Kumkum Bhagya 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir Saves Prachi

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Rhea tells Prachi that she is doing all this to insult mummy/Pallavi and asks her to get up from pooja mandap as only she will sit beside Ranbir for pooja. Prachi taunts her with a befitting reply that a crow cannot become a peacock if it shouts that it’s a peacock. Pallavi warns her to stop. Prachi humbly requests her not to ask her to get up as she doesn’t want to disrespect pooja. Pallavi angrily orders Ranbir to get up from there. Ranbir tells Prachi that he told her that they should leave their house, but she didn’t listen to him. He asks Vikram if he wants this to happen. Vikram and Dida him and order Panditji to start the Pooja. Pooja starts.

Aliya orders Nick to cut the chandelier rope until there is the last thread left as she herself wants to cut the last one. Nick starts cutting the rope. Prachi and Ranvvir perform pooja as per Panditji’s instructions. After pooja, Ranbir shows aarti to Pallavi, Prachi says they say god fulfill their wishes even if they don’t sit in pooja. Pallavi loudly prays to god to get Prachi out of her and her son’s lives, says she wanted to pray for her son’s conscience but he himself doesn’t know what he needs. She walks to Vikram and says she cannot ask God to give him some conscience as he doesn’t know whom to support and tells Dida that she is supporting the wrong person. Dida says she wants to slap Pallavi.

Prachi and Ranbir stand under the Chandelier. Ranbir walks away. Prachi prays to protect her family and set everything right between Ranbir and Pallavi. Aliya insists Nick to cut the rope soon. Shahana thinks she forgot her phone in Prachi’s room and walks towards it when she sees Aliya and asks what is she looking at. Nick hides rope’s cut side with his kerchief. Aliya yells at Shahana that it’s none of her business. Shahana leaves. Aliya cuts the last rope thread. Ranbir notices the chandelier falling on Prachi, runs and saves her on time. Everyone is shocked seeing that. Rhea notices Aliya rushing down and rejoining family. Aliya signals Nick to leave. Shahana notices Nick walking out suspiciously. Ranbir asks who cut the chandelier rope and seeing Nick walking out who is he. Shahana says he is the one who cut the chandelier rope. Ranbir runs behind Nick. Nick steps on a nail and injures his foot while running away.

Prachi sits in shock. Dida and Shahanak ask if she is fine. Pallavi asks why did Ranbir run behind a waiter. Aliya says he must be a thief and asks everyone to check their belongings. Rhea thinks Aliya cleverly turned a murder attempt into robbery. Nick calls Aliya and informs her that he is injured and needs help. Ranbir catches him following bloodstains, but he pushes Ranbir away and escapes in a car. Ranbir returns home and addresses family that they should understand his feelings. Prachi walks to him. Aankh Utthi Mohabbat Me.. song plays in the background. Rhea recalls Aliya leaving informing her that she is going to save injured Nick. Police walk in. Ranbir says he told the family that they may feel bad and says he had to reveal the truth to the inspector as someone somebody tried to harm Prachi. Nick tells Aliya that he had to inform Ranbir that he cut the chandelier to harm Prachi.

Precap: Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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