Mere Sai 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai helps Savari with water

Mere Sai 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comSavari rushes to well to get water, women at the well see her approaching and stop her, saying this well is not for people in your community go get water from river, Savari says please let me have some water, my mother is unwell, Women their say even your shadow will make this water impure, Savari says you give me here I wont touch or come there, I beg you please my mother needs water.Laxmi says to Sai, Sai people in the village still believe in castisim, using soil from our colony for Ramji idol, they don’t like it. Sai says it’s difficult to change someone’s thoughts and there is surety that they will object but we can’t stop taking initiative because we fear objection, then there will be no change.Women tell Gangadharji that Savari was going to enter the well area, Gangadhar says good she didn’t step in or else I would break her legs doesn’t she know even her shadow is bad for us, get lost from here.Savari, upset, turns around and sees Sai and starts crying. Sai walks to her and says to Gangadhar, Savari’s mother is unwell, she is in need of water, she needs to give medicine and cook food too, all wells in village have gone dirty because of storm, it’s just matter of one day let her have water for sake of humanity, Gangadhar says, I don’t care about what you say, I believe in my Shastra and these untouchable people aren’t allowed water, Baiza Maa stops Gangadhar and says to deny someone water is sin, Gangadhar says upper cast like us are forgiven from this to save our religion and if you all are so worried for her, go get water for her from river and my God knows I am right, Sai says God will never like this and when God was here as Ram, he ate shabris fruits, but you,. Gangadhar says I don’t care. Laxmi says Savri , you go home to your mother, I will get water for you. Sai says God has made water for everyone, mother earth will never discriminate between her kids and if someone tries to she is always there to clear this misunderstanding.Sai takes pot from Savari, keeps down and prays to God for water, water appears in the pot and all are surprised.Sai says to Gangadhar, mother earth cleared your misunderstanding, Gangadhar says this has been the practice from ages so your black magic won’t change my belief, Sai says to him, may Ramji bless you and says to Savari come lets go look at your mother.Gangadhar is advised to go talk to Kulkarni about how Sai insults everyone and religious practices.Gangadhar tells Kulkarni, Kulkarni says to him, don’t worry I have found a solution that will throw this fake Sai out of Shirdi, Gangadhar says I trust you, you will save our age old practices.Kulkarni’s servant asks him what is going to happen because Sai has defeated him many times, Kulkarni says to them, why do you think I am doing all this,he is very intellectual and very rich, no one can do anything to him and he is always with the English.Balwant performs aarti, then his servants help him get dressed, his wife Kusum walks to him with Aarti and he asks is car here, she says Mahesh is gone to temple and there are government official outside to see you, and until you meet them Mahesh will be here, he says to her you should have informed me because it is not nice to make people wait and leaves.Kulkarni tells his servants that Balwant is so powerful that on his one word the whole English army will be here to throw Sai out of this Shirdi and so once he is here, Sai will be out. His servants ask but will Balwant agree to this, Kulkarni says leave that to me.Balwant meets Collector, Collector says to balwant you have worked so loyally and social service can’t even be listed. Balwant says I am so happy to go serve people in Shirdi too now.Kulkarni says when Balwant will find Sai is messing with age-old practices he will teach Sai and everyone following him a good lesson.Latika shows Sai their temple, Chetan says to Sai, we have our temple here because Gangadhar Kaka said lower cast community people like us can’t do aarti in the temple. Sai says there is no upper cast and lower cast, Chetan says but gangadhar kaka said its written in Shastra and you ask us to follow Shastra so this is wrong. Sai asks Savari to give him some water in a bowl and then asks Chetan what he sees, Chetan says it’s half full, Sai says correct but some people will think its half empty, so its all in vision some see goodness but some only bad things and their half knowledge interprets Shastra in wrong way, to prove themselves superior they dont take initiative to understand fully and correctly.Kulkarni says once Balwant is in my favor, I will be Mukhiya of 10 villages, Kulkarni’s daughter in law walks to him and says here is a letter from Balwant kaka and he has left from Bombay.Sai says to understand Shastra you have to give up ego and pride and until you get rid of it, you will never understand Shastra. Chetan apologizes to Sai, Sai says you are not at fault, kids understand what they see and so its elders duty to be an example for kids.Kulkarnis daughter in law asks him what is he thinking this time, may be she can help because he is her uncle and he will definitely listen to her, Kulkarni says for first time someone is here who can get rid of Sai and Sai now is behind the well water, so now once your Kaka sees I am right and Sai wrong, no one can stop Sai from leaving this town. She says only Mahesh can change kaka’s thoughts because he never interferes with religious matters and Mahesh is very close to me, once he sees that because of Sai I am in trouble he will talk to kaka and Sai will be out.Pre cap: Mahesh asks Savari for water, she says to him I am from lower cast. Mahesh says I want water and there is no castisim in water, you have water and I need some, so there is no problem and has water from her pot. Sai sees them.Update Credit to: Tanaya

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