Mere Sai 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni gets suspicious about Balvant

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Basti people see Mahesh with Savari and say what is he doing here. Mahesh greets them and says I am here to teach Savari Ram Raksha Path and she will make whole basti proud and leaves, Savari follows him. Villagers discuss for the first time someone other than Sai considered us humans, one of them says this is all fake, nothing is going to change.
Savari’s mother watering plants. Mahesh greets her. She asks who are you. Savari says he is Mahesh here to teach me Ram Rakhsa, Sumanr says you shouldn’t be here. Mahesh says I understand what you are thinking but don’t you think Savari should take this opportunity because God has chosen her. Mahesh addresses everyone around and says first you all should stop believing in this casteism, you should stop considering yourself lower caste and if you people won’t stop believing in all this, I should leave.

Mahesh walking away, Kaki says to Suman, stop him he is upper caste, if his ego gets hurt he will trouble us. Suman asks Savari to stop him. Savari rushes behind Mahesh and says you can teach me here. Mahesh smiles at her and says lets go. Suman says come in Sir. Mahesh says I am like your son, call me Mahesh. Suman says please come in Mahesh. Santa Banta keeping an eye on Mahesh.

Santa and Banta rush to chavadi, Balvant says to talk to them outside Kulkarni. Kulkarni goes out, and Santa Banta informs him about Mahesh. Kulkarni says Balvant doesn’t believe in casteism and look at his son but I wont let age old practices go away and will do anything for us upper caste.

Mahesh teaching Savari. Jhipri walks in and says wow Savari, you are doing so well. Mahesh makes Savari practice. Suman says Savari dont worry you are doing good. Savari stammers while practising, Mahesh says don’t be scared keep trying. Mahesh says Savari you should stop being scared, Savari says I can’t do it, I told you. Mahesh says because you are not trying.
Savari starts crying. Jhipri walks to her. Mahesh says Savari, crying won’t help. Savari says I beg of you, you are a kind person but understand I can’t do this, you and Sai are trying hard and I understand but I can’t speak properly, I stammer how can I speak Sanskrit, I don’t want to disrespect you and Sai but I have my limitations, so stop wasting your time and I am very thankful for your gesture and now please stop all this and leave, I did try but I can’t, I will go take back my name tomorrow please stop pressuring me. Mahesh says I cant do anything with your excuses and leaves. Women in basti discuss Sai is right, for the first time someone tried to help us but instead of thanking him, few people here just back talk.
Sai playing flute. Mahesh walks to him. Sai says Mahesh you accepted your defeat. Mahesh says I didn’t loose Savari did. Sai says Mahesh come with me.

Gangadhar talks to Kulkarni that what will we do now, lower caste cant do pooja. Kulkarni sees a man walk into chavadi.
The man walks to Balvant says I brought the idol you asked for. Balvant says dont talk aloud. Balvant thinks no one will remember Sai’s idol. Kulkarni says why new idol. Balvant says its same one, I am asking him to take this idol and make it more pretty and hands the man money. Kulkarni thinks Balvant is hiding something, because this is not the same idol, is it because the idol was made from basti soil and now I will find out.

Kulkarni tells balvant that Mahesh is at Savari’s house to teach her Ram Raksha Path, Balvant shocked. Balvant says there is nothing of a surprise, Mahesh helps everyone. Kulkarni asks but you look worried. Balvant says because villagers shouldn’t have any problem and now let me finish my work. Kulkarni thinsk Balvant is very suspicious.

Mahesh asks Sai where are we going. Sai asks him you studied abroad right, Mahesh says yes. Sai says so you learned English right away. Mahesh says not at all it was very tuff, I was scared all will make fun of me and even asked Baba to call me back, but then I met Mathew sir in university but he taught me with patience and I learnt finally. Sai says even same happened with me when I was learning flute, my teacher was very patient with me, we were so lucky.
Sai shows Mahesh Savari and says may be her teacher isnt so patient. Mahesh walks to Savari, and says lets start again, wahs your hands, you must have accepted defeat I havent. Jhipri and Suman see them and smile. Savari says I stammer. Mahesh says no more excuses, and its final only you will do pooja and if you deny I will punish you.

Precap: Mahesh gives Savari a stick and asks her to put it below her tongue and repeat after him. Savari gets excited seeing she is speaking fluently. Savari shares her happiness with Sai. Sai says because you have such good teacher.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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