Mere Sai 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Balvant and Kulkarni make plans to trouble basti people.

Mere Sai 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Balvant says to Kulkarni, I am very clear and today basti people were smiling by ruining age old ritual and I now want to see them in tears and only that will give me peace but I cant do anything because I am government employment. Kulkarni says you just tell me what you want and I will act and then basti people will be where they belong to, also you need to do one thing, your son Mahesh is the reason behind all this, he used to go basti every day and taught Savari Ram Raksha Path, Balvant gets shocked. Kulkarni says he even had water and food with them. Mahesh has made basti people believe they are equal and till Mahesh does this we cant do anything, so you take care of Mahesh and I will take care of basti people.

Parvati gives Sai grains and leaves, Sai walking ahead, and Sayaji meets him and tells him his hard work has given him a lot of money and land all because of Sai’s blessings. Sai says but you are not at peace. He says this is why I am back to see you, there is a lot of theft happening, and I am scared all my wealth will also be stolen what will I do now, Sai gives him grains and says come with me.

Prahlad and Mahesh playing chess, he says Mama, I always lose to you I don’t want to play. Mahesh says you will win one day, just like Savari did, if she would have given up she would never achieve what she did today. In basti people laughed at her but today look all are so impressed by her. Balvant asks Mahesh did you teach Savari. Mahesh says yes, I wanted to tell you but I thought to surprise you. Kulkarni says Mahesh I understand your emotions but Tejasvi’s opportunity got stolen and look she is so upset. Mahesh says but Savari got the opportunity, Tejasvi says you care about her or me. Mahesh says you will get lot of chances but Savari wont. Kusum says enough you two come Mahesh have food. Mahesh says I am full, I had lot of food with basti people, and Savari’s mother made Kadhi chawal, had that too. Balvant leaves in anger, Kulkarni follows him. Mahesh asks Kusaum why is baba behaving so weird. Tejasvi says because you keep talking about just that girl, and you choose her over your family and leaves.

Sai takes Sayaji to temple and shows a women praying and asks him to give grains to her, and his work will be done. He says I keep donating but never benefited from that. Sai says you must have not given her, he says okay and goes to give grains.

Women praying god says I come to meet you every day, I won’t stop this and till I talk to you I don’t feel good. Sayaji thinks its looks like she is talking to God, what does Sai want. He walks to her and says I am here to give you grains, she says did I ask for it. He says Sai asked me to give you, she says tell Sai I have enough food for two days, he says just 2 days, have this for 3rd day. She says my God takes care of me, he manages my food, even Sai knows this, why did he send you, anyways go let me talk to my God and smiles.
Sayaji walks to Sai and says I found my answer, a single poor old lady, is happy even after having so little and I stupid keeps thinking about wealth. Sai says good you understood and instead of earning wealth for your kids teach them to earn wealth, Sayaji says I will always remember this and leaves.

Kulkarni gives Balvant water and says water is very important and if you dont get water, you lose calm and go restless and this is what we have to do, stop water for basti people and reason it as bad sign because a lower caste did Ram Raksha Path and these stupid basti people will believe it too and our superiority will maintain and they will believe even God thinks we are superior and then no one will try to cross us. Balvant says but my reputation is at stake, Kulkarni says your fake kindness is our getaway to all this, Balvant says but Sai knows the truth and everyone believes him too, Kulkarni says I will handle Sai, you just give me permission. Balvant says okay.

Mahesh in his room thinking about Savari. He images himself saying your Tejasvi Tai was right, you are lost in Savari’s thoughts you have fallen for her, also now you are missing that you don’t have reason to spend time with her, you have become used to having her around.

Kulkarni visits Sai, Sai asks how come you are at Dwarka Mai, Kulkarni says I am here to warn you, don’t ever tell anyone about Balvant’s truth. Sai asks why is Balvant so scared, and why deal with something that is troubling you, better change it. Kulkarni says shutup I am head here and here to order you, you give your syupid advices to illiterate people, remember Blavnat has the whole English government behind him and so you keep quiet or else I will throw you out of here and leaves.

Sai sees Mahesh and calls him and asks what are you doing so late outside, Mahesh says just walking around and thinking. Sai says when you are in confusion find the answer within you because heart never lies and may God give you strength to find your answer. Mahesh thinks this means I have to tell Savari, that I love her.
Mahesh outside Savari’s house thinks I can’t go inside this late, also I don’t know what she feels.

Savari giving her mother head massage and is lost in Mahesh’s thoughts. Suman stops her and asks where are you lost.

Kulkarni tells Balvant he has warned Sai and now he won’t say a word. Sai says truth always reveals itself no one can stop it.

Pre cap: Kularni ruins water of all the wells and says to Balvant, when everyone will consume this water, they will fall sick and we will blame basti people for this.
Sai looks at the water.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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