Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi causes the accident to prevent Preeta from reaching the court

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com Preeta thanks the supervisor, he apologizes for not having the ability to accompany her to the court in any other case he might have certainly come together with her, Preeta replies that she has already thanked her rather a lot, the supervisor trying behind her mentions that is the similar one that is in the CCTV, he doesnot know what’s he doing right here, Preeta trying again to Prithvi replies that she is aware of what he desires to do and so run away, Prithvi runs after her however the supervisor tries to cease him when Prithvi pushes him away, he threatens to hit the supervisor with the pot. In the court, the prosecutor is displaying the picture wherein Karan is being arrested with the luggage full of cash when Karan refuses that it belongs to him, Sameer additionally informs that he’s the one who dropped Karan to the stadium after which gave the keys of the automobile to the valet after which one thing fallacious might need occurred, the choose asks him to sit down. Mr Mehra the lawyer explains how he felt that karan would make up an actual rationalization and never such a silly story however he has forgotten that typically after they strive to hit a six with out seeing, then find yourself getting catch out. Karan says he can blame no matter he needs however this bag doesnot belong to him, the lawyer exhibits the picture of Sandesh which karan acknowledges when the lawyer replies he’s glad karan acknowledged somebody, Karan says it’s not against the law to take the sweets and flowers as a result of this isn’t against the law when the lawyer says he’ll show Karan is fallacious, he exhibits the photographs wherein karan is in the room with Sandesh. Prithvi runs out yelling at the automobile, saying Preeta ran away from him when he realizes that her automobile continues to be parked and this implies she didn’t depart, Preeta is hiding behind the bushes when she thinks that she has been trapped right here and so wants to attain the court, prithvi is the automobile and so he exclaims that she goes to lose and he received, he sit son the bonnet of her automobile pondering that she will be unable to attain the court as he’s nonetheless right here to prevent all of it, Preeta secretly runs to the different automobile and appears at him, he rapidly tries to observe her after which hits her in the again with a stick so she falls on the floor, he exclaims she misplaced to him as he didn’t permit her to attain the court which she desires to go together with the proof however will be unable to, Preeta hits him in the leg informing she just isn’t going to again off and can make sure that Karan is launched, she rushes into the automobile locking it complete Prithvi tries to cease her however she has locked the automobile and drives off. Prithvi begins following her with all his may, driving as quick as he can when he sees that she slowed down due to the pace breakers and so he decides to warn her however she doesnot pay attention, and drives as quick as she will. Prithvi thinks he ought to have simply pushed her out of the highway and so takes a shortcut. Preeta is relieved that Prithvi has stopped following her, she stops the automobile placing all the proofs in a container when a black automobile passes by her, she thinks it’s prithvi however will get relieved, prithvi nonetheless stops the automobile in entrance of Preeta, pondering she was a pleasant woman however stood towards her and so is now his enemy, they only have to be killed. He hits her automobile inflicting an accident. Karan in the court room yells the identify of Preeta, he tries to run out when the police deliver him again to the witness field, the lawyer warns him to not act since he’s beneath arrest, the choose warns karan as a result of he’s not in his home and that is the court, if he tries to run as soon as once more then can be charged with much more crimes, the lawyer explains that Karan has tried his greatest to run away however Karan refuses all of it, the lawyer then questions what does he have to say about the picture wherein he’s taking the cash, karan refuses to settle for that he has taken any cash, the choose questions how is Karan to deny it after they can clearly see all of it. Karan informs he actually loves his sport and his dad and mom haven’t introduced him up in such a means that he can be fantastic with taking the bribe, the choose just isn’t satisfied informing he has heard a whole lot of emotional tales in the court so if karan has any proof then ought to current it, Karan requests the choose to belief him as he can’t do something fallacious. Prithvi and Preeta each are unconscious of their automobiles after the accident, they slowly begin to get up however Prithvi regains consciousness earlier than Preeta, he begins calming himself earlier than selecting the metallic rod positioned in his automobile, he slowly walks out of his automobile, trying if anybody noticed the accident. He walks over to the automobile of Preeta with the rod in his hand, he holds his head whereas Preeta continues to be unconscious, he opens the door of the automobile pulling her again due to which she slowly wakes up, he begins pulling her out of the automobile when she acts as if she continues to be not awake, he sits beside her pondering what did she pressure him to do, he exclaims that hates her rather a lot, however didn’t need to kill her as a result of she nonetheless resides in his coronary heart. Preeta doesnot even know the extent of his love, he saved her a whole lot of instances however then stands up exclaiming at this time her chapter goes to finish, she manages to hit him with the rod so he falls on the floor holding his head. She picks it up placing it in the automobile. Preeta rushes to the again and pulls Prithvi together with his legs earlier than getting in the automobile whereas he’s in the trunk, she tries her greatest to drive the automobile. Karan pleads that he didn’t take any bribe from anybody, and would he have taken any picture of the crime, the lawyer explains that he has taken it in the room, somebody in the room would have taken the picture in order that Karan doesnot deviate from the reality. Mr Malkhani stands mentioning he doesnot imagine any of the proofs and allegations which they’ve introduced as a result of in accordance to them Karan took the cash to earn however the one that is giving the cash, just isn’t current in the court however as a substitute is on the run, he exhibits the arrest warrant filed towards Sandesh revealing that he’s not a wealthy particular person however only a pawn as another person is the actual mastermind behind this case, Sherlin will get tensed listening to this whereas karan can also be pissed off.

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