Mithai 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Apeksha cautions Sid about Mithai

Mithai 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The holi pooja starts in the house. Dadu and Dadi do the holika pooja first. Then all family members do it. Geetu says where are the kids? Karishma, Mithai and all others come there dressed as Radha and Krishna. Shaurya acts as a host and asks them to come on the stage. Sid and Apeksha come to the function also. Sid says I will go and get freshen up. He looks at the stage to see Karishma and Mithai performing. Sid thinks this poem was my mother’s favorite. He stares at them. Apeksha notices it and asks what happened? He says nothing. All clap for Karishma and Mithai. Dadi tells Dadu that it’s good to see Sid here. Apeksha tells Sid that this Mithai is acting smart by being close to the family. Geetu comes there and says it’s not like that, they were Aarti’s friends.

In the morning, Dadu and all family members pray in the mandir. Ginesh wishes them holi. dadu hugs him. Dadu applies color to Subham. Subham touches Ginesh’s feet but he doesn’t bless him. Mithai wishes holi to everyone. She touches Ginesh’s feet but he turns away. Dadu pleads with his eyes so Ginesh let’s her touch his feet. Sid wishes holi to Dadu and hugs him. He touches Ginesh’s feet also. Sid goes to Indu and touches her feet also. Indu smiles and thanks him. Indu wishes holi to Dadu and Dadi. Dadu says let’s play now.

Indu tells Mithai that we should stay in the room. Mtihai says today is holi so we have to celebrate.

All family members come to the venue to celebrate holi. They are all playing with colors. Mithai plays with Karishma and Kirti. Apeksha arrives there with her mother. She says I will go and meet Sid.

Indu comes to Sid’s room and says I had this photo for years but I think you should keep it now. She shows her and Aarti’s photos. She says I have heard that you don’t play holi? When you were a child, Aarti brought you to our house and you used to celebrate holi fully. Sid says you remember a lot about my mother. Indu says Aarti was my best friend and I know you have a soft heart like her. I hope that God keeps you happy. She leaves from there. Apeksha and her mother arrive there. Apeksha thinks he never allows anyone in his room. Apeksha’s mother says that girl is still staying in your house? I know her mother was your mother’s friend but years have passed and people do use others for their own gains. Kirti comes there and says Dadu asked them to stay because a goon was behind Mithai and Sid saved her also. Apeksha says Sid fought with goons because of that girl? Apeksha’s mother asks her to calm down. She asks Kirti to bring healthy snacks for Sid. Kirti says he never eats between meals. Apeksha says he will eat it. Sid says okay.

Kirti is angry and comes to the kitchen. She says Sid agreed to eat out of his schedule because Apeksha said so? Mithai says we will make him eat sweets now. She puts her sweets between his snacks. She asks Kirti to take it to him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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