Mithai 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mithai wins the competition

Mithai 7th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhura is trying to take Mithai away from the competition. She says leave me alone, I have to take part in the competition. Bhura asks her to shut and drags her away. Sidharth gets a call and comes out of the venue. He sees Bhura forcing Mithai and shouts at him to leave her alone. Bhura says who the hell are you? Sidharth slaps him hard, the security comes there so Bhura runs away. Sidharth scolds Mithai and asks what are you doing outside the venue? Do you have any sense? My Dadu helped you and you are doing all this? The goons would have taken you away. Mithai says I just.. Sidharth says I don’t care about you, I am just worried about Dadu so just take part in the competition and don’t disappoint him. Don’t leave the venue till the competition is over. Mithai says thank you and goes back inside the venue.

The announcer says the first competitor is Agarwal. He makes the judges eat his red-velvet barfi. The next competitor is Subham from Hari Mohan sweets. Subham says we have a fusion blueberry sweet, he makes the judges eat it and they like it. The announcer says the last competitor is Mithai. Dadu claps for her. Mithai is nervous with all eyes on her and brings her jalebis on the stage. She brings them to the judges and tries to give a speech. She prays to God to give her strength. She starts singing a song for her jalebis. All clap for her. The judges eat her jalebis and like it. Mithai runs to Dadu and thanks him for giving her this chance. She sits at his feet and says you are a God for me. Dadu says let’s wait for the results.

The judges decide on a winner. The judge says we have eaten many sweets but the simplicity of old-fashioned can’t be matched. He says the winner of the competition is Mithai. All are stunned. Dadu claps for her. Mithai can’t believe it and cries, she tells Dadu that I could win it because of you only. Dadu says you won because of your hard work, I will pray for your happiness. Mithai takes his blessings and recalls her father. How he used to pray for her to become a businesswoman then how he died in her childhood and they lost everything. Mithai comes to the stage and tries to calm herself down. Sidharth is about to leave the competition but Mithai says I am missing my father today. He always told me to respect our sweets. Sidharth stops to hear her speech. Mithai says my father must be proud today, I will make his jalebis world-famous now. I will work hard from now on. She thanks Dadu for helping her. She thanks, everyone. Bhura hears all that and says I have to limit her soon. Mithai gets a cheque as a winner. Dadu tells Sidharth that this girl won because of her hard work, girls like her will make us proud. Sidharth says I am happy to see you happy. He goes to drop Apiksha off.

Ginesh comes out of the venue and is angry. Agarwal comes there and says your own father made someone else win the competition. Ginesh says my father is a good man and likes to help newcomers. Agarwal’s son says but you must be feeling insulted to lose to a newcomer. Agarwal says you lost the competition because of your own family. My son is helping me but your sons are not supporting you and now your father is against you also. Ginesh angrily leaves away.

Dadu brings Mithai to his room who takes Dadi’s help. Mithai prays in the mandir and thanks him. Dadu smiles at her. She tells Dadi that I won this cheque but what will I do with this? I don’t have a bank account. Dadu says I will open an account for you. Mithai gives the cheque to him and says you can keep it till you open my bank account. She gives him her phone which she won and says get a sim for me. She says I have to go back and meet my mother. She takes his blessings and leaves. Dadu says this girl is something else.

Karishma is talking Rohan and says we should have won. Shaurya tells his wife that I think they like each other. Kavita talks to Mami and says Ginesh must be angry. Kavita says Dadu will handle everything.

Mithai comes back to her village. Bhura follows her and says it’s time to cage her. Mithai sees a woman getting dragged in a van and goes to check but they pull her in the van and lock her up. It’s Bhura who kidnapped her with his mother. Mithai says what are you doing? The make her unconscious.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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