Mere Sai 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahesh decides to teach Savari

Mere Sai 7th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri walks to Savari with diya and says I knew you would be sitting upset. Savari’s mother says I tried hard to convince her but she isn’t talking. Jhipri says ti Savari, you should be happy you have been chosen by God. Savari says I don’t know Path for Ram Raksha, have never heard it too how will I do pooja.

Kulkarni says to Balvant, I don’t think that girl can do anything, nobody from lower caste know Ram Raksha Path and Tejasvi tomorrow you will sit with me in pooja, I will make you well versed in Pooja. Mahesh says to Kulkarni, why are you doing this, it’s decided Savari will do pooja and you should be happy your village is going towards no discrimination and castism. Kulkarni says to him, I am not saying no but what if she can’t do, and I don’t think she can say mantra.

Savari says to Jhipri she can’t, she stammers and I should go and deny tomorrow. Jhipri says for once atleast try. Savari puts water in a diya and tries to light it, and says its not lighting. Her mother says its because there’s water. Savari says thats the point, water may try hard but can’t be oil. Jhipri says but Sai did light diya with water, have faith in Sai and all will be possible, when I was kid I went to Gangaramji’s shop to buy oil, he threw money at me and said he won’t ruin his festival buy accepting money from lower caste, I went crying to Sai, he light diya for me with water. Sai can do impossible, have faith in Sai and this opportunity is big not just for you but our whole community and this is your right.

Mahesh asks Balvant, is he wrong by supporting Savari. Balvant says I am with you Mahesh but if pooja doesn’t take place properly, it acn hurt sentiments of all devotees and so I suggested Tejasvi’s name. Tejasvi says even I think Savari won’t be ready and father in law will train me.

Savari says to Jhipri, I don’t have confidence like you, but I am not like you, so I have decided that I will visit Balvant tomorrow and take my name back, and and please don’t force me more, I don’t want to disobey you and also can’t runaway from the truth, all will make fun of me, I won’t go and this is my final decision.

Sai has the Ramji Idol in his hand, Sai weaves a broom. Sai starts cleaning next day . Villagers walk to him and say let us help you Sai. Sai says no Ramji asked me to do this and also I have to show someone clean path.

Keshav tells Mahesh that Savari is denying, Mahesh says she can’t loose such big occasion and may be she is scared.
Keshav sees Sai and asks why are you cleaning. Sai says we have procession right and so we have to clean it because people will walk barefoot and someone has to clean it and if we want to see change, we have to figure out what we can do for change, we can’t just expect others to just change, right Mahesh.
Mahesh says you are right Sai, I have to work and says to Keshav I have to do something. Keshav says but you have to go for job application. Mahesh says something more important came up.

Mahesh meet Savari and says I heard you are going to deny. Savari says yes I am going to say no. Mahesh says you have been chosen. Savari says but I don’t know anything. Mahesh says I will teach you, you helped me too. Savari says I just gave water. Mahesh says help is help and I will teach you so well you can recite with closed eyes. Savari says I stammer. Sai says Savari and Mahesh please come help me. Sai says please pour water in this pit. Savari says sure and pours water. Sai asks Savari will this water go ahead. Savari says it won’t there is soil in between, Sai says add water with force. Savari does so and water flows ahead. Sai says nothing is permanent in this world, your fear is stopping you Savari and when Mahesh wants to teach you, give him chance and Ram Rakhsa Path, will help you in many ways. Mahesh says cmon agree it. Savari says okay.

Mahesh asks Savari, who do you live with. Savarj says my mother. Mahesh says okay come lets go to your house and I will teach you infront of your mother.

Balvant and Kulkarni give work to everyone for Ram Navami.
Balvant says to Kulkarni, its your responsibility to make sure all work is done in time. Kulkarni says sure and what amount have we received from British government for this occasion and thinks I will use some money for myself. Balvant says nothing this is on me, if people want to contribute I am okay, I will pay 500₹, Keshav says I will give 50₹.
Balvant asks Kulkarni what amount will you give. Kulkarni thinks I will say huge amount and anyways I am managing finances will take money from their and says even I will give 500. Balvant says very nice, and Keshav your father would ve busy with management and so you take care of finances and I am sure you will take care of money properly and ensure all money is used only for occasion.
Sai walks in and says even I want to contribute and gives two coins. Kulkarni says Sai what is this. Sai says I am not showing off and Ramji accepts any amount given with pure feelings, right Balvantji. Balvant says yes. Sai asks him where is Ramji Idol.

Savari tries to stop Mahesh from going in Basti. Mahesh says I don’t believe in all this, Savari says people will take it wrong way, Mahesh says this is why I asked who do you stay with and nothing is wrong and stop making excuses. Santa Banta sees Mahesh going to basti with Savari.

Balvant says its at home will bring it during occasion. Sai says I will be waiting and I am so happy to see you accept it, if it was someone else he wouldn’t accept it and put in well but you didn’t and leaves.
Balvant thinks how does this Sai find out what I am doing or thinking.

Pre cap: Mahesh at Savari’s house with her mother. Mahesh says to Savari, if you do this how will things happen. Savari says nothing to happen, please leave me alone. Mahesh says if you don’t want to I can’t force anymore.

Sai asks Mahesh, so you are back with a defeat. Mahesh says I didn’t loose, Savari did. Sai says come with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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