My angry bird (Last Part)

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Let’s start

Vansh and ridhima is sleeping in each other slowly slowly ridhima open her eyes to see that she sleeping in her jaan arms but then she remember that she is angry with him then make proker face and start struggle to come out his hold her struggle  broke vansh sleep. He open his eyes and his sweetheart is struggling then he tight her hold and act as sleeping but ridhima also see him then pour on him a water glass and he wake up with jerk.

Vansh : what this sweetheart why did you pour water on me but ridhima ignore him and go towards washroom but vansh held her hand and make sit and he sit down at his knees.

Vansh : sweetheart I know that I’m wrong please forgive me. I know that sorry bhut choti hai meri galti se but sweetheart trying to understand na baby I’m stress about your and our baby’s know what sweetheart I’m doing anything but please don’t ignore me it’s hurts I know that I’m behaving like local jerk but please sweetheart you can beat me you can shout on me but please don’t give me this silent treatment please baby.

Ridhima : so you can anything which I say

Vansh : yes baby

Ridhima : fine then tum mere sath baby ki sopping ke liye chalna hoga or tum mere liye khana bnayge bina kisi ki help liye and now stand up and go make my breakfast tab tak I’m going to shower and ya mujhe breakfast aalu ka paratha, dosa, cheese pasta , and with cold Oreo Shek and dessert and ya tumhe ye sab bnana hai without any help and ya tab tak jab m aa nhi jati showers se so go and vansh jaw dropped but run from and ridhima is giggling and go to shower.

After sometime ridhima is come and see her that vansh ne breakfast  bna liya hai or vo table pe breakfast laga rha hai and ridhima come there vansh pull chair like a gentleman and  ridhima sit on chair other female staff was droll on him that erik ridhima and vansh serve her and don’t give a damm to other and vansh also sit besides her but other female was jealous from her then ridhima stand up and sit in his lap .

Ridhima: jaan feed me and nods and start feed and all rai singhania is shocked and ishani feel jealous and angre and sia is happy to see that their bhai and bhabhi is happy.

Ishani : why are you feeding this betrayal you know what bhai you are the one who give her this love and freedom or ye iss baat ka galt fayda udhati hai or aap iski sari baat ku maan rhe hai ku iske itne tantrums maan rhe hai

Vansh : stop your tongue ishani nhi to I will cur it into pieces and ya meri wife hai vo uske hag hai mujhe per or Meri har chez per so get lost mujhe apni ko pyar krne liye kise se puchne ki jurat nhi hai ok and m apni and you also behave with her well nhi to mujhe i don’t think tumhe acha lega jo m krunga so kuch bhi krne se phle soch lena now get lost from here in a stern voice and sweetheart you eat properly ok jaan in sweet voice. After breakfast they go for shopping and vansh is follow her like a lost puppy and held her begs and ridhima is irritate him like hell uksi carving ne vansh is hell irritated but never said her anything after some time they come back .

In riansh room

Vansh : what happened sweetheart see her pale face

Ridhima: vansh actually mere pero me dard ho rha hai and I’m tried.

Vansh : haan to kisne kha tha itni sopping kro now lied down in bed and held her legs and start massage ridhima’s moist to see his care for her and hugs him tight.

Ridhima : never leave me jaan

Vansh : you too sweetheart m kuch nhi bardaasht kr sakta hu per tumse dur hone i can’t think about it bardaasht krna to dur ki baat hai never leave me.

Ridhima : how can i leave my jaan vansh tum jaan ho sirf khne liye jaan nhi khti tum meri jaan ho isliye khti hu I’m sorry aaj bhut tang kita na mne but ye juri tha.

Vansh : and what about  divorce papers

Ridhima: it’s nothing tumhe lya m tumhe itni aasaani se chod dungi no never ab to m tumhara sath zindagi bhar ke liye hu tum mujhe picha nhi chuda sakte ok.

Vansh : picha chudna chata bhi kon hai  and kiss her and both sleep in each other arms vansh   kiss her on stomach and hug her tight not to hurt his baby and sleep with her and leave with her happily and after some months God has gift them with angel yes ridhima and vansh have a baby girl and unhone uska name vanshika rai singhania rkha and leave happily.

The end.

That’s it hope you all like I know length kam hai but sorry mere pass itna time nhi tha or ye aaj hi post krna tha so sorry for that and also sorry for my mistakes.

I know chapter itna acha nhi hai hope you all like tell me in comments kesa laga ok .

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