Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi finds out that Preeta managed to gather the evidence

Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com Sherlin is strolling down the stairs after packing her luggage, Karina questions the place is she going when Sherlin replies that does Karina assume she would go wherever with out telling her however Natasha is the one going since mother has come again and is de facto alone, Natasha replies that she nonetheless needs to keep right here, Karina explains she continues to be a member of the family they usually all actually look after her however she should go, Natasha nonetheless explains she needs to stick with them for Karan until his case is solved, Karina replies that he solely cares for a single particular person however she will be able to even then come to the courtroom if she looks like, Karina hugs her when Sherlin exclaims she goes to drop her at the door, Sherlin throws her bag out of the home saying Goodbye. Natasha strolling in the night time thinks that she doesnot needed to return there and it has gotten actually late, Natasha is strolling when she feels as if somebody is following her, she takes a flip and runs together with her would possibly however she is shocked to see who’s following her, she sits in an auto instructing him to take her to Bandra. Shristhi getting out of the automobile mentions as we speak can be the final night time of karan in the jail, Preeta agrees saying tomorrow he can be launched, Sameer replies for this they’d have to use the confession of Sandesh, Shristhi explains they’re certainly going to use them as a result of solely after that would karan be launched, Preeta replies Sameer meant that they’d have to be certain that they attain the courtroom earlier than anybody else finds about them due to Prithvi is aware of about them, he would certainly attempt to destroy them. Preeta explains Sandesh mentioned they first went to Bodhi lodge so what in the event that they go and search there, who is aware of what clue they could discover, Preeta requests him to name the lodge, Sameer dials the contact of the supervisor who’s about to sit in the automobile. Preeta mentions she is the spouse of Karan Luthra and needs to meet with him, he questions the purpose when she informs she needs to examine the CCTV footage. The supervisor explains the lodge is closed due to repairing so the room is closed, Preeta requests him saying it’s actually essential when he says even he has to say one thing, the supervisor thinks that he met somebody at the lodge who appeared like Karan. Preeta ending the name mentions she would have to attain the lodge tomorrow at eleven in the morning, Shristhi mentions that tomorrow is the courtroom listening to when Preeta replies she will be able to come a bit late, Shristhi says she would additionally go together with her however Preeta refuses saying Karna is already actually offended together with her however she needs to discover any proof which she will be able to to shield him, Preeta explains she would solely take 5 to ten minutes as a result of she simply needs to see if Prithvi is in the footage. Shristhi seeing the time says that she needs to go away as a result of it has gotten actually late, Sameer gives to drop her. Natasha hides, she comes out pondering this can be a actually massive information however she wouldn’t inform anybody particularly Prithvi and Sherlin who tried to throw her out of the home, however she is not going to return to the place from the place she got here as it’s not a spot worthy of her. Sherlin opens the door, she is shocked to see Preeta standing there who leaves with out saying a single phrase, when Sherlin will get actually tensed as Preeta didn’t say something, Preeta thinks she is aware of Sherlin can be serving to Prithvi however after tomorrow she can be going to be thrown out of this home. Sherlin is about to shut the door when Natasha rushes to the door, Natasha requests Preeta to let her keep right here for a single night time as a result of she simply needs to keep together with her until the courtroom listening to, Sherlin replies she simply informed her that nobody on this home would miss her particularly karan as a result of he solely talks together with her as she is her sister in any other case he wouldn’t even take a look at her, Natasha replies the Luthra household would really feel unhealthy as a result of she lived with them for lengthy however then all of the sudden left the home, Natasha says even the picture of Sherlin can be ruined as a result of they could query her relating to her, Sherlin realizing this grants Natasha the permission to keep on this home for a single night time assuring she would handle Prithvi, Natasha thinks she would keep in the home and the one leaving shall be Prithvi. In the morning karan steps out of the police van when the Lawyer mentions he has discovered that karan is harmless and didn’t take any cash, there may be another person concerned in all of this which karan wouldn’t imagine, inspector asks him to hurry since it’s time for the courtroom when the household additionally comes to meet him at which the inspector says they’ve to handle not solely the legal but in addition the household, Prithvi assures he’s going to be certain that karan is launched, Sameer arrives late which angers Karan who questions him, he takes the identify of Preeta so karan walks into the courtroom, Shristhi consoles Sameer which Karina isn’t ready to bear, Shristhi warns prithvi to rent a lawyer as he’s going to be defeated. Prithvi wonders the place is Preeta, he realizes that he noticed her automobile exterior the lodge the place he went to meet the double of Karan, Prithvi calls Sandesh asking him what’s he pondering asking if he talked with anybody when Prithvi in anger sends the picture of Shristhi, Sandesh replies that he met this woman in the lodge so Prithvi instantly runs away. Preeta is with the supervisor who reveals her the video, he mentions that he noticed somebody who appeared similar to karan however when he went to meet him so realized it was another person, the supervisor reveals the video seeing which Preeta requestees if she will be able to get the video in each pen drive and laborious dish, she additionally requests the supervisor to make a video about what he noticed in the lodge, the supervisor instructs the employee who begins downloading it, Preeta data the complete confession. The decide takes his place when each the legal professionals introduce themselves and the state lawyer mentions that karan Luthra is a cricket participant, of their nation this sport is taken into account actually essential however Karan Luthra who’s a participant didn’t set foot in the floor in the previous two years and he needed to earn all the quantity in a single sport which was solely attainable by way of match fixing which he did, this can be a easy case as he has gotten all the proofs towards Karan, the decide says he can current all of them, the decide begins taking a look at the evidence when Karan thinks how for the first time he’s feeling as he’s flawed even when he didn’t do something, and feels it could be higher if Preeta was by his aspect, he refutes the thought pondering he’s acutally6 lacking mother and never Preeta.
Sherlin sitting in the benches thinks the place did Natasha go as she was actually anticipating the listening to however is nowhere to be seen, she vows to not attain her bail if she is arrested whereas making a video. Sherlin can be apprehensive as a result of Prithvi can’t be seen in the courtroom, Sherlin will get actually tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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