Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta Opposes Prithvi Suggestion To Send Mahesh Back To The Basement

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Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Update


Preeta insists that Mahesh papa will be staying with his family since Mahesh Papa has finally left the basement after 2 years, so it’s likely take some time, Bi jee also agrees with Preeta telling her that it will take a while, Prithvi questions how is it possible that he has difficulty climbing stairs and is feeling that the stairs make him dizzy. Preeta reiterates that they will only have to follow the right path that will be done and not anything else, even when it’s difficult, Bi jee asks karan to accompany his dad upstairs. Prithvi asks how this possible since Mahesh himself is experiencing the stairs move, Preeta gets angry and asks what he is talking about since it’s not nice, Bani Dadi stops Prithvi to ask Karan to bring Mahesh to his bedroom, everyone walks up when prithvi insists loudly at Mahesh that he loves him greatly for him, and was correct as the stairs were not moving.

Prithvi also goes up the stairs, Natasha arrives at Preeta and asks what happened because she had been caring about the Luthra family. Preeta asks why she would bother even though she is sympathizing with the Luthra family, Natasha responds that she is glad that Preeta takes care of the family. Bi jee refers to her as Natto but she corrections Bi jee by explaining that her name as Natasha as Bi jee says she’s just going to refer to her Nattoo because she’s very similar to her and is always inclined to be at the center of things. She explains that the guests are pleasant as they leave the home after a few hours however Natasha has no intention of leaving. She doesn’t ever work after hearing this. Natasha says she’s going to be able to remember her advice, and thus departs.

The Luthra family assists Mahesh into the room, Mahesh is seated on the bed watching the proceedings, everyone is very satisfied after a short time. Prithvi enters the room and assures that there is nothing to Mahesh to worry there since he’s with his family and should feel relaxed, Karan asks Mahesh to lay upon the mattress. Prithvi thinks that it is the best time to demonstrate to everyone that he takes great care of Mahesh and what Preeta offers to do for her will be wrong, therefore whatever he does is best for Mahesh and everything Preeta does is wrong. Prithvi proposes to provide water to Mahesh, Ganesh offers to deliver it but Prithvi insists to bring it in his own. Karan assures Mahesh that he will be fine because they taken him to the hospital just this moment, he is sitting beside Mahesh while Rakhi is also seated at his feet.

Prithvi is walking down the hallway when he is unable to see Preeta as she descends the stairs. He believes that he’s thrilled to meet her as it is clear what plans that she has made for the future. She intends to take Mahesh from the cellar. However, the medication he’s been taking won’t be gone in a single day, and the battle she has been fighting for Mahesh will not be as straightforward, but she’ll ensure Mahesh returns to his family again. prithvi thinks he understands the thoughts she has, but she isn’t in a position to ensure that Mahesh return to his family. Preeta believes that he will be wondering what she would do, but she is to assist Mahesh and to shield Mahesh from his. Prithvi looking at her, he is convinced that she has an issue that is causing tension because Preeta believes that she knows about his plans, but she is surprised by an entirely new way of fighting that she is unable to come up with any solutions. Prithvi provides her with water as she is tense, but she doesn’t want it, Prithvi explains it did not take place as she expected as she had wanted Mahesh Luthra to be moved to his bedroom from the basement, but that is not possible, as she was the one who noticed that Mahesh noticed that the stairs appeared to be moving due to his own dancing, but that isn’t an issue since it was it was only the mind that was dancing. she advises him not to do it as it’s not her responsibility however he is proficient in performing these kinds of things.

Prithvi states how the relation between doctor and patient is odd because they know the best way to treat their patients, but when there are any kind of problem for patients then they are able to cut the issue, and just as that doctors are the ones who treat Mahesh and is aware that he’s the best doctor by staying in the basement. Rakhi is an emotional person as her husband is also his, so wishes that he spend his anniversary with the family, but what happens if he makes an atmosphere and causes trouble for all. Prithvi asks whether she understood the meaning of his words and leaves because Preeta believes that he is not fully understanding the plans she has made since he will ensure that Mahesh is celebrating his birthday with them. It is proven that Mahesh isn’t a crazy individual, however he isn’t sure whether before this it has been established that prithvi his own self is also a mentally ill patient.

Prithvi arrives in the room where the whole Luthra family is seated and asks karan to assist Mahesh take a drink, Prithvi is trying to explain to Mahesh that he is a good wisheser for all the Luthra family and he cares about the family, he would like to express his opinion to them and the wrong thing isn’t always the case, however sometimes it can be incorrect, and they shouldn’t do the same thing like Preeta and her family. They are now aware that Mahesh is not feeling well and the best spot for him is in the basement. However, to get Mahesh out just to celebrate is not right. He thinks she has confronted someone and there is nothing more important to her than her own ego. Preeta has also dismissed Mona and the rest of them. took charge of Mahesh for several years. She may have had a few disagreements with Mona but she fired her. Karan affirms that Preeta wasn’t wrong in firing Mona because if she could poison Preeta then no one knows what she could be able to do with Mahesh.

Sherlin begins to argue with prithvi and asks him if they don’t know the truth about what Preeta is up to and she’s always wronging her, but she’s certain that Preeta will never hurt Mahesh since she is ruining her plans. Prithvi inquires about how much is able to trust Preeta and asks Kritika whether she believes in Preeta, Kritika replies she had a lot of trust in her and that’s why her heart is broken. how could she be sure that she can trust someone with two faces. She shows the one side of her image to the world and keeps the other one in the shadows. Karan attempts to stop her but Kritika responds that Preeta herself acknowledged her decision to come here in order to earn money. Karina states she was aware of that from the beginning that Preeta was only here in order to earn money. She seeks the approval of her mother, who responds that she doesn’t want think about it as if she confronts herself, she is given only one option is that Preeta isn’t doing what is right.

Preeta is cooking and Bi jee arrives and informs her that she’s really excited after tasting the delicious food. Preeta responds that she is making Peas Soup for Mahesh papa, who he loves very much, Bi jee replies that Preeta is gorgeous and smart and has a great taste and she feels satisfied after everyone has a smile after eating their food. Bi jee inquires as to why she feel like Preeta is stressed, and Preeta responds that she doesn’t know what she can do to aid him to get healthier one day, she thinks Mahesh is with them since they is in a position to care for Mahesh, and if he were was sent back to the basement, he could yet be poisoned as before because they can’t keep an eye on him all the time or at any at any given. Bi jee tells her she’s sure Prithvi tried hard to take Mahesh into the basement , however to stop him Preeta has to do something that Prithvi cannot think of something else. Preeta after waiting an hour exclaims she has a solution.

Rakhi claims she doesn’t take into consideration what the public thinks about because she is just like Rakhi, the older Rakhi who will do whatever she believes in her heart and is aware Preeta is doing it to protect Mahesh and she is not able to hurt her Luthra family on any moment. Prithvi states that Rakhi declares this because she’s an extremely nice person who is unable to see the evil in anyone else, however Preeta isn’t right. Karina states that she will never be with Preeta in any way, but she will accept her this time. She did nothing wrong with Mona When she hears this, everyone is shocked . Prithvi and Sherlin are shocked.

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