Love Is in The Air Episode 58

Hey Jasmine , hope you just like the execution of the faux accident in this episode. Thank you a lot 🥰 Thank you a lot Kavya ❤️ Hey Shreya..I missed you too…sorry Im late once more. Hope you take pleasure in this episode 😍
Recap: Aryan and Komolika maintain Mohini in captive and demand Prerna to be handed over to them. Rupali warns Kartik of Mr.Bajaj and offers him an thought to unravel the issue.Kartik escorts Naira and Prerna to Krishna. Rupali’s mother and father are revealed. Naira reveals a plan to save lots of Mohini and Prerna.

Episode begins
Krishna Restaurant 
Akash: Plan is superb Naira , all of us must play their half in the best technique to obtain our purpose
Abir: Thats proper
Naina: Ill inform Ishani and Rahul about Rupali and her secret in order that we get some clue concerning Polo’s homicide. We have such a invaluable info. Lets put an finish to all issues right now.
Kartik: Now Anurag you need to inform Aryan that you’re coming there with Prerna
Anurag: But…
Abir: Dont fear Anurag bhai we are going to save each Mohini aunty and Prerna bhabhi at any value
With a heavy coronary heart Anurag calls Aryan
Aryan: Jijaji…
Anurag: Aryan dont do something to maa…Im bringing Prerna there
Aryan: Finally…come quickly jijaji..dont strive bringing that cop Akash with you
Anurag: No I wont
The name disconnects
Naira hugs Prerna tight and as a whisper Love Is in The Air Episode 58
Naira: Prerna dont get intimidated by something, we are going to prevent
Prerna: Im the pal of a I’m a sherni on my own..Ill not get afraid
They break the hug. As Prerna is about to get into the automotive Mishti jumps on her and hugs her tight and sobs
Mishti: Di…watch out….
Prerna caresses her head and : Mishti…Please dont cry like this…’re my energy should you break down then what’s going to I do
Abir: Mishti yaar…simply want her all the most effective. Bhabi will probably be again with you secure and secured. I promise that to you
Naksh: Mishti….all of us are there for Prerna , we wont let anybody harm her. Be robust my shetan
Mishti is satisfied a bit and breaks her maintain on Prerna. She kisses her
Mishti: Come again quickly Di
Kartik: Anurag yaar…simply be calm and do every little thing as per plan
Anurag nods hesitantly
Abir: Ab chalo guys lets depart for the work
Keerthi: Abir Ill include you
Akash: Keerthi…you’re the can we…
Keerthi: No Akash I’ve scores which are but to be settled with Aryan. It was him who put Naksh into that state. Ill have to present it again to him
Naira: Bhabhi Ill include you, he has harm my bhai earlier and now needs to harm my finest pal
Kartik: Naira…I do know you’re a sherni however now allow us to go….Kabir is out and you need to be secure
Naira: Kartik I cant maintain hiding away, and in this matter you guys have one other work…so allow us to go…calling me a sherni you cant deal with me like a cat
Kartik: Teek hai my sherni I give up
Abir: Ab chalen..Keerthi di..Naira bhabhi lets go. Anurag bhai we are going to look forward to you guys at our vacation spot.
Naira: Anurag sir…Kartik…watch out huh…do not forget that its a faux accident to be created and never an actual one.
Keerthi: Please do it safely guys
Kartik: We will probably be tremendous secure. Dont fear
Abir, Naira and Keerthi depart
Akash: Mishti you go to the hospital to Kunal and Kuhu. Rahul and Ishani will be part of you. Try matching Rupali’s reviews with Polo’s. With her being his organic daughter we could get some invaluable clues. Jia and Tanvi go together with Mishti and do the work.
Jia , Tanvi and Mishti depart.
Kartik: Thats sorted now..Naksh come lets go.
Kartik and Naksh get into Kartik’s automotive whereas Anurag and Prerna get into Anurag’s
Kartik: Anurag prepared na..….lets go
They depart The scene shifts to Anurag’s automotive
Anurag: Prerna…if I had not cherished you…you’d have been peaceable proper
Prerna: Acha you’re regretting to have cherished me…is it due to Komolika? Now she is again and…Love Is in The Air Episode 58
Anurag: Shut up yaar. I by no means considered her like that….you utterly misunderstood my phrases. Loving me what else did you acquire apart from enmity of Aryan and Komolika and hazard to your life
Prerna: How dare you demean our love? I’ve obtained the happiness of your complete universe due to this love. But one factor is true…I by no means thought that this straightforward school professor might have so many villains linked to his life…however thats superb. Whats life with no thrill
Anurag: What thrill in taking part in along with your life huh…? I don’t need any such thrill
Prerna: This will recover from quickly after which we can have a peaceable life once more
The automotive slowly enters the lane resulting in Basu home. Fear creeps into Anurag
Anurag: I by no means felt afraid to go to my very own home until now….
As Anurag is about to finish the sentence Kartik and Naksh meet up with them. Kartik opens the window and
Kartik: Anurag,.we could do it? You know the drill proper
Anurag: Kartik however you guys
Kartik: Anurag dont fear we wont be right here for lengthy. We won’t fall into the eyes of Komolika or Aryan however will proceed to our subsequent step
Anurag: Not that..should you guys ….I imply….after doing this in case your automotive
Kartik: Dont fear man…we will probably be secure. Now you go
Anurag’s automotive picks up velocity. While Anurag has one hand on the steering wheel his different hand is holding Prerna’s hand. She offers him a comforting press. Anurag leaves a deep sigh and holds the steering wheel tight as Kartik honks his automotive and in seconds Kartik’s automotive bumps into Anurag’s automotive. Anurag figuring out the drill already manoeuvres the steering and guides his automotive to the tree on the aspect of the highway near Basu home. The automotive collides on the tree . Prerna and Anurag dodge all the way down to keep away from hurting themselves. Kartik and Naksh velocity away. Seconds later Anurag and Prerna stand up
Anurag: Prerna come on…we’ve to faux that Im fatally harm…
Prerna : Place your head on the steering wheel and act unconscious. Ill get into Basu home and convey Komolika right here
Prerna is about to get out, Anurag pulls her nearer
Anurag: Prerna…
Prerna: Dont fear…They wont dare to harm me now
Anurag: Haan phir bhi watch out
Anurag acts unconscious whereas Prerna will get out and runs into Basu home. She bangs the door which is opened by Komolika
Komolika: Finally…you’re right here…the place is Anurag?
She now notices that Prerna is weeping
Komolika: If you’re a lot afraid it is best to have moved away from him na
Prerna: Ko..Komolika…woh…woh..AnuragLove Is in The Air Episode 58
Komolika: Anurag?
Prerna: While we have been coming right here..we had an accident…a rushing automotive hit us and our automotive bumped into the tree…he’s unconscious….
Aryan: Dont attempt to cheat us. What in case you are luring us into your lure?
Prerna: Then do one factor, Look out via the will note the automotive..then you’ll belief me proper…please do one thing quickly..Anurag is dying
Aryan peeps out and sees the automotive there
Aryan: Di..she is true..Jiju…have to be harm
Komolika: Anurag….Ill go to him. You keep again with Prerna and Maa
Aryan: Di..Ill lock these two right here and include you. What will you do alone
Aryan ties Prerna in a chair subsequent to Mohini and the brother sister duo leaves to see Anurag.
Anurag sees them getting out and places on his act. Komolika runs to Anurag and pulls him out of the automotive with Aryan’s assist. She places Anurag on her lap and begins to cry.
Komolika: Aryan….name the ambulance….Anurag..Anurag..uto….its all my fault I mustn’t have requested you to deliver Prerna however ship her right here…..why do you’re keen on her..see the love for her has put you into this state..should you had cherished me….Ill kill her very quickly and compensate on your harm
She retains her head on his chest and cries
Aryan: Didi please dont cry..we are going to save jiju
Before he might end saying this he’s hit by somebody from behind and falls on the bottom with a thud making Komolika look as much as see Keerthi with a log in her hand
Komolika: You….
She is about to stand up however immediately feels a choking really feel on her neck and sees Anurag holding her neck. Anurag jumps up from her lap and over powers her.
Anurag: How dare you point out killing My Prerna
Aryan slowly opens his eyes and is about to stand up when Sherni offers him a punch
Naira: You dared to kill my bhai and my finest pal. Come on bhabhi
Naira and Keerthi take Keerthi’s dupatta and tie Aryan’s palms collectively. Abir and Anurag over energy Komolika and pull her into Abir’s automotive which is parked at a secure distance from the Basu home in an empty web site.They drag Aryan too contained in the automotive.
Abir: We obtained panicked when your automotive bumped into the tree
Naira: Though we deliberate it ….something might have gone unsuitable and anybody of you
Keerthi: No one obtained something na lets go and see to Maa and Prerna
As they stroll in the direction of the home they discover Prerna and Mohini secure with Kartik and Naksh
Kartik: We saved them atlast
Naira: You really needed to be part of Akash bhai in investigation proper
Kartik: Haan however really…we determined to affix him with you guys.
Naksh: So we jumped in via the window and saved them
Anurag: How did you guys
Kartik: Perks of doing the association for Keerthi’s engagement. I knew the home plan a bit effectively
Abir: Guys we efficiently saved them…woohooo
They share a bunch hug. The episode freezes

Precap: Kartik’s cellular rings and it’s Akash. Moments after telephone name
Kartik: What? You guys discovered Polo’s killer?

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