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Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode Written Updates

Prachi claims she will always try to be peaceful alongside her mother and Mummi je, but they don’t allow her to, Pallavi responds that she is not pleasant at all, his believes that her thoughts are bad and her actions are unclean however they don’t want anything from her, Prachi says she’ll talk in a polite manner with her. Pallavi declares she doesn’t exhibit the same manners that were taught to her by her mother. Pallavi begins to blame her, asking what she is discussing since she didn’t aid Rhea and is now in jail. Prachi is referred to as her sister. Prachi was calling her by several name in the presence of NGO staff, and even made Ranbir to fill her mouth with Kumkum after she contacted the police and the NGO. Prachi says she has cleaned the Kumkum out of her Mang.

Ranbir asks what happened after she washed the Kumkum, Pallavi replies it isn’t like she’s saying , and he should be aware of the whole truth. Prachi apologizes after Aaliya says that there aren’t many people who have this ability to apologize for their mistakes Prachi responds that she would never want to start a war between parents and their son. Ranbir goes off without even listening, Pallavi attempts to discipline Prachi after Vikram orders her to rest and even advises Mummi jee to go to bed because she wouldn’t be able to sleep when there is lighting. Aaliya declares that today was a disaster and it’s not worthwhile to talk about it.

Pallavi is in the room in which Vikram is seated. She declares that he will be content, Vikram replies he will rest peacefully knowing that he has not committed any error and she’ll have a difficult time as she is aware of her mistake Prachi but doesn’t accept her error, Pallavi declares she is talking about their relationship, as they are married and have to stand by each other. However, why does he think she’s wrong, Vikram says that the person sitting in his face is not his wife. All of them, including her son, husband, and mother-in-law believe she is right but she refuses to accept it. He chooses pillows to go whenever she asks where going to go, he claims not to sleep when the peace of thoughts, Pallavi inquires about what time did Prachi speak to her, Vikram in anger throws the pillows and tells her she should accept her mistakes, otherwise she could be losing her husband and son and husband, he also orders the worker to let the guest room open.

Ranbir falls on something, He kneels down to retrieve it, but the item isn’t able to look away from Prachi and she asks what he’s doing as it is her space, Ranbir coming exclaims that is trying to understand what she is doing, but has figured out a some, she just wants him to stay away, however, if someone enters her life, she plays the game and asks him to stay in the distance, but when someone is near, she shrugs them off. Prachi wonders what he’s telling her, she turns when he touches her, mentioning she deliberately sent her driver to honeymoon, as she wanted to him fill her mang, and he fulfilled it, Prachi declares it was a feat, Ranbir replies he doesnot think about it, but he knows the feelings she has for her, but until she is unable to feel anything in her heart, and he does not be feeling anything, he would not fall for her trap because he’s been taught to swim. If she is not feeling any affection for him, he will be unable to do anything. He was trying to convince her that he loved her before but now has to know that all that transpires is the result of her actions. If the two of them get close or go away from her it’s because of her actions. Ranbir leaves and informs that he’s never seen a girl so gorgeous in Kumkum like her. Prachi is unable to keep her head up and lies on the bed, holding the pillow.

In the morning, Prachi sleeps when she awakes to hear an object break. She gets up to look and is shocked to see Rhea standing over the vase, asking the reason behind this, Rhea apologizes that her sleep was disrupted, so there’s no need to break it. Rhea declares she is very happy in the moment that Prachi is upset and is not allowed to think that this vase fell because of a mistake, as she deliberately did it, Ranbir comes questioning what is happening, Rhea hugs him mentioning how much she misses him. Ranbir watching Prachi is also saying he misses her a lot and inquires what’s wrong with her and she hugging as Prachi returns to her room. Rhea admits she was feeling bad because she wasn’t able to finish her honeymoon, but whatever, she’s likely to be with Prachi at breakfast table after having a fresh.

Ranbir is slowly walking toward the room of Prachi as she closes the window. Seeing that Ranbir is about to leave. Prachi is not feeling well in her bedroom she is almost vomit, so she rushes for the bathroom.

The whole family is eating breakfast together, Aaliya wonders why Rhea only eaten the poha since she needs to eat something else. She even makes a toast for her. Pallavi declares that she’s prepared this juice especially for her. Sahana declares that she would have be in jail had she thought that she will be treated so graciously following their return from prison after a week. Rhea wonders if she’s becoming jealous that her smart Prachi was not able to receive the affection she is receiving

. Dida wonders why she is speaking in a way that is not right Aaliya and Pallavi has plenty of other obligations but she’ll always have a love affair with Prachi as much and the more she hates them, will make her more enthralled with Prachi, Prachi is hurt and is forced to get up and leave as Dida, Vikram and even Sahana choose the meal, Prachi questions where are they going to go when Dida declares that she doesn’t want to sit at the table because it brings been a source of negativity for her, Prachi replies she knows that they all love her a great deal, so they shouldn’t be concerned, Vikram asks why she is getting so upset after talking about love. Prachi says there’s not much to fret about, and departs, Ranbir confirms that he’s eaten enough of breakfast. Vikram invites him to look at the record of Junega. Rhea has to leave, making the excuse that she needs to do an assignment to complete.

Rhea through the window, she sees Prachi walking around with an empty purse. She wonders what’s happening She remembers that number and then follows Prachi who, in the taxi contacts the maternity doctor and mentions she’s experiencing discomfort and dizziness, the doctor makes her an appointment. Rhea leaving the taxi asks herself why Prachi taking a trip to the hospital for maternity.

Pallavi arrives in the room where Ranbir is seated when she asks him whether he’s angry with her, but Ranbir isn’t able to respond. Pallavi declares that he is furious with her because she washed Kumkum off the Mang, Pallavi exclaims he is not right since she was angry at her when Ranbir says it was not simply anger, but a deliberate move as she had water at her disposal. Pallavi is unable to speak when Ranbir responds that he doesn’t intend to make her do anything simply because of her ego. is happy that he didn’t take a trip on honeymoon and returned prior to anything happening, Pallavi responds that she herself agreed when Ranbir asks what made him do this, Pallavi questions if he still is in love with Prachi but before he is able to respond, Aaliya arrives and takes Pallavi away. Ranbir attempts to stop her, but Aaliya snatches her away. Ranbir clarifies that his feelings towards Prachi weren’t born out at once, but always existed as he is the one who is the reason he’s living and he knows that Prachi does all this due to his challenges.

Prachi arrives at the reception and informs them she is scheduled to meet with Dr. Madhu the receptionist leads them to their office. Prachi runs away, but she does not be aware she is following Rhea. Rhea has been following her.

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