Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Nagre threatens Preeta in the Holi Party

Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comKaran questions who told her that he was not going to play Holi because they all will play especially because Prithvi got arrested, Karan reveals that she is sad because Prithvi got arrested and she is mad thinking he is the reason but she must not be so sad since Prithvi is not a good person, Kritika replies he told what Preeta asked him to do, karan replies no one can ever tell him what to do, he has his own mind. Kritika explains that she doesnot say anything to him when he is blaming Prithvi but if she says even a single word against his so called wife then he gets mad, Karan questions why are they talking about Prithvi and Preeta, she is his sister and so if she doesnot play Holi then he would not feel nice.Preeta standing at the door think Karan is not the reason but Prithvi got sent to jail because of his own actions, she comes up with a plan thinking now even Kritika will play Holi, she calls Shristhi who explains that she was searching for her, Preeta replies she is really happy today Shristhi asks for the reason, Preeta mentions because prithvi is going to celebrate Holi in jail, what could be more happy then this, Kritika asks Karan to look at them, she is his Preeta Karan is not even able to turn.Janki asks Bi jee what is she doing, mentioning it is wrong since she must not drink, Bi jee says that she has gotten mad and she feels Janki cannot even see properly but they should ask for little money for every guest here, so they can get her operation, Janki replies she feels Bi jee has already drunk it and is under the influence she will complain about her when she gets normal, Bi jee gets frustrated responding how she feels Janki is her biggest enemy and she feels Janki has also drunk alcohol, Janki assures she has not even touched it but she is going to complain to Preeta however Bi jee asks her to wait since this is nothing more than just Thandai, Janki however doesnot believe it, Bi jee forces her to drink the entire glass explaining that now even she can also tell Preeta, Karina walks to them both, Janki quickly applies the color on her face, this angers Karina who says they are all just illiterate, Bi jee stands questioning who did she call as Illiterate, she also applies the color. Karina leaves mentioning she cannot do anything about Preeta and her middle class family.Preeta enters the room questioning if Kritika would really be the one to pass judgment on her, she doesnot care about anything. Preeta reveals how she wanted to meet Prithvi today but is really busy, she would have informed him how everyone is really happy since he got thrown in jail, while his wife is also locked up in the house, because of she doesnot play Holi and remains in the same room then it is the same as a jail. Preeta adds that the rest of the family is happier than her, which she is not liking however it doesnot matter since today is Holi and if they see her sad face then the entire function would be ruined which will not end like she desired but because of the actions of Kritika, he plans have been fulfilled. Kritika at once replies she will never let Preeta succeed in her plans and if her plans are going to end because of the celebrations then she will not let her get that plan, Kritika leaves with Natasha exclaiming that she will celebrate Holi, Shristhi understands what Preeta was doing, she questions why did Preeta not tell her before finishing her plan, she should have at least in formed her, Preeta however signals her to remain quiet as they are with karan, she asks if Shristhi saw Rakhi, She replies that she saw her going to the back side of the house, Preeta leaves mentioning she will go as she has to talk with her.Shristhi realizes she made a mistake, Karan comes to her questioning what is going on, Shristhi replies she wants to tell him but doesnot know anything, however she knows her sister is thinking a lot because she is not in the correct mental state however Karan replies she is not mad and something is actually going on, Shristhi leaves agreeing with him but Karan is worried.Nagre is with Pardeep in the car who starts shouting in excitement, Nagre questions what happened when he replies that he only likes two things in the world, one is alcohol and cricket, Nagre exclaims he doesnot even know if Pardeep will work, Pardeep assures he is a really workable person, he questions what is in the bag. Nagre explains that it has the clothes which they will change to disguise themselves, Pardeep asks how long will it take to reach his house, Nagre explains that if they go to his house then it will take them an hour, so they are going to Luthra mansion. Pardeep gets stunned asking if he is really a lawyer since they would suspect them in the Luthra house, Nagre reveals he knows every inch of the Luthra Mansion and they are going to go from the back side to the guest room. Pardeep explains that he feels they can change in the car, Nagre replies he has gotten mad since he is one of the reputed lawyers so cannot even sit with him because he is not on the same social level.Nagre and Pardeep are both moving to the guest room when they see Rakhi coming so hide, however are not able to hide from Preeta, she questions what are they both doing here and Pardeep exclaims he lost the way, Preeta guides him, he leaves Nagre,Preeta questions Nagre what is he doing here, mentioning if he wants to meet Prithvi then should go to Juhu police station, Nagre replies he knows that prithvi is locked up, and Preeta has plotted against him using her husband but now he is also going to warn her, he says that prithvi is not alone since he has Nagre standing beside him, and when he comes out tomorrow then they are going to plot against both Preeta and karan, she will not be able to do anything. Nagre leaves while Preeta is worried, Rakhi comes out and Preeta thinks she wanted to reveal the truth but now that prithvi is once again plotting, She should keep the truth hidden some more time. Rakhi asks if Preeta has to say something, Preeta offers if she can help but Rakhi leaves. Preeta wonders what can she plan that if Prithvi comes back from the jail, he is powerless and not able to do anything.Prithvi in the cell, is talking to himself exclaiming that Preeta has defeated him, the mastermind but this is just temporary and he is surely going to take revenge from her, she thinks that she is the best planner and will always win against him however this is not the case, he will make her pay for what she has done, she might be smiling now but soon would take his place in the cell, the other prisoner requests the constable to change his cell since prithvi talks a lot, he asks if he talked with him but the prisoner replies he only talks to himself. Constable asks him to sit down since he is not in a hotel. Prithvi exclaims it has gotten really quiet and this is because of the storm that is going to come, neither karan nor Preeta will be able to survive this storm because now the counting of their destruction has started.Update Credit to: Sona

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