Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Soumya opposes Harsh

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sushma praising Soumya’s writing. Soumya feels guilty to hide about her writing. Prince argues for the tab and slaps Tara. Everyone gets shocked. Soumya scolds Prince for not having manners. She asks him to say sorry to his mum. Prince says she is scolding me. Sushma says you have done wrong. Tara cries. Soumya asks him to say sorry. Armaan comes and says Prince is a kid, what did he do that you are so angry. Harsh comes. Soumya says it’s a big thing, Prince has slapped Tara, he has to say sorry, he has to respect women. Harsh laughs and says so much drama for a little thing. He asks Sushma to get coffee for him. Soumya says Prince has slapped his mum, its not a drama, he will raise hand on someone else, what are we teaching him, that its right to raise hand on women, we should explain him to say sorry to his mum, you are encouraging him. Harsh scolds her.

He says Prince is a boy, he won’t apologize, things will happen as always, got it. Soumya says no, its not right to raise hand on elders, its not right to slap a mum, we have to respect Tara, then Prince will also learn to respect her, she loves and cares for him, she should teach him discipline and manners, Prince made a mistake and he has to apologize to Tara. Harsh shouts Armaan, before I forget that she is my bahu, take your wife away, she has to stay according to my rules, else I will explain her my way, get my coffee. Armaan says Soumya, come. She says no, Tara needs us, her self esteem. He says some with me. He takes her to the room and says you are misbehaving with dad. She asks how are you behaving with me, why didn’t you support me, you know what they did is wrong. He says no, don’t tell this to me, its your fault, Prince is a little kid, maybe he raised hand while joking. She asks why do we treat Tara as a house help, not a family member, we don’t respect her, she works all day for us, did we ask her what she wants.

She asks did we ask her, no, because we don’t regard her family, kids learn watching elders. He says you don’t know Tara, she couldn’t become a good wife, good bahu or a good mum. She says you are saying wrong. Harsh scolds Sushma in their room. He threatens her of sending her to Maayka. She cries. Armaan says you know I m doing everything for your dreams, you promised that you will win my family’s heart, did you win their heart, you made them against each other, wow, I asked you to write the script. She says I thought I will write the script and send you now, but… He says my family and work are suffering because of you, I m so disappointed today, sorry, I don’t think you are the Soumya I loved. He goes. She cries. Harsh says you will apologize to Prince. Sushma cries.

Its morning, Tara asks Soumya not to do all this. Soumya says its not wrong. Sushma comes and asks them to get breakfast fast. Harsh calls her out. He asks Sushma to apologize to Prince when he comes back from school. Soumya says its not Sushma’s mistake. Soumya looks at Sushma.

Soumya asks Tara to share things with her. Tara speaks against Armaan. Soumya says I feel when you blind trust someone and they make you realize that you were really blind.

Update Credit to: Amena

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