Meri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 10

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Recap: Naksh and Keerthi get to know one another. Kartik convinces the Kapoors. Naira and Kartik bond with one another throughout late evening workplace work. Rohit saves Sonakshi from falling and scolds her for being irresponsible. Sonakshi’s hatred for Rohit Vanishes. Viren and Jeevika obtain  their anniversary shock within the midnight 
Episode 10  Vadhera House  After the cake slicing Viren and Jeevika are left alone. Viren locks the door and walks inside to discover a grumpy Jeevika Viren: Arrey what occurred to you? Jeevika: Everyone remembered our anniversary and gave us a shock however one who has to recollect has forgotten it. Saara pyar sirf shaadi tak tha ab toh kuch bhi nahi Viren: Arrey itna bada inzaam? Jeevika: Haan..normally you make individuals stand within the courtroom and accuse them proper, now get able to take care of this accusation and right here Im the Judge so you’ll be able to’t escape  Viren: But my lord I’ve one thing to say in my defence Jeevika: Whats that? Viren walks to the cabinet and takes an envelope and involves Jeevika Viren: Happy Anniversary to my expensive wifey… She will get the envelope and : What’s on this? Viren: Open and see Jeevika opens it to see two tickets to the live performance of her favorite artist Jeevika: Virenji yeh toh… Viren: Its my present for our anniversary my expensive Jeevika Jeevika: But it’s troublesome to get these passes proper? Viren raises his collar and : What did you consider your husband huh Jeevika hugs him Meri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 10 Viren: So my Lord I’ve proved that the accusations in opposition to me are false, what’s going to I get in return Jeevika breaks the hug and walks to her cabinet and comes with a field Viren: Whats this? Jeevika: Patience sir endurance She slowly opens the field and Viren’s eyes bulge in happiness  Viren: Jeevika…this … bear in mind it? Jeevika: Of course  Viren takes the guitar in his arms Viren: You nonetheless do not forget that I performed guitar within the college band? Jeevika: Why wont I? When I used to be confused on what to provide as a eyes fell on this. Do you prefer it? Viren: I adore it. And yeah..tomorrow full day is ours, Im not going for any conferences or to the courtroom. Its totally for my spouse Jeevika will get excited to listen to it. She offers a kiss on Viren’s cheek. Meri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 10He grabs her nearer by her waist they usually tumble and fall on the mattress, the scene freezes  Singhania Diamonds, midnight previous 1 am Kartik shuts his laptop computer and leaves a protracted yawn. His eyes fall on Naira who’s asleep in her chair. Meri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 10He smiles to himself and slowly will get as much as push her hair strand which has fallen on her brow when she all of the sudden wakes up with a shout jerking Kartik Kartik: Kya hua? Naira breathes closely and : I wont let this firm fall…I’ll show {that a} beti is nothing lower than a beta….Ill not let papa down…..dont focus the digital camera on my face…the lights are too vibrant…transfer apart…please Kartik is shocked to see her blabbering. He holds her shoulder and jerks her to actuality  Kartik: Naira…naira…there are not any lights right here…no cameras ….shaant hojao….shshh… Slowly Naira will get regular Naira: What occurred? Kartik: Nothing..possibly this over exhaustion is tiring you Naira laughs Kartik: Why are you laughing? Naira: This has been my routine Kartik Kartik: What does that imply? You dont sleep sufficient usually? Naira : After Papa’s accident…I didn’t have a lot selection…I couldn’t let my bhai sacrifice his desires…enterprise was my dream…however you already know proper…with out anybody to information…everybody judging me primarily based on my gender I needed to show myself so I simply needed to work late nights Kartik: You have proved sufficient a minimum of now… Naira: What? Did you not hear what the Kapoors instructed…that is my huge challenge Kartik…this challenge sums up my one yr’s hardwork…how can I relaxation now? Kartik : Okay okay positive…however hereafter Ill accompany you  Naira: But… Kartik: See its first challenge right here because the challenge supervisor…Ill additionally show myself  Naira: Lets’s your work carried out? Sorry I dozed off Kartik: Im carried out..lastly  Naira: Even I accomplished my half…thats why I considered resting for few seconds however sorry I dozed off Kartik: Arrey dont really feel responsible for that…now how are we going house..its previous 1 Naira: Ill drive and you’ve got your bike I suppose… Kartik: What? You will drive? At this time? That too means Ill drive you Naira: What about you then? Kartik: Ill drop you allow your automotive at house, come again and get my bike Naira: Are you nuts? How will you come from house to workplace with none automobile?  Kartik: I’ve taken the duty of your security..I cant allow you to alone Naira: Then positive Ill are available in your bike, let the automotive be right here Kartik in thoughts: Waah Krishna ji second time Im getting this chance  Naira: Hello… Kartik: Will madam be comfy in my bike? Naira: You speak like its the primary time..that day too I rode with you…now come lets go Kartik and Naira stroll exterior. Kartik brings his bike and Naira hops behind him and their journey begins Kartik remembers Naira’s hallucinations of lights and cameras and her wrestle within the firm…his coronary heart goes to Manish and the Goenka enterprise….. Kartik in thoughts: Naira is struggling exhausting to show am I….my dad despatched me out as he doesn’t suppose that Im match for the CEO submit…..our destinies are so comparable…however dont fear Naira we’ll show ourselves to those that don’t consider us His eyes fall on Naira’s picture on the rear view mirror..he blushes with out his data whereas Naira is misplaced in her personal world, Meri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 10the scene freezes  Next Morning, Gym Virat and Zoya are understanding whereas Aditya enters the health club together with his health club bag. Virat smiles on seeing him Virat: Arrey yaar tum yahan? Adi: Woh typical health club is locked as I received late as a result of BCCI assembly of yesterday evening Zoya: How did it go? Adi: As anticipated….the announcement of the squad will come tomorrow for Ranji trophy and BCCI are impressed with my efficiency however the efficiency in Ranji is crucial to take care of that impression which is able to result in the advice for the International cricket staff  Virat: You will ace it Zoya: Adi why are you uninteresting? Virat will get up and is about to go away Adi: Arrey Virat Virat: Im your buddy thats true however that is the time for each of you..Ill be sure nobody comes right here  He walks out Zoya: Adi inform me what occurred  Adi: Zoya…I went house after the meet….Naira..Naira Zoya: Naira? Adi: Naira got here house at 2 am from the workplace..she is working so exhausting for the Kapoor challenge….she has been working exhausting since one yr as she didn’t need me to sacrifice my desires for the household enterprise…Im responsible….my little sister was carrying heavy burdens…I do know Naksh bhai is right here now…however final one yr the corporate was held collectively solely by Naira…and bhai stated that she struggled loads as individuals underestimated her as she was a woman..she by no means shared it with me or muma…she was a father determine dealing with the whole lot..and me being her brother couldn’t do something…if I had taken a break for this one yr and joined workplace along with her..I may have Zoya: By saying so that you insult Naira’s sacrifices Adi. Naira has taken all this ache and the one option to repay her is by changing into a star cricketer within the Indian staff…its not solely your dream its all of our dream, particularly Naira’s Adi: But she hid her ache..solely by means of bhai I knew..why did she conceal? Zoya: Cant you perceive why? Naira is aware of you fool…she is aware of that when you study her struggles  you’ll throw your package bag away and bounce into enterprise to make issues simpler for her..she didn’t need it….so higher consider cricket now. You ought to fulfil this dream when you actually love Naira Adi hugs ZoyaMeri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 10 Adi: Im comfortable that I shared this with you.  Zoya: Ab bas emotional hone ka time katam…go and exercise She pushes him away. The scene freezes  Sippy Hospital  Kartik and Swarna discharge Sonakshi. Rohit: Ms. Sonakshi please take relaxation at house. No capturing for atleast 6 weeks, Im discharging you as a result of I cant take threat..if what occurred yesterday repeats then gosh no…so atleast in your house Take Rest Sona smiles and nods Kartik in a whisper: Finally you scared him to discharge you na Sona stares at a laughing Kartik and her gaze shifts to Rohit as she is taken to the automotive her eyes get fastened on him. Rohit however walks to the reception  Receptionist: Sir you bought a parcel Rohit will get it and walks to his cabin and opens it. He is shocked to see it Rohit: Yeh…..who did this bullshit? He throws away the picture body with a pic of Rohit carrying Sonakshi. He will get offended and agitated. The scene freezes  Viren’s workplace Virat walks in and goes to the reception  Virat: Im Virat..Im right here to satisfy Mr.Viren Vadhera Receptionist: Sir isn’t accessible right this moment, Manvi mam is dealing with all his conferences right this moment. Please go to the room on the left aspect sir Virat walks in. Manvi who was close to her cabinet looking for a file turns to see Virat getting into the room, in pleasure she drops the file making the papers fly. Virat rushes ahead and helps her Virat: Paper woman? Manvi: What? Virat: Every time I see you, you retain dropping papers Manvi will get awkward and stuffs the papers in a rush, will get up and walks to the desk. Her coronary heart beat is rising in pleasure  Manvi: Pplllease sit Virat: Thank you. Woh I’ve a case…that Viren sir was presupposed to deal with Manvi in thoughts: Manvi..he’s right here as a consumer…dont let the fan woman spoil the picture of this lawyer..skilled behaviour…come on Manvi: Jiju isn’t accessible right this moment..Ill enable you to They begin discussing the case however the fan woman inside Manvi retains peeping out and she or he controls that with nice effort. She finds it troublesome to not admire Virat who’s so near her.

Suddenly a knock is heard on the door and there stands somebody so as to add gas to Manvi’s awkwardness.


Who is it? Will be revealed within the subsequent episode 

Naira’s anger

Naksh and Keerthi’s not so official assembly 

Rohit visits Sonakshi

Virika’s romance

Aditya’s departure 

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