Kundali Bhagya 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Pardeep under the influence reveals the entire plan in front of the Luthra family

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Pardeep is walking with the tray of Thandai when Karan places his hand on the shoulder, Pardeep immediately questions who is he so Karan mentions it is him asking who is he starting at, Pardeep exclaims he meant like a sister hearing which karan is relieved when Pardeep reveals he is the biggest fan, Karan replies he has a lot of fans however Pardeep exclaims he is the fan of only three people because he loves him first as he is handsome and good looking while the other karan because he is a cricketer and the last PM, karan questions if he is friends with the prime minister but Pardeep replies his name is PM. Karan is about to pick a glass when Pardeep stops him mentioning he has specially made it for someone, Karan feels he meant his father so asks Pardeep to not give it to him however he says that someone especially asked him to give this drink, Karan leave when he asks him to at least give an autograph.

Preeta is walking when karan stops her asking why did she ask for the Thandai mixed with Bhang for his father, Preeta replies he himself wants to drink it but is instead taking the name of his father, Preeta leaves which worries him so he follows her, Karan mentions he felt nice playing Holi with her, she replies she did not feel so good, he questions why did she not feel nice, Preeta replies she likes playing Holi with colors but then stops, he demands the answers however she leaves exclaiming she doesnot want to give him any answer.

Natasha stops offering the drink to karan but he replies he is not stupid and whenever someone brings the Thandai in the party it is mixed with Bhang however Natasha explains that she picked it from his tray, Karan leaves to give it to Mahesh papa.

Preeta is walking when she bumps into Kritika and Sherlin, Kritika asks she seems really happy when Preeta mentions even she should enjoy but Sherlin must not do what she is not supposed to as she must not put evil thoughts in the mind of Kritika, hearing this Sherlin leaves. Pardeep stops Preeta explaining that karan sent the drink for her, she picks the glass while smiling when she informs him that she married karan, she then walks away Pardeep is glad he was able to accomplish his mission. Karan comes asking if this glass is from his tray, Pardeep questions where did he get it, Karan informs that this girl took it but Pardeep asks Karan to leave it as it might have gotten hot, he leaves.

Karan receives a call from someone so he starts talking, Nagre comes thinking he found the key to the room of Mahesh Luthra but then they just have to find the keys to the room of Prithvi, he starts drinking the Thandai from the tray, and even offers it to Pardeep revealing that it is mind blowing however Karan also wonders where has he gone, he drinks it from the tray, Natasha and Sherlin both are smiling.

Shristhi asks Sameer to come asking if there is any black coffee in the house, she reveals that both Janki and Dadi have had a lot to drink so are acting as Dharmendar and Amitab Bachan, she is feeling really embarrassed and so Sameer explains that they are in the kitchen, she rushes to prepare it in the kitchen.

Dadi and Karina both enter the house, they have gotten tired because of the dancing and so drink the Thandai made by Pardeep, Karina even offers it to Rakhi who starts drinking it, Sameer even takes it when they wonder if it is left since the Thandai is really tasty.

Shristhi is dancing while entering the kitchen when she starts eating the sweets, she goes to the corner since she is thirsty however is shocked to see someone lying down unconscious, she tries to wake him up but he doesnot respond, she manages to throw water on him so he wakes up. She questions how did get unconscious when he reveals that he saw two people planning against Preeta by mixing something in the Thandai, Shristhi asks him to calm down and then wonders what should she do.

Shristhi rushes out explaining that Preeta is in danger as someone has come to harm her, Preeta however replies who would harm her since she is already in her own house, Shristhi says she knows that there are also some other guests, Karan also explains that it is scary but who would be Preeta threatened of. Pardeep comes taking the blessings of Karan saying karan was wondering who might harm Preeta, he points to Nagre taking off his fake moustache revealing he is the criminal, Nagre starts crying, Pardeep assures he would buy the chocolates. Nagre starts dancing exclaiming he is a fire and they after smiling mention the papers of Prithvi are really expensive., Preeta is shocked to hear this, karan questions what does he mean so Nagre replies they came to steal the papers as this is what prithvi sent them for so that Preeta is not able to change anything in those papers, and Prithvi ordered them to kidnap Preeta if she tries to create any problem in their work while he can handle everything when he is released.

Karan explains they donot know Preeta since she is a devil, Preeta asks what do they think that they can kidnap them when Mahesh mentions he really likes them both however Rakhi exclaims she likes them both hearing this Dadi goes to them while she starts dancing. They eve start chanting the slogans, seeing which Kritika and Sherlin are shocked.
Kritika gets tensed exclaiming they came to perform a crime as everyone is really high so she should call the police, Sherlin replies she should never say it again as it would cause a lot of problem for Prithvi, she reveals that everyone is high so doesnot know but if she calls the police it will only lead to problems for Prithvi, he is doing the right thing against Preeta. Kritika thanks her as she might have made a mistake if she did not advise him.

Natasha takes Sherlin when she bumps into Preeta, they both scold her and Preeta blames her for running after Karan, everyone also agrees with her. Preeta threatens to end the love which is erupting in her heart, Shristhi requests her to stop but this angers Preeta who questions who is she, she then exclaims Shristhi is her sister so can say anything, Shristhi asks Preeta to come inside so takes her into the room.

Shristhi enters the room with Preeta when she requests who gave her so much Bhang, Preeta however exclaims that she is her sister and really loves her, Shristhi helps Preeta sit down on the bed, Preeta explains she is like their mother as she is really beautiful when Shristhi replies that she would now see everyone she loves in her, Preeta replies she cannot see a single person since he has a beard, Shristhi exclaim that both of them are sharing their feelings when Preeta asks if Karan also shared his feelings but Shristhi replies that he instead kissed her, Preeta acts as if she is embarrassed when Shristhi rushes to bring both Janki and Bi jee in the room.

Sherlin enters the room wishing Happy Holi to Preeta, She explains that she came to check if Preeta can ruin her plan but seeing her condition she feels Preeta will not be able to do anything, Preeta in anger takes out a bat from the cupboard.

Precap: Sherlin tells Preeta, my sister, Natasha and Karan will do something with each other that you and Karan cannot do it – suhagraat. Preeta slaps her. Sherlin looks in anger.

Update Credit to: Sona

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