Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sherlin and Natasha try to use Karan for their own agenda

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Sherlin questions what is Preeta doing and tries to stop her however Preeta is about to hit her with it, Sherlin starts smiling seeing how Preeta is saying that she is going to hit a six, Sherlin sitting down mentions now she is the one who is going to hit the six, she reveals that Preeta who is always standing with her husband will not be able to do anything because she is under the influence, she explains that her mother and Karina Luthra are really best friends, so this is why she asked her mother to get her married to Rishab since her Punnu baby wanted to take her revenge with him but then he starts loving her even Rishab Luthra loved her a lot, they both listened to everything which she asked. She then thought that Preeta is getting in her way so she needed to throw her out of their lives because Preeta was trying to ruin it all for her, Sherlin forces Preeta to sit beside her explains that she would heard the idiom as when they day turns they tend to be there, she explains that now she is going to get another women because he sister Natasha and Karan would do what she is not able to as they are going to celebrate the honeymoon. Preeta slaps Sherlin, questioning how would she bring another women as the Natasha just came into this house but during the past five years a lot of women came however no one was able to stick with him because Karan Luthra only belongs to Preeta, Sherlin leaves exclaiming they are going to see who he belongs to so she closes the door from outside, Preeta warns her to open it when she exclaims now the door would open when Karan and Natasha cross all limits after which he would be forced to marry Natasha, Preeta is shocked.
The entire Luthra family is under the influence and Kritika is trying to calm down her Nani but she instead doesnot listen, Shristhi wonders what can she do to help them and then she sees Nagre with Pardeep she thinks now she would have to teach them a lesson, she tries to catch them but is not able to because of all the interference, Natasha informs Sameer that Shristhi is calling her but he leaves to call her from behind, Shristhi looses the trail of Nagre and Pardeep who hide behind the table, she gets really tensed.

Natasha and Sherlin seeing the opportunity ask Karan to come with them but he refuses when they explain that he is going to Preeta, they both manage to take him away.

Rakhi meanwhile is crying because she is not able to whistle however Karina asks if she teach her, she blows a really good whistle and then Rakhi also starts to blow it., they all are dancing.

Sherlin and Natasha are taking karan when he exclaims that he doesnot like them because they are against Preeta, but he only loves her as she is his wife, Natasha questions what would she do with him since he is under the influence but he says she can do whatever she desires however he wants to go away, karan falls to the ground when Pardeep and Nagre also fall there, they all start creating a scene when he exclaims that he is now in front of his idol cricketer and wants to take his autograph, seeing this Nagre offers the pen but karan is not able to take it. Sherlin advises Natasha to give the pen to karan and take him to the room since he cannot even stand properly, she tries to take him however karan doesnot listen. Nagre and Pardeep start acting as the characters of the films when karan asks Pardeep to beat him even more, Sherlin feels irritated, she asks Natasha to stop her because if they both keep fighting then might reveal their truth, they try to stop them meanwhile karan manages to walk away from there.

Karan is walking in the hall when he bumps into a vase and it is about to fall but then thinks of it as a person so apologizes, karan stands in front of the mirror looking at himself, he manages to find a phone on the ground so starts dancing on the music that is playing, Preeta in the door hears the dance so starts knocking asking if there is anyone outside but karan is busy in dancing because of the loud music, he finally hears so questions who is it, Preeta calls karan to open the door but he doesnot understand, she insists he come to the window when Karan exclaims he is coming then warns himself in the mirror to not go anywhere and he asks why is she locked in the room, Preeta explains that Sherlin locked her inside when she asks him to break the door as now he has come to save her, Karan goes to the door but sits down exclaiming he got tired.

Natasha blames that they are making a mistake, Nagre then blames Pardeep for all the mistakes however he exclaims the girls do not have any sense, Nagre explains they should be thrown into the jail and even exclaims that Bitto’s father is the real deal, Natasha says she cannot understand why did Prithvi sent them both because they are under the influence and after a while Sherlin exclaims that they would causes the truth to come out, she asks Natasha to go and find karan while she will take care of them both. Sherlin in anger slaps Nagre who falls on the ground, Pardeep says that she has killed him but Sherlin leaves exclaiming that he just got unconscious. Pardeep hits him in the leg when Nagre questions if Sherlin hit him.

Shristhi enters the room but is shocked when Janki and Bi jee are not there, Janki coming out of the corner asks her to hide since there is a criminal walking here when Bi jee comes out pretending to be a police gangster, Shristhi makes her sit down on the bed.

Preeta asks Karan if he would not help her come out when Karan mentions he got tired after dancing with his friend, he pens the door when Preeta starts crying so as he asks what happened, she reveals that Sherlin said bad things to her, karan says she must forget her as she is a witch, Preeta once again starts crying explaining she might once again lock her, however karan says he will lock Preeta before Sherlin so entering the room locks it, Preeta starts smiling when he lies down on the bed and even she lies down beside him, they both look towards each other smiling before karan finally turns towards Preeta.

Precap: Preeta is standing in between Karan and Natasha. She warns Natasha if she doesn’t stop eyeing Karan, then she will make ‘tamasha’ of her. Natasha is with Sherlin. Sherlin says, this time, we need Karan… Natasha says, Karan is with Preeta inside that locked room. In jail, Prithvi says, it will be fun when I re-enter Luthra’s house tomorrow.

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