Mere Sai 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Savari meets Mahesh

Mere Sai 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Savari says to Sai, kids understood but when will elders understand, will they ever change. Sai says to Laxmi, do you remember when you visited the village and wanted to study what happened. Laxmi says how can I forget, everyone was against me but you supported me and slowly few more people did, I found friends like Tatya and Keshav and made bonds that are always there for me. Sai says this change was because Laxmi fought and to bring change we have to fight for it, now go get soil. Laxmi leaves with the kids and Sai and Savari walk to Savari;s house.

Sai says Savari gives these plants water too, meanwhile I will go check on your mother.
Sai gives Savari’s mother medicine. She thanks Sai. Savari looks at her plants and says I know I am late to give you water and it is insufficient too, but I know you will understand my problem.
Savari’s mother says to Sai, she has a lot of attachment toward plants and animals, she keeps talking to them, people will think she is mad. Sai says Savari feels free with them, because they don’t discriminate. Savari’s mother says I am worried about Savari, we are lower caste too. Sai says God always sends his angels for help.

Savari tells her plants, Sai helped her with water but he can’t always be here. Sai says to her that you need to be strong, when you talk to plants you don’t stammer which means this is a habit and not a problem and you will have to work on it. Savari says it’s not easy, Sai says it’s all in mind, and you will find someone who will walk you away through this.

Baiza Maa asks Sai, what special he is thinking this time. Sai says it’s all Ramji’s guidance. Baiza Maa says this means you know but don’t want to tell. Sai says look at that tree and that bird, can you tell on which tree that bird will sit. Baiza maa says I don’t know. Sai says our situation is similar, we can pray to God but whose pooja God accepts we don’t know, we will know when the right time comes. Bird leaves, Baiza Maa says may be the bird’s nest is outside the village, Sai says may be the one who will do pooja of this idol will be from outside the village.

Balvant and Mahesh arrive in Shirdi. Balvant greets villagers on his way, and they are surprised to see him. Kids run behind his car, he waves at them.
Savari gets medicine for her mother and says I will cook breakfast and then go get water from the river, you will stay alone right. Laxmi walks in and says why will she, she is unwell I will stay with her, and will cook breakfast too, you go get water from the river, Savari thanks her and leaves.
Sai sees a calf and pets it, and says you must be thirsty right, I will go manage water for you. Savari gets water from the river, Sai walks to her, and says there is a thirsty calf near Pandhari’s farm, please go give him water and I will ask Tatya to get more water for you. Savari says thankyou and leaves.

Kusum asks Balvant, why did he allow Mahesh to walk. Balvant says he wanted to explore so I let him and I am happy to see this initiative and it will also help him settle here well.
Mahesh explores the village, he gives chocolates to kids, he hears calf’s voice and walks towards it and pets and says who tied him in this sun, let me tie you under the tree shadow, your owner will find you there too and ties the calf beneath a tree and says you must be hungry too, let me get you something to eat.

Kusum says to Balvant, she is very thirsty and it’s very sunny outside too. Kusum sees Savari and asks the driver to stop the car. He says she is a lower caste girl, Balvant says we don’t believe in all this, we believe in humanity. Balvant sees Savari restless and says maybe she brought water from far away, let’s not trouble her and have water when we reach Kulkarni’s house.

Savari walks to the calf and gives water.Savari says to him don’t worry your mother will be back, till then have water. Mahesh walks with some grass and sees Savari petting the calf and smiles. He asks her if she can give him some water. Savari looks at him and says I am from lower caste, Mahesh says if you don’t have problem giving me water, I dont have problem drinking it. Savari gives him water, Sai sees them and smiles.

Pre cap: Kulkarni’s servants tell him, lower caste people are here and they need help. They are in big trouble. Balvant hears that and addresses everyone and says I will make you all sufficient enough that you don’t need anyone’s help, they touch his feet, Balvant stops them, Kulkarni finds it odd.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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