Love Is in The Air Episode 57

Recap: Kaira go public. Students taunt Naira for loving a professor but she gives a befitting reply. Fire at Krishna. Rohit reveals that the fire has indeed saved Krishna as Mr.Bajaj had placed adulterated food and called for a raid. Anurag receives a call from Komolika who is in Basu house now. Komolika and Aryan demand Prerna’s arrival at Basu house to let Mohini free.Kabir is bailed out.Earlier Aditya’s dead body is found in a box in the engagement ceremony of Keesh. Polo is killed and his finger is found at the doorstep of Tanvi and Jia’s house

Episode starts

Mehta House
Rupali is sitting in the couch along with Mr. Mehta and Kabir. Mr.Mehta is laughing with happiness
Kabir: What happened sir?
Mr. Mehta: Aryan and Komolika have reached the Basu house man…
Rupali is shocked to hear this but she hides it and gets up
Mr.Mehta: What happened dear?
Rupali: Baby I have a bad headache , Ill be back in sometime
She walks to her room and locks herself
Rupali: I must stop all this somehow…already I have killed two people…one is my father and other that Aditya…how can he plan to rape Keerthi….that scoundrel….Now if…if…Aryan and Komolika get Prerna in their hand gosh no…..Anurag already lost his father because of my dad…now I cant let him lose Prerna or his mother…I must do something……Kartik and Naira are the right people for my plan…..
She dials Kartik’s number

Kaira’s college ( Sometime before)
Kartik is in class when his mobile rings..its Anurag. Kartik picks up the call
Kartik: Anurag?
Anurag (in a tensed tone): Kartik…kartik..
Kartik: Kya hua yaar?
Anurag: Aryan has given an ultimatum
Kartik: Aryan?
Anurag: Haan..Komolika and Aryan have captured maa as hostage at home and they want Prerna to be brought there..if not…they will kill…keep her safe we will think of some plan and save maa
Kartik: Anurag…
Anurag: I cant take her to them Kartik…they will kill her…I cant lose maa too….God…why am I put in this situation
Kartik: Anurag …anurag calm down
Anurag: No Kartik..Ill go straight and kill them with my bare hands…I cant lose maa or Prerna…
He disconnects the call. Kartik goes pale
Kartik in mind: I must rush there, I cant let Anurag do this…
Just then he remembers Kabir being out and the safety of Naira and Prerna. He clears his throat and
Kartik: Students the class is over for now take a break, Naira and Prerna come here
The class fills with murmurs and students look upon Naira and Prerna who blink blank
Kartik: Cant youhear me? Chalo guys…Love Is in The Air Episode 57
The students get up and start leaving . Kartik gestures Prerna and Naira to come with him
Kartik storms to his car while Naira and Prerna follow him in a hurry. Kartik takes off his coat and gets into the car after Naira and Prerna. He starts it drives away fast
Naira: What happened?
Kartik: Naira and Prerna we have to reach Krishan at once..before Anurag does something crazy
Prerna: Anurag? I didn’t get it
Kartik explains everything to them
Prerna: Then Ill go and save
Kartik: Are you out of your mind? Aryan already tried to kill Keerthi thrice and you going to him is like walking to death
Naira: Then what do we do now?
Now Kartik’s mobile rings with the call of Rupali. Kartik hesitates but picks it up on speaker eventually
Kartik: What now? Like that you will boast about your husband’s mastermind?
Rupali: Kartik..I know that day at the hospital I spoke all those…I had to warn you about Aditya coming out and Rajdeep planning to bail Kabir and Aryan indirectly only because Rajdeep’s men were watching me…it was my plan to warn you guys as Im on your side only….its a long story but for now listen to me Aryan and Komolika have planned to murder Prerna. So please follow my plan if you want everyone to be safe
Kartik: Whats the guarantee?
Rupali: You have to believe me thats the only way…the thing is Komolika and Aryan have a weakness if you use it you can save Mrs.Basu
Kartik: Whats the weakness?
Rupali: Anurag
Saying this Rupali disconnects the call
Kartik : She must be mad
Naira: No Kartik,,she is right if I think now she had warned us of Aditya and all the things happening now earlier..we thought it as threatening and misunderstood it if not we could have been cautious about Aryan and Kabir
Kartik: But what about Anurag?
Just then they reach Krishna. Kartik is relieved to see Anurag held by Naksh and Akash and runs to them. Naira is shocked to the see the fire remains of Krishna but she concentrates on the current matter and joins others
Kartik: Thank God that you guys didn’t leave him
Anurag: But Aryan called again, he wants Prerna within an hour…if not
Naira: Dont worry Ab sir nothing will happen Love Is in The Air Episode 57
Everyone look at Naira with a confused face
Kartik: Naira?
Naira: Kartik…Rupali was right
Akash: Rupali?
Naira: Its a long story bhai…but she was right Aryan and Komolika’s weakness is Anurag sir
Naksh: So?
Naira: So if an accident happens to Anurag sir they will put this plan on hold and we can caption them
Everyone in chorus : Accident?
Naira: Of God…fake accident that too infront of Basu house
Prerna: What if Rupali is distracting us with a false hope of saving everyone, she cannot be on our side
Voice: She can very well be on our side
Everyone turn to see Tanvi and Jia
Akash: How?
Tanvi: Well the daughter of Mithali Gupta and Polo aka Praveen will definitely be on our side after all she is also a victim of Polo’s misdeeds like Kartik, Anurag and Keerthi
Akash: Rupali is Mithali’s daughter?
Jia: Yeah..we saw it ourselves
Akash: Dont forget that she is Mrs.Rajdeep Mehta
Tanvi: Well that the great Rajdeep mehta himself doesn’t know this
Naksh: How?
Now enter Mishti and AbirLove Is in The Air Episode 57
Abir: Because she was Ms.Rupali Sinha before marriage
Mishti: The famous doctors in the UK Mr. and Mrs Sinha are her foster parents
Akash: How did you know that?
After Rohit leaves Abir, Mishti, Kuhu and Kunal are set to leave for Krishna when Kunal receives a call from the dean block. Mishti, Kuhu and Kunal rush in
Dean: Guys.. Dr. Sinha and his wife are visiting our hospital as a part of a conferred and they want to interact with you all ,as we provided treatment for their daughter Rupali
Kunal: Sir..Rupali Mehta?
Dean: Yes Kunal, they are the foster parents of Rupali Mehta. So everyone has to be on time tomorrow got it?
Everyone: Yes sir..
Everyone disperse. The flashback ends
Akash: Where are Kunal and Kuhu now?
Mishti: They are with Ishani didi and Rahul they called them for a report verification
Naksh: Rupali may be right …but how to we plan an accident of Anurag?
Keerthi: It will be risky
Naira explains her plan and everyone get excited about it. The scene freezes

Precap: Whats the plan? Will be revealed in next episode. Till then bye guys

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