Kundali Bhagya 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi plans to take his revenge from the Luthra’s

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The entire Luthra family is rejoicing, karan hugs Rakhi first after which he goes to hug everyone when Natasha also mentions that she is glad he brought so many happiness in this house, Preeta also praises him when he asks her to take a selfie with him because now he is going to be on the television, Dadi asks Rakhi to bring some sweets when Sameer exclaims they need to dance first, Prithvi leaves the hall in immense anger.

Prithvi in the room exclaims he should not be angry because this I his biggest enemy and a lot of things have gone because of it, he should be normal but then starts thrashing the room questioning how can he be normal because the luthra’s do not have the right to stand in front of him but he was in the jail because of Preeta and Karan, he was in pain and when he came out of the lockup, thy ignored him him who was the boss of this house, on whose single voice they all would shiver with pain. Sherlin enters the room explaining she knows they all misbehaved with him but she is just trying to say he must not do anything, he asks how can he not do anything because she saw the way they all behaved with him, he just came out of the lockup but they still refused to see him, she goes to pour out water for him when Kritika comes at the door, she is shocked to see that the room is thrashed, he asks what is she doing here when Sherlin immediately hides behind the curtain, Kritika explains she knows he felt they all, ignored him but they were just really excited as Karan got the achievement but she is really glad he came back, so she brought the black coffee for him, he throws the cup ordering her to leave the room, she leaves crying.

Sherlin comes out closing the door when she questions why did he misbehave with Kritika, Prithvi explains that he will give them the same pain which they inflict on him, he will take all the revenge from Kritika, Prithvi questions what has gotten into her because when he is nice with her then she has a problem and when he misbehaves even then she has a problem and if she is happy with the other girl in his life, Sherlin replies she is not worthy to have that position and the girl who could have challenged her got married to Karan. Sherlin explains both karan and Preeta were together in the same room, prithvi in anger exclaims he doesnot care about what happened between them both, if they were standing, sleeping or even eating. He questions if he asked her for any details explaining he only knows that he was in jail because of them both while the Luthras were ignoring him so now he is going to do something that will ruin them all, they would have not even thought about it. He will do something so the entire world will hate the Luthra’s, he is going to ruin them. Sherlin asks what will he do when he says that he will put a bomb which will cause them to fall like a stack of cards, she asks if he has made the plan. Prithvi replies he has not made it but this time the entire Luthra family would be involved in it and will get hurt, so she must leave so he can make the plan. Sherlin walks out of the room.
Prithvi after finishing the drink, turns to walk out when he bumps into karan who says he a shameless person who came back to the house and was sent on charges of theft, even when no one wanted him to come back he is still standing here. Prithvi says if he is thinking he would fight with him after getting angry but he doesnot do anything in the ego, so he also doesnot have any interest coming to live here and only returned because of his wife Kritika, Karan asks if he remembers what is said about the place where he went, when Karan mentions he has been sold in fifteen crores ay the opening bids just like Kholi so now Prithvi would see where his class has gone. Prithvi exclaims he has no idea about his class, he sends his photo to one of his men who asks what does he have to do when prithvi explains that he should make a tattoo of him on his arm.

Karan walking down the stairs asks Ganesh if he placed the bags in the car, Rakhi enters the house when he asks if she even came back from mandir, Karan asks if she is saying he did not do anything and it is all because of Bhagwan when Rakhi mentions this is not what she meant but she is really glad because he gave her such a big thing to celebrate that now she can say that she is the mother of Karan. She mentions even Rishab would be really happy, karan hugs her.

Prithvi standing asks how can it happen when he is with them all, he thinks that now he is going to ruin everything for karan because he first tackled Rishab who was the face of their business empire then came Mahesh who had a lot of experience but was once again said to be a mental person, Sherlin comes questioning what is going on in his mind, she requests her to leave because if someone sees them together then would say a lot of bad things about them both, he says that he doesnot want to tell her anything but she keeps on asking him, he is forced to send her away.

Sameer comes running when karan asks when will Rishab come back, karan says he is going to announce in the media and tell the entire world, Rakhi asks him to take the Parshad when Preeta also comes with the sugar and yogurt, he asks the reason she is so happy when she explains that she wishes he become even more successful, Natasha comes running asking him to drop her but Sameer stops her saying that he is going to drop her afterwards. Preeta smiling looks to Prithvi who is looking at her, she wonders how did she forget about him and so Prithvi thinks he knows she would be heartbroken because her plans were not successful but he is going to do something important now.

Rakhi asks if Preeta will also come with her to the doctor of Mahesh, she agrees so Preeta looks to Prithvi who once again rushes inside, she wonders what happened that he ran back inside. Prithvi in the room is searching anxiously for something but is not able to find it, Sherlin picks up the keys asking where is he going, he sits on the bed so she is about to throw it when he demands’ them, Sherlin explains she is really clever so if he is thinking of her as Kritika, he must not forget she is still the same person who was with him in his every plan but that he must not think she has become like the Luthra’s after marrying Rishab but she might hate him like everyone else, Prithvi exclaims he thought she would understand him but she is still threatening him, he says that he was locked in the cell for the past two days and even the constable misbehaved with him but then when Karan came they all treated him as a star no knowing he is not what he used to be so he got frustrated when Sherlin asks what is his plan.

Prithvi explains he is going to hit two thousand birds with a single arrow, Sherlin asks what is he planning when Prithvi mentions that karan is the last one of the Luthra family as Mahesh is a mental person, who is awake for a little and no one knows where is Rishab. The only person left is Karan Luthra so now what is going to happen will not have been heard, he is going to do something where karan will get hurt the most, the cricket tournament BCCI is coming where he is going to play and become famous which will even benefit the Luthra family, He plans that the only thing which comes out of it is the fire that will ruin everything, she asks if he is going to kill Karan when Prithvi replies eh could have done it four years ago but he is going to keep him alive and make sure he dies each and every day.

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