Maha Epi – Anupamaa 27th February 2022 Written Episode Update: A Midnight Birthday Surprise For Anupama

Anupama 27th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maha Episode Anupamaa 27th Feb 2022 Written Update

Anupamaa Written telly Updates

Samar blindfolds Anupama takes them to their birthday party. Anupama feels happy when she sees the happy birthday written on lamps. She says it looks like Kanhaji saved her 45 years of happiness just for us the present and that she has determined that if something happens and everyone is shocked. She enters a flashback in which she receives a phone call from the mother. She was informed by Hasmukh/Bapuji that she had accepted the proposal of Anuj. She is apprehensive about when she hears the message. Mother insists that she’s thinking that she should be thinking about her children first, however, she must realize that she is an individual and must be thinking about her happiness, too as well. Anuj and Malvika’s chat continues. Anuj inquires regarding GK along with his dates. GK says it’s doing well. He mentions that it’s the birthday of Anu. She claims she brought an item for Anu and she says she’s going. He gets scared and tells her she can’t leave the house. She claims she needs an escape and would like to be an independent bird however, she will still control her business. He tries to convince her not to leave, but she insists she must as she’s feeling like she’s exhausted.

Vanraj comes home and is frowning. Kavya is excited to see him asking if she can procure water for him. He suggests she take poison to him. He she reveals that Malvika escaped once more because she needed some time off, despite the fact that is that he’s hard at work and she is able to relax. Kavya states that Malvika is only doing this when there is a calamity. He claims Anupama was at the office to talk about her wisdom posts that Malvika fled from. in addition, whenever he comes to the home, it is decorated to celebrate the birthday of Anupama. Anuj insists that Malvika is not allowed to leave because it was not her fault.

Malvika suggests that we discuss his idea. Anuj wants to know whether GK was informed of all the details. She replies that she did They have even planned his bachelorette sanskari with him, GK, Mamaji, and Bapuji will go to Vrindavan. She also says that she’ll persuade Anu with a gun If she isn’t in agreement but she needs to leave her alone. Anuj does not agree. She kisses him on the cheek and indulges him emotionally. He is happy. He asks her to create Anu her bahi in her absence She hugs him, and then goes away. Phoolon Ka Taron KABKA Kehna Hai.. Song is playing on the background. Anuj declares that all is well this moment, Mukku was sounded herself as well, and even Anu’s lives will change and the start with new friendships.

Kavya demands Vanraj to be calm in case Bapuji is going to feel poor. Vanraj declares that Anuj’s name is chanted when working and that Anu’s name is spoken at home. He is fed up with Anupama’s intrusion into his daily life. She suggests they leave Anu’s birthday party out and have a good time in a club. He claims he won’t leave and will settle his differences with Anu. Anupama is ready for her birthday celebrations and asks Kanhaji to assist her in taking an informed decision. What will she say to Anuj. She wants for him to give her a sign of approval as in films. She is thrilled to see her hands turning red due to the color of her sari she thanks Kanhaji, and tells him that her new life will begin as mother and daughter up to this point and will soon be an wife.

Anuj is waiting anxiously for Anu’s birthday. He then writes her birthday note on the door of her home to make it to the her terrace. He rushes to the terrace, and is thrilled to see Anu holding the ring. Anu declares that Pakhi’s ring has been located. Anuj becomes nervous looking around there and wonders why the lights turned off. Anu declares that gold is glowing when it is dark. Kinjal tells us that mommy’s birthday is on the horizon and they asked her to cut the cake at 12 a.m. The family makes her cake and asks for an wish. She wishes her husband a happy marriage and then feeds everyone cake and finally Anuj.

Anuj wishes her a happy birthday , and feasts on her cakes. Everyone is cheering for them. Anu is grateful to them for starting her birthday with such grace. Pakhi claims that this is nothing, Bapuji has planned a lavish birthday celebration. Anu begins her speech and declares that she had never celebrated her birthday before and wished someone happy birthday. She wants to mark her birthday with a celebration this year. She was waiting to hear someone sing her a happy birthday, there’s no limit to happiness, and she’s chosen to mark her birthday every year starting from now and would like all people to say a happy birthday when she turns to be 80 or loses all her teeth. Anuj believes she is right there is no set age to celebrate birthdays.

Anu claims she will reveal something significant tomorrow. Bapuji states that they’ll eagerly await tomorrow. Anuj believes that tomorrow he’ll win a lottery and he can only imagine his and Anu’s wedding while looking at the present he purchased. Kinjal believes that she would like to talk to her mother about something since she’s chosen something. Vanraj is thinking she’ll decide whether her birthday is joyful or not. Anu believes that it will be a fresh beginning following her birthday on the next day. She is thrilled to receive Toshu And Baa’s birthday wishes messages. Anuj receives a call, and is left stunned.

At the Shah home, Vanraj advises Toshu that they have a business in their control and will soon gain power through their intellect and dedication, however Toshu should be able to manage both his home and business, and be focused on Kinjal The fact that he can’t be a decent husband due to his tragic destiny However, Toshu become a well-educated and loving wife. Toshu seeks out what he wishes to say. Vanraj insists that he is an excellent husband, as Baa told there’s a issue between them. He recognizes the pressure of work however, love isn’t everything, even work doesn’t mean all that important and it is essential to keep a balanced balance. Toshu believes that life isn’t going to allow them to be a victim every time, and they have the chance to try but it was difficult, Kinjal will go nowhere and will be able to understand. Vanraj states that they are caught up with future plans to the point that they cease living in the present and suggests to leave Kinjal in the morning, and not be concerned about the meeting tomorrow. Toshu is in agreement and then is asleep. Vanraj looks over birthday pictures and is convinced that he will not lose.

Anu was also stunned after hearing the news, asks how this possible. Anuj claims that it’s happened and is thrilled to announce that he created a dance video for her and has enrolled her in an dance competition interstate at Delhi and she was chosen as an participant. Everyone cheers and claps. Anu shocked asks to be selected and then screams in joy. Anuj claims it was destined the right thing to do because she was extremely talented and brave. Anu claims it’s a major event and she has witnessed dancing contestants in hip-hop Acrobatic, and other contemporary forms, so how does dance as well as them. Anu claims she’ll dance in her the heart, just like she normally does and that people dance for awards or fame, money, however she will dance to her Kanhaji. The man continues to encourage her with his endless praise, and promises that she will light the stage on fire, etc. Anu swears.

In the early in the morning Anu is awake and wishes a her a happy birthday and is giddy with happiness. She observes Anuj making breakfast to dance in the Teri Ishq Ki Deewangi Pe Chadh Ka Bole.. The song is played and dances with her. Then she walks towards Anuj to. Anuj ignites toast with Nerovusness. Anu assures him not to be concerned as they’ll repair it. She also inquires about how he got into her home. He claims he stole keys with him from Samar. She says it’s okay since she wanted him to surprise him. She said she was planning to cook breakfast that was English breakfast to her but then she burned the idea. She says it’s okay since she’d already ordered breakfast. They will be spending time together and enjoy the whole morning by enjoying a Gujrati morning tea and breakfast. He promises to cook it in the near future and, feeling romantic, requests her to present him with a the gift of his birthday. She is thinking of giving the gift in front of her entire family. The phone rings. He claims Shah family has disturbed them once more. Anu talks to Bapuji and states that she as well as Anuj will be there by the time. Anuj examines his ring for proposal with a bead of black. GK calls Anuj and asks if he cooked breakfast and presented a present to Anu. Anuj mentions that breakfast is not ready and gift is spoiled but he’s planned something. GK claims that with his speed that he’ll be in the dust. He claims he re-attached a diamond ring with braid of black bread. GK claims both the mangalsutra and the proposal ring. Anuj affirms that yes.

Toshu wishes a happy day to Kinjal and informs him that he will have the day off and they could take a trip and spend an evening together. Kinjal says it’s her birthday today. He says he’s sure it was papa’s suggestion. She asks him if he would do the same thing in the case of papa’s birthday. He says that she is unhappy with about him not spending more time together. She thanked him and inquires why he was absent today. He says papa asked him to. Kinjal says that papa doesn’t want children to be unable to celebrate mummy’s birthday celebrations. He claims he delayed his crucial meeting in order to be with her. She claims she didn’t request him to do so and that he must finish his job and attend the party , if it is possible, since there could be a major announcement. Anu prepares for her the birthday celebration.

The Precap Samar Blindfolds Anupama takes her on a birthday celebration venue. Anupama feels happy when she sees the happy birthday written on lamps. She says it looks like Kanhaji saved her 45 years of happiness to be here today and she has made a decision to be there if something happens. everyone is shocked to see Kinjal’s collapse.

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