Mere Sai 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahesh takes stand for Savari

Mere Sai 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Balvant having lunch with Kulkarni’s, he says to them we will go to Chavadi. Kulkarni says very correctly even I think the same and now you are here Shirdi will be free from Sai. Balvant says the government won’t come in religious matters, until they bother us we can’t create hurdles, so I wont question anyone’s worship and don’t want anyone to comment on mine.

Keshav giving a tour to Balvant says Shirdi is a small village but people live here in unity.
Keshav sees Sai and introduces Sai to Balvant. Balvant says I don’t have any problem with you but I don’t believe in fakirs, I am off to work,if you have any issues you can meet me at Chavadi, I will try to resolve your issue, Keshav says he helps people solve their issues why would he need help. Balvant leaving, Sai stops him and gifts him the idol he made. Sai says to Balvant, you are thinking of the Ram Navami ceremony so I brought this for you. Balvant, surprised, says how did you find out I am thinking of this, I spoke about this to no one except my family. Sai says I am in service of Ramji like you and all devotees are connected and so I could figure it out and brought this as a gift for you. Keshav says take it Balvant kaka. Balvant takes it and leaves.

Keshav drops Balvant at Chavadi, Balvant says I was thinking of inviting one representative from every family and discuss about Ram Navami, so how many houses are here. Keshav says I am not sure but village and basti in total will be 50+
Balvant thinks, maybe Keshav is counting the lower caste too, Keshav says I will call them all. Balvant says no let Santa Banta call them, you carry on. Keshav says okay and leaves.
Balvant says who counts lower caste and Santa Banta look lazy they would never call them.

Sai asks two men to do a work and says in the end what happens is what ramji wishes too.

Tejasvi makes Bhakarwadi for Mahesh, and says I made it specially for you. Prahlad says but you asked Sandhya Kaki to get it from the market. Mahesh starts laughing and says you can never lie to me, I very well know she can’t cook, she burned the kitchen in bombay while boiling water. Tejasvi scolds them.
Tejasvi asks Prahlad why is he not studying. Mahesh says he is he was asking me few doubts. Tejasvi says I need one more favor I want him to send to university in Bombay, you please find out good one. Prahlad says I don’t want to, Tejasvi Scolds him. Keshav walks in and says Prahlad will do what he wants, school here is very good and if he wants to go out it should be his decision for now he can study here, right Mahesh. Tejasvi says surroundings also matter, what will he learn here, if he goes Bombay he will get a good position but here he won’t progress. Mahesh says you should understand a child’s take too, Prahlad says I want to stay here, Mahesh says final he stays here. Tejasvi says to him, how can you say that, you have studied in Bombay.

Sai strolling around the village, talking to villagers taking Bhiksha.
Mahesh says to tejasvi, if we don’t understand and respect a child’s take, they will never respect their decisions in future. Keshav says I will go feed the cow. Mahesh says you stay I will go, Tejasvi says you, Mahesh says I used to love feeding cattle at my granny’s place and missed that in Bombay, I have a chance here, I won’t miss it.

Sai visits Savari’s house, and asks her mother how she is doing. She says I am doing great, I was just Jhipri that I am fine but she doesn’t listen, how come you are here. Sai says I have some work with Laxmi, Jhipri says yes tell me Sai. Sai says go call everyone from basti, we have a chance to do something and don’t forget to call Savari. Jhipri says okay and leaves.

Savari working at Kulkarni’s cattle farm, collecting cow dung, she sees Mahes and gets scared. A man sees Savari touching cattle and scolds her and says now we have to purify the cattle. Mahesh says how do you behave this way. He says she is from a lower caste. Mahesh says your deed make you upper caste or lower caste and not name. He says this is how village works, this is not your city and even you will get used to it. Mahesh says lets see and walks to Savari says come let me wash your hands. Savari, scared, says no. Mahesh says you gave me water the other day, why cant I help you. Savari says thank you but I am fine.
Man throws money at Savari and says leave. Mahesh scolds him and says you are insulting her, money and Goddess Laxmi, is this way to behave. He says it’s written in Shastra, Mahesh asks okay tell me in which Shastra it’s written. Savari remembers how Sai stood for her and thinks for the first time other than Sai someone thinks we are human too. Man says to Mahesh, Sir you must be right but I cant follow what you said, here things work as per Kulkarni’s rules and leaves. Mahesh picks money and gives it to Savari and apologizes and says I will talk to Kulkarni.

Savari says please don’t he will trouble us in return. Mahesh says why do you bare that torture. Savari says its not that bad, and Sai is here to fight for us and never let anyone ill treat us, and few have changed too and that is enough for us, Mahesh says maybe this is why Sai couldn’t change everyone because you have accepted this, till you accept this behavior you won’t be respected. Jhipri walks in and says Savari let’s go, Sai has called us. Savari asks why. Jhipri says don’t worry it will be for our good, lets go, both leave.

Pre cap:
Balvant addresses everyone and says on occasion of Ram Navami I am thinking of organizing a big ceremony. Keshav says nice but where are Basti people. Kulkarni says why do we need them. Keshav says they are part of this village too. Balvant says yes they should be here but. Sai walks in and says good I got them all along with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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