Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com The Episode starts with Aaliya shouting Prachi. They make Rhea sit on the sofa. Vikram asks Ranbir to call Doctor. Aaliya asks if she is fine? Rhea says her hand is broken and tells that she is feeing dizzy and her body is paining. Ranbir says doctor is on the way. Aaliya says how did you fall down? Rhea says she stood close to the balcony and fell down with the railing. Dida says how can this be possible. Aaliya says I was right and shouts calling Prachi. Ranbir asks why are you calling her? Aaliya says you people have to do something about Prachi, they stay in the same house, and says how can Rhea live in danger. Pallavi asks what do you want to say? Aaliya says Prachi wants to kill Rhea. Dida says she started again. Ranbir asks her not to say it again and says I know you are stressed. Rhea asks why, because Prachi’s name came. She says I can manage the pain, and will not die, but if everyone close their die, and Ranbir acts to ignore then I will die. She asks Aaliya to call Police and tell that someone was trying to murder me. Pallavi says we shouldn’t call the cops. Dida says yes. Vikram says we shall talk. Ranbir says it was an accident and even Police will say this. Aaliya asks why are you ignoring everything and asks what do you want, do you want Police to come when Rhea dies. Pallavi asks what are you saying? Aaliya says what Rhea had said in warehouse. Prachi tries to kill Rhea, and Nick had said that Prachi had hired him to kill Rhea, then also you feel that Prachi is helpless and you people are giving a chance to Prachi to attack Rhea, until she dies. She says if you don’t believe me and says I will do what is good for Rhea. She says she is my responsibility and I will do what is right for her. you people might think about your reputation, but I will not. She is about to call Police. Ranbir takes the phone in her hand. Shahana comes there. Ranbir says I don’t want Police to come. Aaliya says call Prachi here, and says she knows that Rhea is having the childhood habit that she stands close to the window. She says I am sure that she did something with railing so that Rhea falls down from it. Shahana asks really and asks do you think that Prachi has done this, and don’t have any work, and keeps eye on Rhea’s every move, make list and thinks what to do with her. She says you people think that she always think about bringing Ranbir closer to her, then when did she think about Rhea. She says when did she think to do something with railing to make Rhea fall? She asks Aaliya to think what she wants. Pallavi says she has called Police and they are coming. Ranbir asks what did you do? Pallavi says Aaliya is right, Nick told us that Prachi wants to kill her, and she had hired him. Ranbir says Prachi haven’t hired him. Pallavi says then who is the real culprit. She says you are overreacting to protect Prachi. Aaliya asks why Nick had taken Prachi’s name. Ranbir says I just know that Prachi can’t do this. Vikram asks him to relax and says we can’t stress him. He asks Pallavi to stop Police and says the two sisters fight in the house always. Aaliya says if this is the case, then I have to complain against all the family members, that they all want to kill Rhea. Shahana says all family members want to kill Rhea and asks her to ask Rhea what she had done. She says when you have decided, then why are you acting to call Police, give her punishment instead. She says you will blame Prachi always, even if mirror is broken. She says Prachi regards her as her sister, and will not attempt to kill her. Rhea asks her to stop it and says neither I regard her as my sister nor I regard her, she calls me sautan, illegal sautan. She says when sautan is illegal, then the ways to make her leave from the way might be illegal too. Prachi comes home and thinks to go home directly. She thinks nobody shall see her. Rhea says atleast Buji takes care of me and supports me, and loves me like a mother. She says my real sister is doing enemy’s work and that’s why my Buji felt bad. Pallavi hugs Rhea and says this is not like that, we all are with you. She says I know we can’t love you like Aaliya, but we all love you a lot. Update in Progress

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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