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This week’s Kundali Bhagya starts when Sameer trying to tie her dress in order to assist her. Srishti is shocked when she turns around. stunned to see Sameer since she’s wanted Beeji to assist her. She confronts him. He offers to help however she is unable to accept his help. Nagre informs Prithvi that he will be removed from this home only if Mahesh gets better. Nagre advises him to be more vigilant and pay attention to what’s going on in the surrounding area. Natasha compliments Karan. She asks him to stop she doesn’t want him to compliment her. He then compliments her in the name of honor.

Preeta is there and asks them what they’re discussing. Karan mentions that Natasha has praised him. He asks her she’s insecure. She is asking Natasha to tell her if Karan hasn’t told them their the truth about their affair. She reveals she believes that Karan had a kiss in her room , and goes out of the room. He is following her. Natasha is convinced that she cannot figure out their relationship. Karan questions Preeta what she was telling Natasha about their private conversations. Also, why she feels annoyed when she sees him with a other girl. She claims that Karan is hers and she’s not happy when someone flirts with him. He is a teasing jerk.

Rakhi and Dadi delivers Mahesh down. Mahesh smiles at Karan’s forehead. Karan becomes emotional and embraces him. Preeta is smiling. Karan wishes Mahesh an enjoyable birthday. Nagre prevents Prithvi from attending Mahesh. The judge shows up at the celebration. Prithvi and Nagre are shocked by the judge. Preeta believes that in the evening, everyone will be able to see that Mahesh isn’t mentally sick. Karan tells her that Mahesh was a happy hugger because of her. He embraces her and expresses gratitude to her for it.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi and Nagre she has told Prithvi and Nagre that Preeta brought the judge to the gathering to make sure he declares Mahesh normal. Prithvi states that Preeta isn’t fooling around and if she proves Mahesh normal with the judge, then all the evidence will be taken away from her. He informs Nagre that he’ll engage in a game that could create a twist, and the judge won’t pronounce Mahesh normal. He questions Preeta what she’s going to do. Preeta requests him to find it independently. She welcomes the judge. She is able to challenge Prithvi to dance. He drags her into the room. Preeta questions what happened and why he is so angry. He wants her to explain why she spoke to the judge. She claims she called Judge to make Mahesh normal.

Mahesh says that he will exile Preeta together with Mahesh from his control when he is proven to be to be normal. And he isn’t sure why she wants to show Mahesh normal. She claims that Prithvi might think she’s a fan of Luthras however that’s not the case. She says she hasn’t returned for their good rather for her own personal gain. He demands that she tell him about her plans against him. She says she’s decided to close his chapter as well. He shouts that nobody could ever end his chapter. He forces her to fall and her head is hit in the room where she collapses. He promises that he will not let her derail his two-year effort.

The judge speaks to Mahesh and states that Mahesh isn’t looking abnormal. Luthra is happy to hear Mahesh’s story. Srishti seeks Preeta to tell her about the incident. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he assaulted Preeta and she fainted. She is able to see unconscious Preeta. She requests him to remove Preeta away from the home and then leaves. Srishti comes across Karan and informs him that the judge has admitted that Mahesh is in good health and is fine right now. Karan is thrilled to hear this. She sets out to find Preeta. Someone strikes Srishti from behind, and the latter falls unconscious.

Prithvi decides to hand over Preeta for his mens. Preeta recovers her consciousness and grabs the knife. She explains that he’s afraid of her and that’s the reason she attacked him from behind. She hits him, then leaves the room, stating that she’s going to expose the man. In the meantime, Sherlyn finds unconscious Srishti along with Natasha. She congratulates Natasha for her job perfectly. She recalls when she advised Natasha that she should follow her directions when she was told that the other person wanted money, then. Natasha remembers when she got the message from Sherlyn and then slapped Srishti with her back. She tells her that doesn’t believe that she will be successful in her strategy this time, because Preeta will win regardless of what. Sherlyn insults her, and then goes away from the scene.

Karan feels relieved upon seeing Preeta. He requests her to tell him prior to going out. She informs him that a within a couple of minutes she felt that they might not be seen for the second time. He tells her not to speak in this manner. He informs her that their couple dance performance is in the works. They dance. Sherlyn informs Prithvi that the man allowed Preeta go away on purpose because she is his love. He becomes angry and begins to crushes her. She falls unconscious. Natasha is trying to hide her unconscious Srishti. She hears the voice of Sameer and retreats into the cupboard. Sameer discovers Srishti and pours water over her face. She awakes. In the meantime, Prithvi sprinkle water over Sherlyn’s face. Sherlyn gains her consciousness. She tells her that she was a victim of a plot to murder her. She apologizes. She promises to accept his apology the day that he defeats Preeta. He vows to beat Preeta.

Mahesh wants to ask Rakhi for a drink. Rakhi receives an order from the waiter, and offers it the juice to Mahesh. Prithvi arrives at the restaurant and the waiter greets him. He is greeted by the doctor. Sherlyn observes Prithvi performing with Kritika and is wondering how he could dance with calmness after what transpired. Mahesh begins to experience hallucinations, and then he strangles Rakhi that is a shock to everyone. Karan and other tries to stop Mahesh. Prithvi wants Mahesh’s doctor to visit him. The judge states that Mahesh’s health is the same. Doctors say that they have to accept that Mahesh requires time to get healthy and is not normal. Preeta declares she had the decision to have Mahesh’s birthday celebration together with family members hoping that he will be feeling better. Rakhi believes that it’s not her fault.

Preeta walks away crying, and Prithvi smiles. Karan claims that he warned her to not plan the event and she did not follow his advice. He claims that he will not allow anyone to steal his family’s joy. Dadi scolds Rakhi for trusting Preeta. Kritika declares that they all are to blame for having took Mahesh outdoors in spite of Prithvi telling them. She claims that Preeta utilized Rakhi’s feelings to persuade them to take Mahesh outside. Rakhi states that Mahesh believed that there was an animal in her, and tried to save her, but did not take her strangulation seriously. Kritika declares that this is Preeta’s strategy to make them look foolish. Preeta gets this information.

In the coming season, Preeta will see Sherlyn dancing with Prithvi. She will inform her that she is going to take her out of the house together with Prithvi.

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