Mere Sai 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update : Kulkarni and Balvant’s plan fails

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Balvant asks Kulkarni what is he waiting for, Santa banta walk in with a pot and say to Kukarni work is done, Kulkarni tells Balvant this is impure water I got from my other village, we will add many such pots of water in wells here and when everyone will consume it, they will fall sick and we will tell them this is because of Basti people, Balvant says but no one should die, or else the government will start an enquiry and we can get caught. Kulkarni says don’t worry, they will only have vomiting etc and I have medicines ready too, you distribute them for free in the village and basti and you will be a hero again. Balvant says great but no one should find the truth. Kulkarni says worry not and asks Santa Banta to start the work. Kulkarni says today onwards basti people will understand that they belong to lower caste only and we are superior.

Santa Banta pollutes all the wells in the village.
Sai praying pours water into a pot and looks at it, it gets impure. Sai holds it above fire, water starts boiling, so does in water in wells start boiling. Sai prays Varun dev that because of him people always had water, water is very essential and if people dont understand the importance of water, please teach them lesson so that because of them innocents are not in trouble, water purifies.

Kulkarni wakes up and sees Santa Banta outside his house, and ask them what are they doing here, Santa Banta say you are talking so sweetly, Kulkarni slaps them and says stupids go in village and basti and see the effect of impure water, Santa Banta runaway, Kulkarni says today it is my day.

Kulkarni looks at water in his house. Balvant calls Kusum and asks did you keep this water here look its so impure, Kusum sees the water pure but Balvant sees it impure, Balvant shouts at Kusum and says look its impure, Kusum is confused.

Kulkarni shoots at Tejasvi asks why is this water impure, Tejasvi says its pure there is no issue.
Balvant says to Kusum see carefully.

Kulkarni calls a servant and asks him how is water, he looks at water and says its clean, Kulkarni says get lost. Tejasvi says you are ageing laughs at him and leaves. Balvant gets glass of water and asks Kulkarni do you see impure water because I see it and Kusum says no its not, Kulkarni says same here look and others say its clean. Kulkarni says how is this happening, who is fooling us.
Sai says may be God is playing with you two and walks in.

Jhipri and Savari with others remove water from welll, Jhipri says thanks to Balvant he cleaned all wells for us. Savari says whose whole family is so nice, even Mahesh he helped me so much, I lost confidence but he didnt and that gave me so much strength, he has studied abroad but is so down to earth, he said he liked Kadhi chawal cooked by Aai, and he never had such yummy food. Jhipri realises how Savari gets excited talking about Mahesh, Savari asks what happened Kaki, Jhipri asks did you meet Mahesh after occasion, Savari says no and its fine we belong to different status, Jhipri says yes there is lot of difference and we know why, and I hope you understand what I mean, Savari says yes. Jhipri leaves.

Kulkarni says to Sai how dare you come here, Balvant asks why are you doing like this what you want money, land. Sai says all belongs to God, Balvant says if you dont want anything why are you here. Sai says to request you two if God has no problem with pooja, why are you not accepting it, for your personal issues you are troubling whole Shirdi. Kulkarni says its Sai’s black magic because of which I see water impure, Sai says I didnt do anything, but maybe God did but hope you understood what God is trying to say, look your water is pure too. Balvant and Kulkarni in shock. Sai says but if still, you haven’t understood anything may God save you. Kulkarni says because of you we won’t change age-old rituals, keep that in mind. Mahesh walks out and asks what is happening. Balvant gets worried that Sai may till Mahesh truth. Sai says we were just discussing Shastra, Mahesh says Kulkarni Kaka is little conservative, but Baba is here now, he will help him out. Sai says Blavnt your son has lot of expectations from you. Balvant says yes and asks Mahesh where he is going. Mahesh says going to check on my job application to post office. Sai leaving, Mahesh says I will come with you, I would love to be with you. Kulkarni says come home soon and dont be distracted. Mahesh says Sai is here he wont be able to distract me. Sai and Mahesh leave.

Kulkarni says to Balvant, I lost my son to this Sai and now it seems even you will, when I asked Mahesh where he is going, his expression changed. Balvant says not possible Mahesh doesn’t hide anything from me, Kulkarni says this is why he went every day to basti right.

Sai asks Mahesh why is he so silent, Mahesh says I lied to baba that I am going post office, I have a question in mind if I get its answer will tell baba first and then you, Sai says as you wish. Mahesh says let me pray to god, his blessings will help me. Mahesh lights a diya, it about to go off, Sai covers it with glass and says Mahesh diya is very week even little wind can blow it off, so you always have to take care of it, like this glass is responsible to save it and in life you either are this diya or the glass, and you should take responsibility and if climate changes glass cant take a step back it has to fight, I hope you understood what I mean and may God bless you. Sai leaves.

Pre cap: Mahesh tells Savari, he wants to marry her. Savari runs away. Sai sees that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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