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Meet in market praying to god for helping Isha and knocks on door. Latika come out and says to her please go from here. Meet says I’ll leave but before that you have to help me, if you didn’t help me then Shanty will ruin my sister in law’s life. She ask how can I help you in this. Meet says to take steps forward and help me to bring out truth of Shanty. Latika says I want to stay away from Shanty and and my fiance will be here in some time please go from here. Fiance walks in says I’m here. Meet looks at him says Kapil you. Kapil take her blessings and touch her feets. Meet says what are you doing we are friends. Kapil says no because of you my studies were completed and got a job and got a beautiful wife like Latika, how do you know her. Meet says we meet on street and she ia a good girl you both will be happy and start leaving. Latika says to her I’m ready to help you

Shanty gets call from Latika. He picks up and ask what happen why did you call. Latika says you have troubled me a lot so I’m committing suicide and will write your name in suicide note. Shanty says are you out of mind. Latika says I have written everything in note that hoe you trouble all the girls for your fun and I have called SI Meet too so that she gets the letter when I’m dead. Shanty say’s calm down tell me your location. Latika says I’ll send you location but it will be of no worth for you because I have decided. Shanty in shock. Meet ask him is he coming. She says it feels like.

Meet Ahlawat in hall greet guests. Ragini waljs to him says you look happy today. He says my sister is getting married today. Babita walks to Meet Ahlawat and says listen to me , where is your wife, is she trying to make a mess, check on her. He says don’t worry she is in room. Babita says do you believe this. He says trust me she won’t do anything. Babita says I can believe you but not her and it’s your responsibility because she is your wife and nothing should stop. He says I’ll handle don’t worry you look for arrengements and he walk away.
Ragini says to Babita I’m sorry I heard you teo talking and don’t worry everything eill be fine. Babita says I know about that girl, she can do anything I’m worried about the relationship with my brother. Ragini says don’t stree come sit with me. Babita says I’m scared of her, Abhay is my brother so he forgive me or somebody else must have broken this relation. Ragini make her sit and guve her water.

Meet Ahlawat outside his room’s door says if I go in she might request me to open door so it’s goo I should not go inside but need to check if she is alright or not, she peeks inside and says she is sitting quiet.

A man walks to Meet says my wife give me these sandals and purse, she was angry. Meet says don’t worry I’ll return or will buy new ones for you and take his bag too. Man leave. Meet pray to God says everything is prepared I just need your blessings.

Doctor give injection to Babita and says to everyone give her tablets and let her rest, she needs it, I know you have function but she need to take rest or else she may have a problem. Ram says to doctor come I’ll drop you and they leave. Babita says to Raj, Ragini and Meet Ahlawat you all are here then who will look after guests, go downstairs and attend them. Raj says I’m not going anywhere so that you rest without strees. Babita says my reason for stress is Meet. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry she won’t do anything. Raj ask Ragini to lok after guests. She leaves.

Shanty reach location he run to cliff and ask few men what happen here. Man says a girl committed suicide, her sandals and purse are over there, before we could understand she jump of cliff. Other man ask is she related to you. Shanty says no and where is the purse. They point’s towards the purse. He rush to purse and start looking for notes. Meet shouts what are you looking for and show him a note in her hand. They both walk to eachother. Meet ask him are you looking for this. Shanty says give it to me. Meet says so that you destroy this too, it’s written that Latika committed suicide and you were the reason so consider you are gone because you are the criminal who provoked her to suicide. Shanty says what have I done. Meet says you try to get close to her without her permission for your fun, you think this is small thing and you scared her family so that she tell lie, if she would have told truth that time then she must be alive today. Shanty try to snatch note and says give ut to me. Meet says I won’t give ut to you, I was unable to save Latika but I’ll save Isha, I’ll show this note to everyone and bring out truth. Shanty try to snatch note from her. Meet run away from him. Shanty stumble her and make her fall. Meet kick him. Shanty chokh her and snatch note from her and says you will get death Meet Hooda, now how will you prove I’m wrong guy and tear the note, now how will you prove me wrong. Meet says things won’t hide. Shanty push her and says everyone consider me innocent and you a goon but I did things with Latika, I ran away from your lockup because of my father, case was filed against my driver not me were you able to do anything no and now I’ll get married to Isha and you won’t be able to do anything, I’m your dad in this case because of you I have to burn the drugs in my farm house and you have to pay for that, he push her from cliff. Meet stops her from falling down. Shanty stomp her hand and she fall down of cliff.

Meet Ahlawat doing decoration his ring fall down and he start looking for that say ring falling in strange manner is bad omen and he rushes beack to room.

Shanty sits in car and leave.

Meet Ahlawat get’s inside room and see Meet is not in chair and start looking for Meet, he gets scared for Meet and pray god for her he remembers tracking app and locate her says what is she doing on cliff. Meet Ahlawat rush to location and start looking for Meet. Meet shouts I’m down hanging. Meet Ahlawat says hold tight I’m coming.

Everyone at function. Abhay and Shanty arrive. Raj says to Abhay we thought you will come with lots of people but you kept it low key. Abhay says I’m minister but still I’m connected to earth, we could have done that but we believe in simple marriage, instead of spending on crackers we could give it to NGO. Raj says so thoughtful. Babita says I believe you wouldn’t have kept our rituals also low key. Abhay says no I don’t play with ritual. Ram and Abhay hug eachother.

Meet Ahlawat sit in car take it near cliff, he grab rope. Meet shouts do fast my hand is slipping. Meet Ahlawat tie rope to car and throw down the other end. Meet says I’m unable to hold anymore. Meet Ahlawat says wait I’m throwing down rope towards you and ask her to hold. Meet grab the rope. Meet Ahlawat help her to come up but he slips.

Ragini doing rituals for the marriage and ask Shanty to touch this garland with your sword and then enter. He did it and ask everyone where is Meet is she still angry on me. Babita says her angry doesn’t matter at all and ask them to come in.

Meet come up with help of rope. Meet Ahlawat hold her in his hands.

Abhay says you did good job with decoration. Babita says did you like it and she feel like going to faint. Abhay make her sit and ask what happen. Sunaina says she is not well doctor asked her to rest. Ragini says she don’t listen to us. Abhay ask Babita to take rest. Shanty thinks about Meet and says nobody is left to stop me.

Meet Ahlawat make Meet rest on his back and take him up with help of rope. They both come up. Meet ask him are you alright. Meet Ahlawat says if something happens to you then how would I have stayed alone for rest of my life and they hug eachother.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet I did a big mistake, Shanty did lot’s of bad things to you. Meet says stop crying we have to save Isha. They both leave and reach Ahlawat’s mansion.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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