Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Rhea Believes That Prachi Is Pregnant With Sidharth’s Child

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.in.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th Feb 2022 Written Updates

Rhea as she walks thinks that she is wondering if sahana is pregnant , then how come Prachi orally showing the signs of pregenitor when she goes to the wardrobe and Pallavi arrives and asks what she doing there, Rhea exclaims she needs keys due to an urgent task, Pallavi asks what she is thinking of doing now, Rhea goes to try to open the door, but Prachi is able to open it and asks questions about the door. Rhea declares she thought of throwing away the keys that were not practical, Prachi replies she speak extremely convincing lies, however Prachi is able to locate the keys, she is aware that Rhea is not angry , she is stressed and visible in her expression. She is aware that Rhea has come to check on her since she’s got plenty of free time. Sahana is asking why Prachi not accompany her, when she explains that Dida calls them. Prachi states that she has to stand by since she was greeted by a cat and she demands Rhea to hand over the keys to the people to whom they belong as it’s to her advantage, Prachi leaves.

Prachi along with Sahana are walking and Sahana proclaims that Prachi was scolded by Rhea for which she felt great, Sahana is curious about what transpired when she appears to be tense, Prachi says she is feeling something is not right with her child. Sahana assures her that nothing bad could befall her, she then asks what Prachi thinking about now, Prachi explains she feels Rhea always watching her, as she doesn’t believe the flimsy story of Sahana, Dida opens the door, asking why is Sahana talking to Prachi even though she has called them both, and they have to get in.

Prachi and Sahana come in after Ranbir is sitting. Prachi shouts Dida has called them to discuss to Ranbir, Dida explains she would like to speak with them both, and they both should be friends, however Ranbir and Prachi declares that it’s impossible. Prachi states he’s got an attitude problem which is as Ranbir responds with her ego, she states that she is a bit cocky, Ranbir exclaims she is always fighting, however Prachi declares that he doesn’t know how to communicate, Ranbir replies she doesnot even speak to him, so Prachi claims she is not able to speak to strangers. Ranbir declares that he isn’t talking to her. Prachi claims she’s talking to Dida and she says they’re both talking to her. She mentions that friendship does not just consist about sharing cards or bands but also about ending the divisions, however they don’t do anything, but the time to end it is tomorrow.

Ranbir questions what is crucial when Dida declares tomorrow will be an anniversary for Vikram and Pallavi So she wishes them both to stop the rifts that have been brewing over the anniversary, Prachi assures she will be there for to commemorate the birthday of her daughter-in-law. law. She requests that they both to hold hands. Prachi and Ranbir are also in agreement.
Rhea is walking, so Pallavi asks her whether she’s completed her task with keys, she must return it so that she can place them back in the correct place, Rhea says she doesn’t know where they are. Pallavi asks what she is saying , since she was the one who had them. Rhea remembers she threw them in the room with fury, she walks away, saying they are inside her room, so she’ll return them.

Dida states that now they’ve been given all the promises, that they will not fight, and her hand is in the middle, so everyone have to accept what she tells them to do. She requests Sahana to take out the pen and paper. Sahana excitedly announces she’ll ensure that the friendship is documented on paper. Dida insists that she leave the friendship relationship from the contract. Sahana takes out her notebook, Dida states she’ll be the one in charge of catering. Sahana is writing it in the way she wants it to be so Dida must clarify her thinking, stating that she is aware of the things her son and daughter-in-law law are like, she is aware of the arrangements that must be prepared for such occasions, Prachi exclaims she will make a special Ghewar because Dad loves it. maybe it’s more unique, Ranbir proposes to handle arrangements for DJ and music, Sahana asks who will invite guests, Dida replies guests only are invited by the elders them. Prachi declares she will manage the decorations , when Dida states that she is sure that nobody can manage decor better than she does, Ranbir claims that nobody could fight like her, Prachi is curious about what he did claim, Dida also informs he said he would not fight, when Ranbir says he has promised that he would not fight again the next day, Sahana suggests writing it down after the two Ranbir and Prachi proclaim she’s in a state of shock. Rhea is walking and considers the fact that Ranbir is smiling while sitting with her adversaries, she screams that he behaves as if that he loves her, but he is actually laughing alongside them all.

Rhea runs into the room after wrestling with the keys. She is stunned to find the achar lying on the table. She wonders what’s going on in the bedroom of Prachi and is stunned to find a knife lying on the bed and also discovers lemons on the bed. Rhea is able to locate some pills inside the garbage bins, when she declares that Prachi is expecting, Rhea goes to the bathroom, where she discovers the phone, Rhea determines the password, and is stunned to find the message from Sidharth that says Prachi must look after her child as well as herself. Rhea notices that someone is coming and immediately puts the mobile in the bathroom. Aaliya is stunned to be able to see Rhea and asks what going on in her room.

Rhea is curious about why anyone would want to eat things such as Achar and lemons. Aaliya proclaims when she is pregnant. Rhea asks whether Bu jee doesn’t understand what’s going on. Prachi is set to become Sidharth’s mother and the reason she kept the truth from her was to ensure her position in the family, however when they show Prachi is going to be the mother of another’s child, Ranbir will himself remove her from the home, Aaliya asks what they can do now? Rhea says they must place the blame on her like they did when they claimed she had an affair in Sidharth. Prachi declares that she is the spouse of Ranbir but he won’t be able to endure this, Aaliya questions what kind of evidence they have since no one will accept their claims, Rhea informs they need to present the whole picture and has the whole day tomorrow to collect those evidence.

Dida wonders what the pair are contemplating as she has to locate the dress. Ranbir suggests it should be white and black, with silver. Prachi adds that it will look great when she explains that she will decorate her home with red and white. Ranbir says she could include golden elements in the dress, Prachi says she’s even decorated it with this ornament in the past when Ranbir states they decorated the old house for Robby’s birthday. He has even proposed to his lover. They both laugh as Prachi suddenly states that she has to go to bed, Sahana asks whether Ranbir actually has to rest when he mentions that he has to complete some work. Sahana says she is the most important task of all. She will be taking care of all of them, Ranbir says she is already lazy and Dida supports her, Sahana informs she is proud of her, Ranbir is looking at Prachi as Sahana starts snarking at him, as does Dida. He is also standing to leave when Dida insists that he should go to his space, Sahana replies he is her Bubblo.

In the early morning Vikram as well as Pallavi both talk in the phone and are accepting wishes, when Dida comes in with the thali. She stunned, they end their call following which they are shocked when she tells them they are her sons and daughters in law, so she is entitled to first wish them, they hug each other She asks the two to kneel and receive her blessings. Dida also suggests they make any special request to the event.

Prachi is instructing decorators on how to arrange the flowers as the roses will be the main element. Sahana suggests she provide them with information about the golden hue that Ranbir suggested. Prachi insists that she needs to take some time to work on it, Sahana assures she is working hard and she doesn’t think it’s a problem when she takes her name as Ranbir and he is standing in the corner, simply looking at Prachi.

A precap Prachi abruptly falls ill. Shahana is quick to help her. Ranbir and others are present. Rhea informs Aaliya that her doctor will perform Prachi’s examination and that there is no way to prevent her from showing Prachi. Doctor tells Rhea she is pregnant. Prachi was pregnant. Aaliya informs Rhea Tonight, don’t only Prachi’s report, but the best days are about to begin.

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