Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi plans to ruin the image of Karan

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Sherlin asks Prithvi if he is about to have Karan killed, prithvi explains he could hav done it four years ago but he is going to make him stay alive and then kill him each and every day so that those people who praise him as a celebrity and even they feel ashamed to take his name, Sherlin in excitement explains he is once again going to try and trap him in a molestation case but prithvi refuses saying they would not do anything which they have but think for a new plan, he asks what will happen as they both are going to fight a case and his little image will be destroyed but he wants to do something that will ruin his image to the extent the entire reputation of his family is ruined, Sherlin replies he has been saying it since long but should say it clearly as he is causing her to feel irritated, Prithvi explains his plan is going to make her smile, he reveals Karan is going to play in the BCL so what is he charges him with match fixing, Sherlin blames that his mind has stopped working when Sherlin reveals Karan only plays for his passion so can he not see, prithvi mentions they all know about it but what is he for, she asks what can he do, when he reveals that there is going to be an entry of a villian who is going to ruin everything,. He has a person named Sundesh who will act as if he is a really big fan of Karan and whenever they both will meet then he is going to take a photo even when Karan will take the money, so he is going to trap Karan when Sherlin questions why will karan take money from Sundesh, Prithvi exclaims he needs to leave and follow Karan wherever he is going.

Karan steps out of the car when he is on the call and even walks into the stadium when someone stops from behind desiring an autograph when Sundesh explains that he is his biggest fan and has even his photos in his house so if Karan by mistake comes to his house he will show him the entire house, Prithvi takes the photo when Karan hugs Sundesh, the gardener of the stadium comes asking him to reverse his car since this place is of Karan and he gives him the keys which he then hands to the valet, Prithvi explains even he is a player and Karan is after him hearing which the gardener starts laughing asking him to first look at his own face, Prithvi getting angry says he should go and do what he was hired for, The gardener gets angry so calls Karan, Prithvi immediately leaves when karan throws the keys to him. Sundesh enters the car showing the tattoo to prithvi who praises him saying that everyone can make the shirt but only the true fans can make a tattoo, Sundesh questions what does he have to do when Prithvi says he must meet Karan everyday till BCl.

Sherlin is sitting in the room when Natasha comes complaining that she is really selfish and she doesnot even leave even a single chance to humiliate her, Natasha mentions she knows her since the past two years, Sherlin signals her to stop talking when Natasha exclaims now she is going to show her these signs, Sherlin explains she will not like what she is going to say because both Preeta and Karan have become one, even if they show as they are different when she explains that now Natasha doesnot have any use here when now she must leave, Natasha requests her to not throw her out of the house because if she leaves then will not have any other place, Natasha assures she will succeed in separating Karan and Preeta but Sherlin refuses to allow anything, she explains Natasha can go to the airport in the car as if she leaves in the auto then people will question her, Sherlin agrees to give Natasha a second chance of only a single week, she sits down thinking Natasha is not of any use to them but the plan which prithvi has made will make sure that both karan and Preeta are separated just like she cannot be with Prithvi and can not even touch him, she is going to make sure that Preeta suffers just as she is.

Preeta in the night is waiting for karan when Rakhi comes asking if she is waiting for her but Preeta replies she would not wait for anyone and has a lot of work to do, Karan enters the room questioning if she cannot wait for him, she questions why would she wait because she has a lot of work, Rakhi asks how was the practice when he explains that it went well, Preeta explains he is practicing only for his own self and the family but she would accept if he is able to hit two sixes in the first over, Karan replies that he is a star but in the second session he is going to come back with a lot of practice. Rakhi asks them both to stop this ego fight when Preeta replies this is not that, karan leaves saying he will have to wake up early in the morning then go to practice again. Preeta thinks she has found his weak point so if she would have to make him do anything then will target his ego, Sherlin thinks they are talking about Rishab, if he comes back then it will be a lot of problem for her.

Karan is in the room packing his things, Preeta is really happy since he is working with such intention, she asks him to come and lie down on the bed since she is a therapist and knows his muscles are pulled, Karan lies down when she massages his back but he sleeps down, she thinks he is doing a lot of hard work and needs to do it for his family.

In the morning Karina and Dadi are laughing when Rakhi comes questioning what is the reason for them smiling so much, Karina explains that Maa cracked such a good joke because of which they are smiling, when Karan also comes taking their blessings, he explains that he was not able to wake up in the morning, he blames Preeta for it all when she replies that she helped him because he was really tired so she asked him to rest, he leaves saying that he cannot talk with her.

Kritika coming questions why is Preeta enjoying with her family so much when she is the one who sent Prithvi to jail, Preeta questions why is she so sad about what happened in the past as he was sent to jail for his mistake, she shou8ld not ruin the moment for everyone else, Karina standing questions why is she talking to her daughter like this when Preeta replies she should be the one to tell this, as Prithvi is not a good person, she should forget the differences between what is right and wrong, Sherlin interferes saying that she is blaming Prithvi when she herself instigated him to steal them, Preeta questions why is she taking so much side of Prithvi because she is not his wife and Kritika is, Dadi also interferes saying that Preeta is wrong as they all know Kritika is the wife of Prithvi when Sherlin leaves apologizing, Preeta thinks that she knows that Sherlin did not interfere because she knows Preeta will reveal the truth.

Karan reaches the stadium where the reporters are revealing that the BCi will be the biggest tournament of this year, Sundesh requests Karan to accept this gifts and presents him, he takes it saying this is the last time meanwhile Prithvi takes a photo of him, he smiles now that his plan will be fulfilled.

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