.. this FF is one shot and it is going to be primarily based on Tamil film Romeo Juliet. And the pair shall be Dheeraj dhoopar and Helly shah. Hope you want this story.. please do remark ☺️.

The 4 buddies had been dwelling collectively as they grew to become orphans..

The intro of 4 women:-

Ridhima- Helly shah (important lead)

Jasmin Bhasin – Nidhi 

Tejaswi Prakash – Soumya

Rubina Dilaik – Meena

Nidhi meena sowumya and Ridhima are sitting and chatting of their house..

Ridhima:i don’t know when will god present my boyfriend in my eyes..iam ready for him however i couldn’t get.

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Meena:garbage!!. If you wish to get boyfriend then you need to fall for somebody.. lengthy will you hunt for your boyfriend? Fall for somebody and make him too fall for you.

Sowmya:there are various good-looking guys these days..why don’t you catch somebody?

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Ridhima:you all gone nuts!! If they’re good-looking then shall i choose any of them? They should match my pondering too..till that i’ll search for him who match my pondering.

Meena acts frowning..

Meena: i believe we’re born to catch your boyfriend aren’t letting us in peace.


Ridhima: A buddy in want is buddy certainly. If you might be all my true buddies then you definitely all have to assist me to search out my boyfriend..understood?

Sowmya: even my academics dint torture me like this however you might be properly troubling me.. soon as i get boyfriend then you definitely all can do your works. So please do that assist alone.

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Nidhi:high-quality..we’ll assist. But one also needs to assist us to find our boyfriends.

Ridhi:good revenge.. however okay..i’ll do it for you all.

Later they go to mall and roam and immediately..

Soumya:hey..hey ridhu..


Sowmya:look there..he’s trying good. Maybe he’ll suit you.

Ridhi stares the man and pinches Soumya..

Ridhi:do you assume me as a rubbish? Who will marry that loss class man?

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Meena:then inform us what sort of man you need?

Ridhi smiles and..

Ridhi:i desire a wealthy and good-looking man..

Everyone will get shocked..

Nidhi:you might be an excessive amount of.

They simply roam right here and there and immediately Ridhima sees a good-looking man holding many buy baggage and going and he or she smiles..

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Ridhima:now..i received it. He shall be match for me..


Ridhima reveals the man and so they all look him and will get astonished..

Soumya:wowww..he’s so scorching!!

Ridhima:shut up.. don’t eye my boyfriend. You take care of somebody.

Soumya:high-quality. But iam atleast completely satisfied that you just discovered somebody. Now we’ll get free..

Ridhi:cease irritating me..come lets go and comply with him.

Meena:however how do you know that he’s wealthy?

Ridhima: i noticed his buy baggage..he was carrying many who too in life-style store which is likely one of the costliest store.

Nidhi:high-quality..lets go then earlier than he goes.

The 4 women follows that man and that man reaches the parking space and he will get contained in the Benz automotive stunning the 4 women whereas Nidhi will get astonished..

Nidhi:wowww…Benz’’s my dream to go in that automotive..

Suddenly Ridhima shuts her mouth with paper whereas Nidhi screams..


Ridhima:if somebody eyes my boyfriend or his properties then this would be the end result.

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Meena frowns..

Meena:first make him your boyfriend and present us then we shall be silent.

Ridhima:are you difficult me? Then see i’ll make him my boyfriend and present.

Soumya:lets see..

The 4 women get into their automotive and follows that man’s automotive and the man’s automotive reaches an enormous mansion whereas the 4 women cease close to the gate and will get mesmerized seeing the mansion..

Ridhima:wow..i anticipated simply to be wealthy however he’s multimillionaire..iam so fortunate.

Ridhima jumps in pleasure whereas meena frowns..

Meena:. First attempt to make him your boyfriend orelse somebody could cych him because the boys like him can’t be single for so lengthy.

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Soumya:possibly i may also attempt if you’re attempt quickly.

Ridhima stares Soumya angrily whereas Soumya turns into silent..

They go their home and..

Ridhima:i ought to impress him by some means..however what shall i do?

Nidhi: boys could like fashionable women..then why don’t you attempt carrying fashionable costume and placing make-up?

Ridhima smiles..

Ridhima:good concept..first time you gave such a helpful concept.

Nidhi:you..i’ll by no means give any concepts anymore.

Ridhima:okay.. don’t get indignant. I simply made enjoyable merely.

The subsequent day Ridhima wears fashionable costume and he or she combs her hair superbly and smiles seeing herself within the mirror..

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Ridhima in thoughts:in the present day he’s going to get coronary heart assault seeing me. He will certainly fall in love seeing me.

They all go to the mall..

Soumya:are you certain that he’ll come to mall?

Ridhima: the wealthy guys won’t ever fail to come back to iam certain he’ll come.

Suddenly they see that man and Ridhima will get completely satisfied..

Ridhima:i do know my assumption can’t go see how i impress him.

Ridhima sees him going quick and he or she goes quick behind him however her heels will get damaged and he or she falls down..

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)

The three women come and snicker at her..

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Meena:you don’t know to stroll in heels the who instructed you to put on it?

Ridhima:the wealthy guys like the ladies carrying heels solely..that’s why i wore to impress him. But now my plan spoiled.. will you now impress him? Your slipper is already damaged..

Ridhima:in the present day just isn’t good day for me i believe. I’ll attempt with another plan tomorrow..however i gained’t depart attempting until i get succeed.

The 4 women goes again to their house and later Soumya was busy in her social media and immediately she sees one thing and shouts in pleasure..

Soumya:hey..hey Ridhi..come right here na.

Ridhima comes there and..

Ridhima:now why are you shouting as in case you noticed shah rukh khan?

My love for you… OS (Helly Dheeraj)
Soumya:hey in Instagram..i noticed..i noticed your crush jogging. Someone have uploaded his video.

Ridhima will get suprised..


Soumya:sure..look right here.

Ridhima sees the video and will get completely satisfied..

Ridhima: he’s jogging in mapel park. I discovered seeing the background i’ve a good suggestion.

Soumya: don’t inform that you’re going to jog with case you jog then you definitely gained’t run 1km additionally. Do don’t get insulted..

Ridhima:hey..shut up. To make him boyfriend..i can run even 100 kms.

Ridhima begins dreaming..

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