Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Natasha proves the innocence of Karan

Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com The lawyer explains even when Sandesh is a poor individual then why is karan taking the cash from him, he blames if Mr Malkhani is mixing two instances as a result of they’re arguing that karan was concerned in match fixing and they also should solely give attention to the similar factor, Mr Malkhani tries to object however it’s over dominated when the decide informs they’ll give the verdict on this case in the present day as a result of karan was seen in his personal room taking the cash for which they’ve the proof becu8ase he was seen with the similar bag so in keeping with this court docket, karan was certainly concerned in match fixing and simply when the decide is about to announce the verdict, Preeta rushes into the court docket room requesting them to cease as karan is harmless and Prithvi is the actual offender, she takes him into the entrance of the court docket by his hari explaining it was Prithvi who employed Sandesh and gave him the cash to lure Karan, she reveals she has all the proofs in opposition to Prithvi, as she has discovered the confession of Sandesh and the movies that show Prithvi is the offender, the decide asks her to indicate if she has any proof, Preeta tries to seek for them however she is just not capable of finding any in the vase when Kritika explains she is simply performing as a result of she doesn’t have any proof. Mahesh after waking up begins strolling to the door when the nurse asks the place is he going, he says that he wants to guard his son as a result of he’s in peril when the nurse requests him to remain again as a result of his complete household is together with his son, she is going to be sure he talks together with his son in the meantime she is going to give him the drugs, she injects him when he requests her to let him speak together with his son, she exclaims that he’s actually helpless as a result of he construct this complete household with loads of love which is now in ruins. Preeta is looking for the proof however is just not capable of finding them, she throws the container on the flooring in anger, Kritika rushes to face beside Prithvi expali9ning that her husband is harmless, she blames that the decide doesnot know Prithvi as a result of Preeta is making an attempt to get two birds with one stone as she kno0ws each her husband and brother are harmless and Karan can be launched at some point however she is utilizing this to take revenge from her husband, she is aware of Prithvi jee can’t assume of it however Preeta is the one accountable as she would profit it from the most. Shristhi questions why is Kritika speaking like this as a result of after seeing the situation does she assume that her sister can take anybody’s life, Kritika additionally asks her to have a look at Prithvi jee. the decide requests all of them to cease this household drama as a result of the court docket will now give their verdict, Natasha rushes into the court docket room mentioning that she has to say one thing earlier than the court docket offers their verdict. Judge asks her to come back and say it in the witness field, Natasha additionally pleads for the innocence of Karan when he asks if Natasha has any proof, she mentions the decide has seen all the photographs however she desires him to see these movies as nicely, Sherlin will get frightened pondering what new drama is Natasha planning. Natasha thinks that when she stepped out of the automotive, she was shocked to see why these each automobiles obtained in the accident, she checked Preeta who was unconscious which is when she realized that Preeta is unconscious, she took out all the proofs from the container together with the USB stick, from which she was capable of see the proof, she took all of them leaving Preeta and Prithvi, Natasha thinks then she went to Sandesh displaying him the video which he tried to grab, however she threatened she has loads different proofs as a result of he’s about to get trapped however then he should say all of it whereas dealing with her, she explains she is Natasha in entrance of the complete world however her actual title is Payal, she says he should simply give the confession in entrance of her as a result of she would be sure he leaves Mumbai inside half an hour, however after discovering out about her he would notice she does what she needs, she asks if he is able to give the confession when he agrees to offer it. Sandesh is confessing that he trapped Karan when Preeta stands mentioning that she was proper as a result of Prithvi is the one behind all of it, he trapped karan however Natasha explains she means the individual sitting behind Prithvi as a result of he from the again appears to be like precisely like Karan and is the one who gave the cash to Sandesh. The decide asks him to come back in the witness field, prithvi thanks Natasha when she replies she has all the proofs in opposition to Prithvi which she may have offered to the court docket, she didn’t give the decide any of them however as a substitute used solely these which had been wanted to save lots of karan but when he and Sherlin attempt to are available in his manner ever once more then she is going to current them in the court docket so he’s nicely conscious of the conditions in the jail, she presses his accidents mentioning that she refused to do inflict any ache however some individuals tried to break her goals as a result of of which she has to as soon as once more resort to the earlier methods.
The prosecutor stands asking who’s the individual behind the trapping of karan when Mr Malkhani explains that he’s doing the similar factor as this case to show the innocence of karan and proper now they should give attention to it, the decide orders the police to file a case in opposition to Prince after which he guidelines that Karan is harmless listening to which everyone seems to be delighted when the decide leaves, Karan leaves to hug his complete household one after the other whereas Preeta can be smiling, he after hugging Dadi hugs Kritika however will get indignant seeing Preeta, he walks over to her however then goes to Natasha thanking her for every part, she replies she is glad that he’s coming again to the home whereas Preeta is tensed, all of them stroll away from the court docket room whereas Preeta is left standing there, Kritika helps Prithvi who remains to be harm, he appears to be like at Preeta after which drops the telephone, he says he came upon what it means to lose one thing after getting it, Kritika says they want to return house so leaves with Prithvi, Preeta is admittedly tensed standing in the empty court docket room.

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