Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahesh Tries To Strangle Rakhi In The Birthday Party

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Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2022 Written Update


Sameer opens the door to the wardrobe , Natasha falls out of the wardrobe. Sameer is quick to return and finds Shristhi, Sameer sprinkles water over her after she starts awakening, he wonders what happened since Natasha is lying in a state of unconsciousness, he asks what took place when Shristhi demands that he go and get up Natasha, Sameer even pours water over her, Shristhi asks who was responsible for the incident, and asks if she can remember anything, Natasha reveals that she was heading to the living room when she was hit with a back kick, Shristhi says that this was her experience in the same manner. Shristhi inquires regarding Preeta from Sameer and he responds that she was at the party. Shristhi goes away, and asks Natasha to look after herself. Natasha believes she’s skilled at making up stories and decides to and tell Sherlin as well as Prithvi about what transpired here this morning.

Prithvi attempts to wake Shelrin but she’s not responding. He sprinkles water on her, revealing that he’s her Punnu baby He even attempts to shower her with water after she pushes him away and yells that the man tried to kill her She is about to leave of the area when he decides to apologize and she says he’ll receive his apology the day he beats Preeta as the Punnu baby she has known for a long time does not lose, Prithvi assures that he is exactly like him and will definitely beat her this time, as the way he reacts will make her lose, Sherlin exclaims that he is no longer able to refer to her child as her own, prithvi vows to do something to defeat Preeta.

Sherlin is thrilled to watch Preeta performing together with Karan, Sameer questions what transpired to her, is she aware of who struck her? Shristhi says that she thinks that they should just keep their conversation to themselves and not talk about it, Shristhi apologizes, saying she was unaware that they weren’t talking about what had was happening in the past, she tries to explain herself but she refuses to allow him to.

The whole Luthra household is dancing as Mahesh is enjoying their couples dance. He requests a drink that is offered to him after Preeta and Karan bring them both to the dancefloor, Prithvi wonders what’s going on as everyone is dancing. He thinks that Preeta has not spoken to anyone about what took place in her mind. Preeta is looking at him with an immense rage. Rakhi begins to dance with Mahesh after which everyone follows them one after the other, Sherlin wonders why Prithvi doing this even in such many trouble. Prithvi is invited to meet Dr Jhariwala. Mahesh soon becomes uneasy, he gets lost in thought and is convinced that there’s a snake hanging from Rakhi’s neck and begins to suffocate her in rage, trying to forget about it within his own head, everyone is stunned by her screaming. Rakhi wonders what she is doing, and the Judge and Lawyer are stressed, prithvi starts smiling when everyone attempts to keep them , and Dr Jhariwala demands they take away from him as Prithvi demands that the doctor examine Mahesh and they manage to get him into the hospital., karan rushes to Rakhi asking concerning her medical condition. The Judge is able to reveal that the health of Mahesh jee remains the same as it was before, but in the past, he believed that Mahesh is now normal and was about to declare her fit, however the judge is happy that he didn’t because Mahesh remains a mentally ill patient and not normal. Therefore, the Judge will recommend not to bring Mahesh to family members and treat Mahesh as a mental patient.

Prithvi is asked by Rakhi whether she’s okay when he tells her Mahesh isn’t there, but all thanks to the doctor who prescribed Mahesh the medication that she needed. Dr Jhariwala states that it could take Mahesh an extended period of time to be well, but they shouldn’t be naive because he’s not feeling well and the judge also clarifies that he believed that Karan isn’t an undeveloped person The judge also explains that Dr Jhariwala states that he claims to love his father , so why would he do such actions that could cause harm to his own father? Preeta demands that the judge not blame Karan as the blame lies with her because she wanted to host the event. Rakhi accepts the blame for herself and says she asked Preeta for the party because she believed that he’d be happy close to his family but had no idea he could take on this kind of behavior.

Preeta is in a standing position as Karan is explaining how the reason he said he was grateful since Mahesh had embraced him, but before that, he tried to prevent her from hosting the party, but she didn’t listen to him and now has to determine the consequences of what transpired. Karan puts his hands together declaring that all her issues have to do with him, so she should not involve her family members in this. He states that he is the youngest one in his family, but nobody ever speaks to him. He then discloses the reason that he began to play cricket and explains that Dad had a stroke in the wake of that Mom was always there as Rishab and Bua were busy with their company, therefore he began playing in the hall and deliberately hit it into the rooms to ensure that they pay the ball their attention. Karan inquires about what has happened to her as the thought was that she cared very much about the family, however it’s not true since she is an uncaring person who doesn’t have any other motives than her own personal interests. She might have asked him to however she’s an altered person. Preeta quits.

Dadi is begging Rakhi to not speak a word. She is wondering what the reason is. Rakhi is able to trust Preeta such a way since she is not convinced Preeta could lie but this isn’t the truth. Sameer insists that it’s not true because all were thrilled when he came out from the basement. This is not the fault of Preeta.

Kritika claims that he shouldn’t speak since everyone has made a mistake when they believed in Preeta even when Preetvi tried to inform them about the consequences of what could have transpired, but they were not listening, therefore if they must blame anyone else, they must take responsibility for Preeta and themselves. She observes Karina crying and rushes over to her, asking her what has happened, Karina reveals she really likes Rakhi quite a bit and wouldn’t have been capable of letting herself forgive herself if Bhai had not suffocated her just somewhat more. She blames herself and explains that she shouldn’t have made such a decision based on emotion, and pondered the matter with a clear head.

Rakhi is seen standing up and explains that she and her friend are both wrong since Mahesh did not intend to strangle her, he was just trying to save her from the snake. She then explains that Mahesh believed that the necklace she was wearing was an animal, but she was in a panic when she pulled the necklace, which resulted in the wound. In reality, he was looking to protect her. Karina declares she is free to say whatever she likes however she should not be acting with emotion. Kritika affirms that it’s not their fault and is the strategy of Preeta because she was expecting her to be blamed and then be insulted.

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