Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi To Inform Ranbir About Her Pregnancy

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2022 Written Updates


The show begins with Ranbir inviting the guests to join in a large applause to his parents for their anniversary. Ranbir asks Vikram as well as Pallavi to join in dancing. Vikram as well as Pallavi dance at the celebration. Chali Chali song plays. …..Dida and they join them. Everyone cheers them on. Prachi is talking to Ranbir and tells him that it looks like you’d like to dance. Ranbir says no. Prachi says I’d like to dance. Ranbir says that if you’d like to dance, then I’d like to join in too. Rhea believes Ranbir will not accept. Prachi insists on leaving it. Ranbir declares that we’ll dance and promises to inform DJ. He demands Prachi not to disturb her mood or mind and assigns the responsibility to Shahana. Prachi smiles. Rhea is upset and walks away to the back. Aaliya is behind her. Rhea contacts the doctor and inquires about Prachi’s report. Doctor tells her that I’ve sent the reports to my chauffeur Vishal and has asked for him to deliver the information to you. Rhea believes that once the reports are released, they will dance and she will leave the home. She says that not only that the report is coming but also women from NGO’s. Aaliya observes NGO women arriving and she goes to them. She is smacks into Dida and apologizes. Dida is asked by Pallavi whether she is familiar with the women. Pallavi does not know, and she doesn’t know who been in touch with them.

Ranbir and Prachi take to the dance floor. Aaliya is arousing the women from NGO against Prachi and tells them that she dances with Ranbir. She claims that other family members will reveal her true story once reports are released. She claims I will introduce you to family members from other families. Ranbir is curious about Prachi to explain why she would like be able to dance along with him this afternoon. Prachi asks when I tell you? And then she tells me that I told you that I would like to dance. She claims I’m trying to make you dance. He says lie. She claims she was pity for him, and she thought of dancing. He requests her to show him more compassion and show him love. Pallavi is furious when she sees Prachi as well as Ranbir dancing, and asks what happened to Rhea. Ranbir as well as Prachi continue dancing. Vikram smiles when he sees them dancing. Everyone cheers when their dancing is finished. Ranbir acknowledges the guests and invites for them to relax. Pallavi is wondering where did Rhea went? Rhea notices a person moving from behind and asks who’s there?

Prachi smiles and puts the flower from her hand and reminisces about the dance she had with Ranbir. Prachi is delighted. Ranbir arrives and asks if she’s there. She says that she is not there and holds her hand in her mouth. Ranbir says that I saw you. Prachi says it’s great. Prachi holds his hand. Prachi says let me go. Ranbir asks, where is your destination? Prachi declares that he doesn’t know. He asks you why you were hiding? She responds that she doesn’t know. He rubs her chin, and asks one answer. Will you respond to my question. He tells people that love is only once in a lifetime, and asks if you would be able to love me again. Prachi believes that the first love remains. Ranbir insists that she love him again , and says that I promise to never let you break your heart once ever again. If your heart breaks, my breath will cease. Prachi puts his the kiss to his cheek. He is crying. kya pyaar karogi mujhse plays……

Prachi wipes away tears and becomes emotional. He asks, why did you need to take so long? He says that if you been able to touch me in this manner you would’ve felt calm. He says that every moment without your presence is just like the day that my entire life was gone. Prachi apologizes and then gets tears in her eyes. He wipes her tears away and is there to kiss her cheeks. He also smiles and holds his cheeks. Song is still playing …..Prachi recalls the conversation she had with Shahana and requests him to meet her around 9pm on the terrace because she would like give him something that has to do with their relationship. He asks if it’s an unexpected gift for him. Prachi responds yes and asks him to never forget. He asks him what he can do until then? She suggests he go to the terrace to look up the stars. Ranbir promises to go back to his room and shift his stuff into her room. He is excited.

Pallavi is at Aaliya and wants to introduce her Aaliya to her friends. Aaliya is the first to introduce them. Pallavi requests Vikram to meet guests. Women from NGO wishes them a Happy Anniversary and say we pray for your son to is able to mark the anniversary each year, just like you do. Vikram is able to see an image of someone else, and apologizes for himself. Aaliya informs Pallavi that she’ll be doing her usual intro to the ladies. Pallavi wonders, what’s there? Vikram phoned someone, and says that I’ve seen you, come over. Aaliya informs Pallavi the truth that Prerna, Shobha and Kusum were here to work for NGO but not my buddies. She claims that they’ll expose Prachi.

Pallavi insists on exposing and asks you what you intend to reveal about Prachi that I’m not certain about. Aaliya remembers Rhea telling her not to reveal anything to anyone until they have the information, and Prachi may know, and she gets her counter plan in place but this time she’s not going to give her a chance. Aaliya declares that we will inform Pallavi. Rhea is not convinced and demands that she make a promise to her. Aaliya promises her. fb ends. Pallavi questions Aaliya what happenedthat caused her to seek out help from an NGO. Aaliya declares that she knows what Prachi did, but she’s not sati savitri She asks the girl to explain to them about how she was wed to Ranbir and had an additional marriage affairs together with Sid in the exact same family.

Then she tried to protect Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding. A woman from a non-governmental organization inquires about the truth about Prachi. Pallavi affirms that each word is true. She also says that, since Prachi is to our home, she has destroyed our lives as our son wanted to get rid of Rhea but she stayed to ruin their lives. A woman from a non-governmental organization says that we are meeting this person for the very first time. Aaliya exalts Pallavi and requests for them to give prachi be aware of the need to go out of the home. The NGO woman says that you are familiar with our methods. Aaliya recalls them telling her they would darken her face. Pallavi claims that she isn’t so innocent as she appears. The women of NGO tell Pallavi the fact that Prachi will be exiled from society too. Pallavi thank them for their help.

Precap: Rhea informs Aaliya that she’s seen Prachi together with Siddharth. She records their conversation. Ranbir discovers the report and is ready opening the envelope.

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