Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Sameer follows Preeta to find out the truth

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Maddy reaches the practice session when he picks the photo in which Karan is hugging the person because of whom he was blamed for taking a bribe, Maddy sees the CCTC cameras in the corners so starts inspecting how the entire scenario would have happened, he sits on the bench thinking this is from where they would have kept an eye on karan, he calls someone mentioning he needs the CCTV footage.

Preeta questions if this is how she is going to go back with a long face, Shristhi replies that she cannot be happy after what happened, Preeta replies she is fine as they must never forget the teachings of Maa who has made them both so strong, they can face everything on their own, Shristhi replies she doesnot want to hear her lecture. Preeta explains they both should just focus on helping karan come out of the jail after which she will finally talk with him about what she desires. Shristhi is looking at Preeta with anger who asks the reason, Shristhi replies she cannot hear anything against her so does she not think it is the high time they tell them all the real reason she came to their house, if they do not know the truth then would consider her as wrong, she says Preeta must not always fight everything on her own because she needs to rest. Shristhi explains they both have spent the most time together, she was with him because their Bau jee did not give them any importance, so Preeta is her friend but most importantly her Mentor so when she sees that something wrong is happening to her, it burns her blood to see it all, especially when those they care about start blaming them like Sameer as he knows the entire truth, if he had seen her with the investigator then should have just questioned her, he doesnot have any intuition like Rakhi aunti who still went against everyone but not him, Preeta explains she must not be worried because they cannot change anything, still the best part is that she still believes in her so if they both have each other then what is the need for someone else, she exclaims the Preeta of Shristhi, Shristhi replies and also the Shristhi of Preeta, she leaves wishing that she loves her.

Preeta is walking back when Prithvi offers her coffee but she refuses to take it, he exclaims he never thought she would herself trap Karan. Preeta replies that he knows she did not do anything wrong as everyone in this house is emotional and they do not think clearly but she is glad that he also said Karan was trapped so he also knows Karan is innocent but someone else is behind it all, Prithvi immediately asks her to tell him who did she meet with, who Sameer saw her with, Preeta asks what relation does she have with him asking if he is her friend, relative or anyone else so she doesnot feel obliged to tell her anything, Prithvi leaves in anger while Preeta receives a text, she calls him saying that she is coming out. Sameer follows her to the parking lot but wonders where did she go.

Preeta is in the car with Maddy who shows her a video informing that his name is Sundesh and he is in each and every photo with Karan, he was even present in the hotel where the police raided. Preeta asks if there is any way she can meet him but Maddy replies that it would not be beneficial because it is not like that he would tell the truth but even then if she feels like it, he would find out his hiding spot till tomorrow, Preeta enters the house once again while Sameer is hiding behind the car, he wonders who was she meeting but then rushes out after hearing the car turning on, he thinks that he is the same person who met Preeta in the afternoon.

Sameer is with karan who replies he never thought that Preeta can do anything of the sort, he really loves her but is worried as the entire family is tensed when he is in jail, he blames it all on him mentioning that Preeta herself accepted the truth the first day she returned saying she has just come back for the money and to rule this house but he did not accept it, he doesnot care about anything so requests Sameer to help him come out, he really loved Preeta and had a trust but she did this all just for the sake of money, Sameer assures Karan that he is going to make sure karan is released but he must remain strong as Sameer never saw him so weak, Sameer leaves.

Shristhi knocks on the door asking Dadi what is going on, she allows her to come inside when Shristhi question what is going on with her, Janki asks her to not lie as she told Shristhi that Bi jee did not have anything to eat, Shristhi replies that she doesnot have any fight with food so must eat, Bi jee says that there is nothing wrong when Janki explains she is acting like ever since she came back from meeting karan, Bi jee asks Janki and Shristhi to leave as then she would be fine, Shristhi asks her to not be worried about Karan since he is surely going to be released because Preeta is doing her best, Bi jee starts crying saying she feels that something which they cannot see would happen, Shristhi asks what happened when Bi jee replies she feels that karan is not happy with this relation. Janki requests her to not talk like this but Shristhi replies nothing will happen by talking good because she also feels the same and now anything that will happen will be far worse than the previous incident as the feeling is mutual.

Karan sitting in the cell recalls when Preeta encouraged him to earn all the money he can because then she would also get a big amount, Karan thinks she asked him to earn for her when he should have understood her plans from the start, Preeta comes to the cell explaining that the only reason she called him as her business partner was because she heard the inspector talking with another women, he said that since she is the wife so they cannot take her words seriously. Preeta mentions she never had anything to do with his arrest but karan doesnot believe anything that Preeta is saying, she asks what made him think that she is the reason he got arrested, Karan replies he is sure that she is the one behind it all. Preeta questions why does he hate her so much because she has not given him any evidence to prove that she is the one behind it all.

Karan refuses to believe Preeta saying that she is actually the one who is wrong as if she never wanted him to earn more then her so could have said it clearly, he would have not even played a single game because he really loves his family, Karna is blaming Preeta when she tries to plead her innocence mentioning that she really wanted to tell him that the only reason she came back to the family was to protect them from prithvi, she saw how he was behaving with everyone and so cares for them, karan replies she has become a mystery for him since he doesnot know what to believe, she first said that she came back to the Luthra mansion for the sake of money, now she is trying to say that she cares for them, he in anger questions if she actually came to protect them all where was she when he was arrested and also the suffering which his family is going though, Karan warns her to stop acting as if she really wants him to come out of the cell, he after thinking a lot has reached the conclusion he would never trust her ever again in his life, and would not live with the feeling that he loves her, he asks her for a favour to leave him alone.

Karan turns in anger while Preeta leaves, he once again yells ordering her to leave but is left shocked when she is not standing behind him, he wonders if she was actually present, he is really frustrated.

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