Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta realizes the truth about Natasha

Kundali Bhagya 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com Shristhi suspects Natasha for stealing all their proofs, she mentions Natasha was strolling beside her however once they went inside she was not current, Shristhi thinks that she noticed how Natasha was following somebody and he was prithvi however earlier than she may do something then Sameer referred to as her inside, Shristhi exclaims if Sameer had not referred to as her then she may need adopted Natasha, Shristhi explains it’s due to Preeta who didn’t enable her to accompany her as a result of in that complete course of she forgot that Prithvi would even be utilizing his brains when Preeta replies that she is aware of Prithvi was the one behind the accident and she or he accepts that Natasha stole their proofs as a result of she got here once they bought in the accident, Preeta explains Natasha is de facto intelligent who would have gone to Sandesh and recorded the confession as a result of of their video all of them had been clearly seen, Preeta leaves in anger exclaiming she just isn’t going to go away Natasha. Natasha lies down on the couch with the headphones when she exclaims that Sherlin would have positioned all of her garments in the wardrobe, when Sherlin replies how can she know as a result of they’re her garments, Natasha explains she ought to place the heat garments in the higher shelf as she doesnot want them always whereas she ought to place the regular day garments in the center shelf. Natasha exclaims Sherlin would even be liking this all when she is liking all of it, Sherlin leaves in anger when Natasha is smiling. She tries to go away however Preeta stops her. Preeta asks Natasha if she goes to answer her with the truth to which Natasha agrees, Preeta explains she is the one who stole the proofs which she had gathered and offered them as she herself gathered all of them, Natasha replies Preeta is unsuitable as a result of she was additionally investigating alongside aspect Preeta, so she is mistaken however Preeta says she assured she is going to inform the truth however she is mendacity, Preeta mentions she may have thought that Natasha after seeing her at the accident spot believed she may not be capable of attain the courtroom on time or has died, she took the proofs however modified them earlier than presenting in the courtroom so she managed to avoid wasting Karan however modified the proofs due to which the identify of Prithvi didn’t are available any case, Preeta questions what kind of sport is she enjoying as it’s actually harmful when Natasha assures she just isn’t enjoying any sport, Preeta sees karan so goes to speak with him however he leaves with out even her. Natasha stands beside Preeta explaining she was additionally looking for all the proofs alongside Preeta, Karan is de facto offended together with her however when she goes to speak with him then he’ll begin speaking together with her, Preeta in anger replies that she doesnot need anybody to intervene in her relationship with Karan, Natasha questions why is she appearing like this as a result of there isn’t a want for such an angle as her relation just isn’t the identical with Karan anymore, which the total household is aware of all of it. Natasha explains that Preeta is blaming she stole the proofs however she has not accomplished something of the kind, Preeta can attempt to show it if she will however Natasha is certain that Preeta will fail to seek out something. Natasha is following Karan requesting him to cease requesting that he should not be offended with Preeta as a result of she was additionally looking for the proofs to guard him and they aren’t tremendous heroes so issues get out of hand, Preeta was additionally making an attempt so much so she is going to really feel unhealthy if he treats her on this approach, folks would begin speaking in the event that they keep away from one another as a result of the truth is that she continues to be the boss of this home, karan questions what can he do if she is the boss as a result of he’s The karan Luthra so is not going to hearken to anybody, Natasha thinks this smug angle is what she likes in Karan, she leaves with a smile. Sherlin strolling to Preeta mentions that anybody can depart whereas scolding her and Karan didn’t even suppose to hearken to her, even when she is the proprietor of this home. Preeta replies that she and her sister should at all times perceive that nobody may even hurt her household, Sherlin replies that that is their household and nobody is doing something unsuitable in opposition to them, Preeta replies that she has lastly understood the actual motive her sister is staying on this home, she is going to take care of her later however Sherlin should not overlook that Preeta is under no circumstances frightened as a result of she gathered these proofs with loads of effort, even when Natasha stole them she is glad as the goal bought fulfilled and Karan is again secure in his house so she just isn’t frightened, Sherlin says she has loads of persistence as a result of she has loads of tensions however just isn’t exhibiting them, Preeta asks Sherlin to not be frightened about her relation as a result of if she tries then can finish her issues with him in a second. Sherlin should be frightened about what occurs with Sherlin and Prithvi as they’re the largest losers of this home, Sherlin thinks that she is glad as a result of even when Natasha is de facto silly, she has nonetheless managed to do a extremely huge factor for her due to which she is de facto glad. Karan in the room hits the suitcase when Preeta enters questioning what occurred, she says if he doesnot even hearken to her then how would issues get sorted to which karan replies he has lastly understood that she Preeta Aurora is in opposition to him, she will get shocked listening to that what he referred to as her so exclaims he’s actually offended together with her so it isn’t the proper time to speak with him, he in anger replies that he doesnot wish to discuss together with her as he is aware of she is in opposition to him. Karan reaches the bar in the home and prepares a glass however he begins recalling the treasured moments spent with Preeta and the way shut they had been to one another. Karan getting annoyed begins pondering from the bottle, Preeta calls him from behind when he in anger breaks the bottle leaving. Preeta is following Karan in the parking when she tries to cease him as he’s about to fall however Natasha reaches to assist him first, he turns exclaiming why is she worrying about him when he has Natasha who not solely saved him in the courtroom but additionally is there by his aspect so she will go to finish her work, she is the boss and her time is the cash, there isn’t a must waste her money and time on him as a result of he can care for himself. Karan will get in the automobile with a smile whereas Natasha helps him in the automobile assuring, she is going to care for Karan, Preeta is frightened about the drink and drive. Preeta is shocked to see somebody operating from the home, she calls the guard to comply with the individual however he manages to run away, she will get tensed questioning what has he lined himself with that’s so sticky. Sherlin closes the door of the room, Prithvi questions why is she so frightened so she explains that somebody throwed this into her room and it has his identify which is why she introduced it to him, Prithvi will get shocked after seeing the letter R and exclaims this is likely to be from the Don in Dubai who they employed for Rishab. Preeta is tensed when Dadi questions why is she shouting, Karina additionally asks the motive she was calling the guards so Preeta informs that she noticed somebody operating close to the home however all of them blame her for simply losing their time, Kritika exclaims that is what she has a behavior of doing. Preeta thinks it’s only a waste of time to speak with them as she noticed that the individual threw one thing in the room of Sherlin which she should go and test.

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